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Catching up a bit

Aside from the op-ed post that I copied and pasted last week, I haven’t written for a while. Couple of reasons: one, I’ve been too freaking busy with work. And two: what with all the godawful stuff going on in reality, it felt somewhat disingenuous and forced to post about happy spanky stuff. But life goes on. So I figured it was time to update just a little.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve had two birthdays — John’s and mine. I had a bit of a struggle with mine, as just a few days before, my play partner and I had officially ended things and I was dealing with residual sadness. But John went all out to make it a happy time for me, starting with flowers a week early and then taking me to Walt Disney Concert Hall for the L.A. Philharmonic on the actual birth date. I’d never been there before, so it was quite the adventure. The architecture of the place is pretty bizarre (oh hell, it’s just plain ugly), but the auditorium itself is breathtaking and the acoustics are perfect.

My birthday flowers:


Full house at the Concert Hall:


We got all dressed up, and later went out for a nice dinner. It was a lovely birthday.

I got some cool presents too — lots of Beatles stuff! A Beatles clock from Lily Starr, a HELP! placard from Alex and Paul, and coffee table books and a poster from another friend (I’m not sure which name to use for her, so I’ll leave that blank).

Last week, I got to have a fun little adventure. Alex contacted me and said one of her clients wanted to do a double session with her and me. I’ve shot custom videos for her, but had never participated in one of her sessions before, so I was game. Her client was from out of town and had booked up a bunch of sessions with several of her friends, so mine was in the middle of three last Wednesday. I hadn’t seen Alex since Shadow Lane, and Paul since a couple of months before that, so it was great to see them again, even though I didn’t get to talk with them too long. Alex’s client was into role-play and we did two half-hour scenes; he turned out to be a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself a great deal.

Even better? Catching up with Alex, I finally got pictures from her birthday party last July!

Before this photo was taken, I had been trying to launch myself onto a floating pool swan… and fell over off the side of it, getting thoroughly dunked. I blame my innate clumsiness, and the vodka-spiked lemonade might have had something to do with it also. Anyway, I was hanging in the background while Alex was taking pictures, and she called out, “Erica, get in the picture. I don’t care if your hair is wet!” So here we are: Alex, me, Ulf, Lizzy McAllister, and Maddy Marks. Happy bunch!


And here’s a really nice shot of John and me, with downtown L.A. behind us:

IMG956990 (1)

Fun times. Anyway, work-wise, I dealt with famine for the first half of this year and now I am feasting to the point of gluttony. I get stressed when I feel like I can’t control my workload, but I’d rather be busy than not. Other stuff keeps coming up, appointments need to be made, but I’ll take care of them one at a time in the order of importance. One friend has been asking to meet me for coffee for the past several weeks, and I’ve put him off so many times, apologetically, that I finally decided I’m never going to find time, so I just have to make time. We’re meeting up tomorrow afternoon and catching up. Oh, and I have to break away on occasion to work out.

I miss playing. A lot. But I suppose the other advantage of being busy with work (other than the money) is that I don’t have much time to dwell on it. Even if I did have a play partner right now, I don’t think I’d have time to play with him! (sigh) So, that’s all on hold for now. Life feels a bit unbalanced, but things have a way of righting themselves. I am just going to plow on and hope for the best.

And hey, it’s almost the holidays! (Oh, fuck…)

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13 thoughts on “Catching up a bit

  1. “Jay” is fine, LOL…one day I might come back to the blogging world and continue using it, but even if I don’t, it’s still a real nickname! 😊

    I’m glad you’ve got lots of work, but sorry you are so busy! Lots of changes are happening on my end. I’ll have to catch you up in an e-mail soon. ❤️🌹


  2. Work is a bitch but at least you had a good birthday.


  3. Jay — I look forward to hearing all about you! Thanks again for the presents and the wonderful card.

    Rox — well, ya know, having no work is much more of a bitch, so I don’t mean to complain. I just get a bit neurotic (yes, even more so than usual) when I have a lot on my plate. “Must get it all done, must get it all done NOW!”


  4. Jade Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ❤ I am happy that you had a wonderful birthday ☺🙂 Its good to keep busy it helps keep your mind off stuff like you said, the pics you put on here didn’t show I couldn’t see them ☹ I always enjoy your pics, I know things will work out for the best for you my awesome friend Love you xoxo hugs 💕 from your friend Jade/ Emily Jean ❤


  5. Jade — thank you. Damn! I’m sorry you can’t see the pictures. I wonder why? That sucks.


  6. Sounds like you had a good birthday week! What did the half-hour roleplay sessions with Alex’s client involve?


    • QBuzz — just some good silly fun! In one session she and I were a sloppy and belligerent boss and secretary and he was a disgruntled client. In the second, she and I were master spies and he was a double agent who’d uncovered our plots. Lots of laughing and spanking ensued.


  7. No doubt the guy is deeply fond of you!
    May be just be busy until holidays and enjoy both.


  8. Sounds like you had fun celebrating with your sweetheart on both of your birthdays. I love that he made sure your special day was indeed special for you.


  9. MrJ — I hate the holidays.

    Pam — he’s a keeper. ♥


  10. Anonymous on said:

    Your birthday flowers are gorgeous! Are the roses peach? I’m so sorry that your play has been curtailed again. My own relationship has gone kaput, too. Sux big time 😢 as he was my high school sweetheart recently found. Oh well. Life will go on and a new, exciting chapter will unfold. I never realized how lovely Maddy’s eyes were! Thank yo for sharing these fun, personal photos with us. You and John radiate ❤️ love. Laura


  11. Anonymous on said:

    PS—I hate also holidays because they depict happy whole families, which I never experienced. I spend them alone and working. Laura


    • Laura — yup, they are peach, John’s signature color to send. Sorry your relationship went south; that always sucks. May we both find what we seek soon! As for holidays, I hate them because they are NOT how they’re depicted. That is a Madison Avenue myth, propelled by commercialism, and I don’t buy into it. I actually prefer to be working on holidays! They are quiet and I can get lots of stuff done.


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