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How are we doing, kids?

I wish I had something interesting to say. But here in Pandemic Paradise, each day is the same. Get up. Dress. Go online. Work. Take a break to exercise. Do some more work. Return texts and emails. Eat something. Work a bit more. Watch TV. Undress. Go to bed. Rinse and repeat.

The only time I leave my building is on Saturday when I head out to John’s to bring him groceries. To get my own groceries. Or for absolutely necessary errands, of which there really aren’t that many right now. I tried for two days to resolve a banking issue over the phone and online and was unsuccessful. So I made an appointment to take care of it in person at my branch tomorrow. Wearing a mask, of course.


And hey, look, I cut my own bangs. Haven’t done that since I was about five years old.

No play, of course. Can’t even go on a pre-play coffee date these days. I miss it. Definitely a First World Problem in the face of death and unemployment and financial ruin, but what can I say. It’s wired into me and I crave it.

Many parties, small and large, have been canceled. Joe is staying positive and hoping Shadow Lane/Lodge can still happen over Labor Day. I’m skeptical. But that’s four months from now. Hope springs eternal. If we’re all still living, that is.

My stepmom turns 89 today. I can’t see her to take her to lunch like I usually do, but I sent her flowers. It’s a crap time to be having a birthday, but I wanted to brighten her day if I could. She loved them.

My moods fluctuate. Sometimes I can hunker down and work, and forget what’s going on out there. Sometimes I can go on Twitter or Facebook and banter with friends. Sometimes I even laugh. Other times, I feel so damn powerless and angry and frustrated I could rip through walls with my bare hands. Other times, I’m so scared, all I can do is break down and cry.

My dear friend Jay sent me a care package a couple of weeks ago. It was completely unexpected and I had no idea what was inside. As I opened the large box, the first thing I saw was a jumbo-sized canister of Lysol wipes. There was hand sanitizer included too. I bawled like a baby.

Another friend had a neighbor knock on her door on Easter Sunday. They backed away when she came to the door, but on the doorstep was a plate filled with Easter dinner, some candy, and half a 12-pack of toilet paper, wrapped with ribbon. This sort of situation tends to bring out the best among us. ♥

Unfortunately, it also brings out the worst. Yeah, I understand wanting to get back to normal life. But the stay-at-home rules aren’t a punishment cooked up to make us miserable — they are to keep us safe. So, to all those ignorant, belligerent little @#$%s out there protesting the quarantine, blocking traffic, carrying your stupid misspelled signs and Confederate flags, spreading your germs everywhere, and whining because you can’t play golf or get your hair cut — do us all a favor. Please feel free to spread all the virus you want among yourselves. Have at it and have an orgy for all I care. Just stay. The Fuck. Away from those of us who are following the rules and want to stay alive. 😦


And for those who attend this thing, or others like it (bring your children?? Jeezus Effing Christ) — oh, so many things I’d like to say. But I will refrain. I’ll just say one thing, paraphrasing Forrest Gump:

“Stupid is as stupid DIES.”


I have just been informed that the above rally poster was a hoax. (Some hoax!) Whatever, thank goodness. However, the picture below is quite real. I stand by my statement about stupid.

For those who can still play, please have fun, escape a bit and blow off some stress. We need to stay strong. We need to find our moments of fun, of joy, of abandon, of release.

And for those who can’t… well. There’s still plenty of chocolate out there.

Or ice cream. And remember, pints are for lightweights.



Please stay safe, friends.

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17 thoughts on “How are we doing, kids?

  1. bklynny0856 on said:

    That ice cream is going to cause my sugar to jump just from the photo! Enjoy every drop even if you have to tear open the carton and lick the sides!


  2. I want some of Dotty’s cupcakes! 😋

    I’m glad I could surprise you and send you something that you needed. I certainly try to do what I can. Thank you for continuing to be there for me. 💞

    I love you with all my heart, SIS!


  3. John from Australia on said:

    Erica, so glad you remain safe and feisty. I have been worrying. In Australia, alcohol sales are up 70%. From quite a decent base! We haven’t got round to counting ice cream…. National priorities…..


