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Strange days indeed…

Most peculiar, Mama.

(NO GOOGLING — quick, what song is that a line from?)

Well now. Just touching base, kids. Because things are a wee bit nuts right now.

I work at home already, so this is not impacting my work. No gym for me, though, of course, because gyms, among many other places here in Los Angeles County, are closed until at least April. There is a treadmill in my apartment building and I have a few free weights, so I will do my best to stay fit and release stress during this time.

I don’t even want to think about the stock market and people’s investments.

The markets look like war zones. I currently have enough food for this week and next, and I have four rolls of toilet paper. I’m in reasonably decent shape, but the uncertainty of not knowing how and where I’ll get things I need is daunting.

My beloved has a heart condition. He is squarely in the high-risk category. The good news is, he works in a building by himself and has very little contact with others. But I’m still worried to death about him.

I will refrain from comment as to how this pandemic is being handled here in the U.S. I’m just grateful my state has an efficient and proactive governor. Because, otherwise, I am freaking terrified.

Covid-19 is affecting the spanking/kink scene. Shoots and sessions are being canceled. Travel is curtailed. And next month’s Boardwalk Badness national party in Atlantic City has been canceled. If this continues, then the two Texas parties in May and June, Lone Star and TASSP, will likely be canceled as well. This is a huge hardship on people who make their living with these events and with sessions, shoots, etc.

I may end up staying home on weekends. Because even if I go to John’s, we can’t go anywhere. And if I’m going to be stuck home, I’d feel more comfortable in my own home. At least here I can work.

I am playing music all day, and I will not listen to the news. I’m trying to keep social media to a minimum. Because the fear-mongering and doom and gloom and anger are off the charts, and it’s bad for our psyches to be immersed in this every damn minute.

Here’s the really weird, stupid part. Through all this, with all the worry and fear, I’ve kept it together. I’ve remained calm. But then, out of left field today, this bit of news broke me. I have been weeping uncontrollably ever since. I guess I just needed one more last bit of sadness to tip me over… but I feel ridiculous about it. Figures I’d be losing it over a TV star when everything feels like it’s falling apart around me. But, you know… my dad worked with him. 😦 I just watched him last night, a really old clip of him singing “All of Me” to a swooning teenage girl from the Carol Burnett audience. It was priceless. I wonder where she is now — what a memory for her.

Please, everyone. Take good care. Be vigilant. Breathe deep. And cling on to your loved ones.

Oh, and read this. Follow it as best you can, within your own life’s parameters. Good luck and good health to all of us.

ADDENDUM: The Lone Star party in Houston has been postponed until November.

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13 thoughts on “Strange days indeed…

  1. I feel so helpless, anxious, and sad about all of this. I am still here for you though. I feel like I cried over something ridiculous today too, but you know what? It isn’t weird, stupid, or ridiculous – it’s where we are. Deep breaths. I love you, my wonderful friend.❤️


  2. Erica:

    Nobody told me there’d be days like these. Let’s draw strength and encouragement from every good thing in this world, past, present, and future. We need these memories, loves, and aspirations to anchor our emotions and confirm that our lives have meaning and value. Please hold on. We need each other. Now more than ever.

    Big socially distanced hugs,


  3. Windy Bird on said:

    Stay safe and healthy, Erica, and know that I care about ya! We’re being careful here in our state. Hugs from a distance, Windy


  4. I also have a governor who’s really on all this stuff… I didn’t vote for him, but I’m grateful he’s here and not afraid to make these politically risky decisions, and without hesitation.


  5. Windy — thank you! I hope you and your man will stay safe and healthy.

    Xen — calm, informed leadership is desperately needed.

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  6. Thank you Erica. Comments appreciated 😉
    Sending posuiive energy to John & yourself
    Be well!


  7. Thank you, Erica! Bodies and minds and hearts are all vulnerable, and it’s very good to have all the love and support possible!

    Thanks also for the link to those tips! Some of us have been practicing social distancing for decades, and are well-prepared.

    Lyle was quite a fellow, full of talent, humor, and dashing good looks! He didn’t get to be Bruce Wayne, if that screen test was even serious, but he made a rollicking fine Steve Trevor ! And, of course, he excelled at everything they called on him to do with Carol and company!


    • Dave — well, it’s official, California is on lockdown, so isolating is no longer an option unless you are an “essential worker.” John is, unfortunately. But his office is isolated.

      I so loved Lyle on Carol’s show. He was touted as the resident hunk in the beginning, but he proved to be so much more.

      Please take good care!


  8. Couldn’t resist: John Lennon, “Nobody Told Me.” (Beatles fan… pretty much ALL of their work, including post-Beatles. Previously noticed you are not very impressed by “Abbey Road” oh, gosh… oh, well. I use parentheses a lot…) Strange days indeed, indeed. Wishing you well.


    • imin — yup! And you are correct — I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I much prefer their early work to the later. Abbey Road was sophisticated and brilliant, but for listening, I’d rather smile and dance and sing along with the mop-top era. So much more cheering! Take care.


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