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Happy 2020

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope everyone had safe, happy and healthy holidays. Mine were quiet, exactly as I wanted them. Now it’s time to get back into work mode.

Also, it’s time for a fresh start, to dip my toes tentatively back into the scheme of things. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I wrote Notes on the Scene. Back then, I was coming from a place of sadness, hurt and disillusionment. Now, after coming out the other side of an ocean of tears, I think I’m more in a place of clarity. This past year opened my eyes to many things, and I will never again look upon the kink scene as I once did. However, I feel like I can now start to take back what’s good, and leave the rest.

To that end, I reactivated my FetLife account after being off for eleven months. And I plan to go to 50 Freaks in Vegas at the end of February, after a year off from parties. It’s a scary prospect, going back, but there are people I look forward to seeing. As for local play partners, the search continues. But I am hopeful.

For everyone out there reading this who is having a hard time, please hang in there. This time last year, I was going to bed each night and wishing I wouldn’t wake up. But the worst of it seems to have passed. There is a flip side to the darkness. And once again, I recall this expression of hope and comfort: May the depth of your despair be the height of your joy.

So, here’s to a new year, to new beginnings. Because I want to come out from under the covers and get back into this part of who I am. To bring some color back into my life.


Cheers. β™₯

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18 thoughts on “Happy 2020

  1. I seem to recall that expression as well. 😘 Love you, my friend. ❀️

    Add color you say? I guess that would be focusing more on the red end of the spectrum. 😜


  2. Jay — I figured you might. Love you too.


  3. bklynny0856 on said:

    Happy New Year, Erica πŸŽ†. Looking forward to another year of your posts that are always interesting and fun.


  4. Happy New Year, Erica!
    Your words already made a good start for me. Let’s keep up the spirit!


  5. Bklynny — thank you!

    MrJ — I’m glad.


  6. Here’s to a fresh start in a new decade. MAy all your wishes come true.



  7. Bob in Wisconsin on said:

    I’m delighted, Erica, to hear you report that you’re greeting the new year with a fresh and positive perspective — and looking forward to new beginnings. Your plan to “to take back what’s good, and leave the rest” reflects a great attitude not only to the kink scene, but to life in general. And the lovely image of you symbolically coming out “from under the covers” of the past year was the perfect way to visually convey your message of an optimistic vision of a bright new year. May it be your best ever!


  8. happy new year Erica, good luck with the search for a suitable play partner


  9. Hermione — you know what I’m wishing for! Please let it be so.

    Potomacker — thank you so much.

    Bob — that’s very sweet, thank you!

    Tina — same to you, and thanks… seems I need it!


  10. Erica, Best wishes for 2020. I hope you find that play partner soon.



  11. A Happy New Year to you, Erica! May it be a healthy and peaceful one with lots of (kinky) joy. The picture you’ve posted is very beautiful!


  12. Anonymous on said:

    Happy New Year Erica, may you spend 2020 laughing because you are happy or crying because your butt hurts.


  13. Kaelah — great to see you! I hope 2020 is beautiful for you and your loved ones.

    Anonymous — actually, the latter makes me laugh too!


  14. Ozarkhillbillyhippie on said:

    Happy New Year and a freak time all year


  15. John from Australia on said:

    Erica, the happiest of Happy New Years. I trust the joy you give us will be fully returned! And what a picture to choose – strength and vulnerability. And as you noted somewhere along the way, “a damn desirable woman”.


  16. OHH — thanks.

    John — that’s very kind, thank you!


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