  4. Bklynny — not to worry, I promise I won’t eat it all in one sitting. I also have a half-gallon of mint chip.

    Jay — oh, my god, I want some of those too! Thank you for being such a dear friend to me — I love you too!

    John — yeahhhh… alcohol sales are probably way up here, too. Not a road I want to go down, but I fully understand it!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I wish someone would explain to me what any of this has to do with the second amendment… I really don’t get it. I think these people just want something that’s simple enough that they can shoot it… fighting “oppression” is much sexier than hiding inside from an invisible killer. I wonder if at least a few of them have left one of these protests with their head hanging after a jolt of self realization… I don’t know how you watch your fellow protesters blocking emergency vehicles and shouting down healthcare workers and don’t feel like a complete twit.

    Its remarkable how easily manipulated they are. And our president is a colossal disaster.

    I genuinely am concerned about how and whether our economy will recover from this, especially my friends and neighbors who don’t have jobs they can do remotely. I have concerns about the possibility of government overreach.

    But those things are concerns were going to have to face when we are past the point of 2k people dying daily, and ironically, by participating in activities like this, they’re just dragging out the timeline of when it will be safe to start to “open up” again. It’s idiotic.


  6. Yes! Icecream. And chocolate. And coffee. Absolutely essential shopping, precisely now!
    And, well, masks can be kinky, too!
    Here, lots of work to do – that helps. The rest is self-entertainment of the family


  7. Anonymous on said:

    I know how much you like song parodies… and don’t like our current president,
    There’s a funny song out there now. If you haven’t already heard “The Liar Tweets Tonight”, you should.


  8. Bob in Wisconsin on said:

    Happy belated birthday to your stepmom, Erica. It was sweet of you to commemorate the occasion even though you couldn’t be there in person.

    I must echo what Xen said about the second amendment. Every time I see these numbskulls protesting that they not only have a right to get sick and die, but also to make others get sick and die — all the while toting AR-15s — it just reminds me that I used to like to play soldier too. When I was 5! The virus doesn’t care if you’ve got a gun slung around your neck.

    Enjoy your solitude, if you can. And go ahead and drown your sorrows in chocolate. I plan to. Hell, it’s the only damn vice I have left! Be well, Erica, and thanks for these much-needed updates on your life and times — and ours.


  9. Xen — I can’t explain any of it. Because, like you, I am a sentient being and none of this makes a bit of sense. Then again, nothing has made sense to me since November 2016. (sigh)

    MrJ — yes, coffee too. Although my anxiety levels are high, so not too much of that.

    Anonymous — ooh! I’ll have to look that up, thank you.

    Bob — I’ve always had a strong empathy with alcoholism and addiction, because of family history. But now, I understand it even more. Geeezus, who doesn’t need an escape from all this? People are nucking futs.


  10. Our new normal is wrecking both my sleeping schedule and mental health. Neither were great to begin with. At least I have ice cream in the house. Two different flavors, at that.

    I hope this ends by September but I’m skeptical. From a historical perspective the second wave in 1919 killed so many more people and that was September/November. Maybe history won’t repeat, maybe it will. I’m terrified either way. I can think about it long otherwise I’ll fall down a panic attack rabbit hole.

    Also, I hope this doesn’t come across as bothersome but you want to make sure a mask is tight (no gaps) from nose to chin. I saw it open a bit on the side and that’s not good.


    • Bexx — no, not bothersome. Unfortunately, it’s the best I’ve got at this point. It’s a handmade cloth mask. Honestly, it’s more for show than anything else; we can’t go into public places here without a face covering. Regarding the inevitable second wave, hopefully (??) we’ll do a bit better with it that a century ago. But who knows, with this administration… Stay safe and hang in there!


  11. Hi Erica –
    Glad to see you posting still and despite your introduction about not having anything interesting to say, being real IS interesting.
    Stay safe.


  12. Anonymous on said:

    Erica, great post but I do have to point out one shortcoming. What you referred to as a Confederate flag was actually Robert E Lee’s Army of Northern Virginias battle flag. It was never the Confederate national flag. They actually had several of them but that wasn’t one of them. You deserve a good spanking for a mistake like that. Too bad about this damn quarantine.


  13. Friend on said:

    I do hope you’re safe and well my dear friend.
    I worry about you.
    Please be safe and take care


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