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Things that make me see red, in a bad way

This jackass.


Who might this jackass be, you ask? He is Dwayne A. Stamper, Sr., of Muncie, Indiana. And according to this article (please read; it will infuriate you), he offers up his “services” to parents of misbehaving children. But, he’s quick to add, none over the age of 13, because “they might whoop him.”

I see a Band-Aid on his forehead. I’m fantasizing that one of those older kids snatched that paddle away from him and clobbered him.

I don’t know what horrifies me more: that this is absolutely real, that this cretin is the father of five, or that a lot of people find this funny. It’s bad enough that people spank children. But this guy seems to gleefully revel in it, publicly admitting he does it and actually offering to do it to other people’s kids as well. Who the hell does he think he is??

Seriously, fuck this guy sideways with a 2 x 4.

Apparently, Mr. Stamper believes that “kids should fear their parents a little.” Oh, sure. That’s the way to parent successfully — don’t manage your kids reasonably, just terrorize them with the fear of pain. They’ll be good little children, they’ll toe the line… until they grow up, leave your house of horrors, and act out with all the suppressed rage they’ve accumulated over the years.

Adults engage in spanking consensually. If one grown person hits and hurts another grown person without consent, it’s called assault. And yet a grown person can hit a little person and it’s called “discipline” and “parenting.” Screw that. Stop. Hitting. Children. End of subject. There are ways to avoid raising spoiled monsters without resorting to physical pain.

Yeah, I hear the parents out there. “You don’t have kids! You don’t know!” True, I do not. But I was a child. I know the fear and rage and utter helplessness a child feels when an adult hits them. I know the feelings of betrayal.

Hey, Mr. Stamper? I’d like to stamp on your tiny little man parts. And then take the non-business end of that ginormous paddle you’re wielding and shove it where your Indiana sun don’t shine. Right out there on your street, in front of everyone. See how you like being hurt and humiliated.

Arggggh. Deep breaths. Thank goodness for blogging. I can blow off steam here without finding this POS’s Facebook page and starting World War III with him there, which would change absolutely nothing and just raise my blood pressure to explosive highs.

*rant over* Have a great weekend, y’all.

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17 thoughts on “Things that make me see red, in a bad way

  1. Anonymous on said:

    To respond in kind, I think we’ll soon see roadside stands giving away 3-D printers to ten year-olds.


    • Anonymous — I’m not quite sure what this comment means, but hey, if those 3-D printers are used to produce better parents, I’m all for ’em.


      • Anonymous on said:

        Hi Erica,

        The 3D printers would be for printing guns. Blueprints for making guns with a 3D printer were (and probably still are, even though banned) available on the internet.

        This guy is definitely creepy, and I thought it was a spoof until I read the article. Nope, He’s for real. Yuck!



  2. Jade Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ❤ I saw this idiot on Facebook and I agree with you, who the hell does he think he is 😠😡 He doesn’t have the right to hit kids it’s abuse, it would be so funny if you stomped on him and shoved the paddle up his ass Lol 😂 He is a useless piece of shit. You would think he would get in trouble and reported because it’s not with consent, Love you my awesome friend xoxo hugs from Jade / Emily Jean


  3. secretspanko on said:

    I’m so happy you’re back to blogging! What is it about Indiana? The land of Dan Quayle certainly gives rise to a bunch of spankos and… this guy. I’m trying to ponder what’s his thought process behind this and all joking aside it’s making my head steam or smoke because it’s not computing…

    I AM a parent, and think spanking in certain circumstances is justified. For toddlers. Don’t go out the front door without permission. Don’t play with electrical sockets. Come here when I count to three before I get to three. Spanking or paddling older kids leads to problems… let me tell you.

    This guy? that paddle would only be appropriate for an adult sized human/teenager and as a parent of a teenager they can be reasoned with. Having some random idiot on the street paddle them is absurd. I guess every generation thinks the young people are clueless and could benefit from their wisdom. Lemme guess- when confronted he’d say that he got paddled as a kid and it did him some good. So much good that he’s sitting in his yard with a sign offing to paddle random kids. Fuck that guy. (with no lube).


  4. Anonymous on said:

    Oh I don’t think this is real, I think this is a joke or stunt or spoof of some sort.


  5. Chibob on said:

    This is a hot button issue for me. I had abusive parents and abusive teachers growing up. I had resentments for a very long time. Fortunately, people like this guy are rare these days.


  6. Jade — I wonder if anyone took him up on it. I hope not.

    SS — good to see you! Yes, that 2 x 4 I suggested would definitely have no lube.

    Anonymous — I wish it were a joke. This guy is for real. I’ve read more than one article about him and apparently this issue exploded on Facebook.

    Chibob — I wish they were rare. It seems there’s still a whole lot of backwoods/backwards people who think “whooping ass” is a good idea (and not for consenting adults). It makes me sick.


    • Chibob on said:

      The last two years confirm there are millions of them. When I was in school CP was legal and practiced in 49 states. Today it is legal in 19 states. So at least the schools are moving in the right direction. Some parents may never come around. The guy in your pic is obviously mentally disturbed.


  7. “You don’t have kids! You don’t know!”

    Well, I do have a kid and I do know. I think I’d trust you around him. Mr Stamper had better stay the f%!k away.

    I would never in a million years have even considered hitting my child, because (a) the damage to him and to the relationship would be incalculable, and besides (b) “don’t spank your kids” goes double for ANY adult who would find spanking ANYONE pleasurable.

    I was spanked as a child; it was the rule rather than the exception in the 1960s. Yeah, I turned out OK eventually…but there was a lot of therapy in the interim. Although my parents didn’t mean it that way, those spankings were, essentially, unwanted sexual experiences. So no, No, NO. Just, no.

    And I have to assume that, whether the enjoyment he gets is sexual or some other kind, Mr. Stamper is taking pride and pleasure in his “work.” No no no no no no no no no no no no NO.


  8. Wylder on said:

    Seriously? He’s stuck so far back in time, U’m wondering how much ‘business’ he actually gets?… My spouse is from Muncie, he’s a 6’3 ‘kid’ who I’m thinking will pay a little visit to this ahole regarding his services.


    • Rich — Mr. Stamper seems to be taking a great deal of pride in his work. They’re grown now, but I retroactively pity his five kids.

      Wylder — I am thinking (hoping, anyway) that he got nothing more than a few chuckles and no actual business. Any parent who would give their kid over to someone like this deserves worse than he does.


  9. Anonymous on said:

    Though I do believe that spanking can have a place as a nuclear option (and thus to be used comparably rarely) in child rearing (no possible pun intended), that is certainly not a good idea by any stretch of the imagination :-/


  10. I despise this even if it is a joke. There is just too much correspondence to a way to awful part of reality, a part that should be tabooed.


  11. George on said:

    I just heard that you were back. Great but it’s unfortunate that the first thing I saw was this a–hole … but don’t get me started on that or I will be writing all day. I look forward to other posts.

    I was thinking of attending the Las Vegas Party this year. That is something that I have wanted to do for a long time but I have to make a business trip to a country that I don’t really want to visit. I hope you will post a summary if you’re attending (that I can read when I get home since it would be censored where I’m working).


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