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PSA — strong words from a COVID sufferer

No kink talk today. I am sharing a post from a friend, who is currently on day 12 of having COVID-19. And no, she is not old, or immune system compromised, or high risk of any kind. She is early 30s, fit and in great health. And no, she is not an angry, militant sort. I’ve known her for several years and I’ve never seen her this pissed off or blunt. Normally, she is a very upbeat and cheerful person. Clearly, she has reached her saturation point. Oh, and she lives in Georgia, where the governor is relaxing restrictions.

Please, my friends. This is real. Please read this, from a real person, someone I love. And wherever you are, whatever your rules are, heed them. Yes, this new normal is a pain in the ass. Yes, we’re frustrated. Yes, we need to go back to work. But you will not die from unmanicured nails or uncut hair. You can talk to your friends via Zoom and FaceTime. You can still go out and take a walk. You are alive and well… these measures are in place to keep you that way. Not to “restrict your freedoms.”

Anyway… that is all I can say; it’s been said a million times already. I just thought that the words of someone actually living through this might make an impression. ♥ By the way, on Day 11, she did end up going to the ER because her breathing got so difficult.

* * *

UPDATE 5/9: Day 10. Today has been the hardest day so far. I woke feeling decent besides the ever-present fever, but the moment my feet hit the floor, that changed. My cough, which had been mild and occasional, suddenly became unrelenting.The shortness of breath that came with it was terrifying. I could barely catch my breath before the next bout began. I thought a warm shower would help, but instead found myself barely able to stay on my feet as the coughs doubled me over and sapped what little energy I had left. I’m glad [her husband] was there to help me.

By the time I made it to the couch, my chest was in pain, my lower lungs ached, my body was tingling, and I was nearly passing out whenever I tried to move. The muscles in my neck hurt from breathing so fast, trying to keep up with the oxygen my body seemed to be screaming for. I just kept telling myself to stay calm, because panicking only makes everything worse.

My pulse oximeter showed that my oxygenation was in safe range, so I took several cough medicines and tried to find a comfortable position to breathe it out. It took a couple hours before I could breathe with ease again, but the medicine eventually worked its magic. I am still feeling pretty weak and unpredictable when I try to stand or walk.

My fever had been peaking in the 102’s the last couple days and responding to Tylenol, but today I hit 103’s again. Took Tylenol and an hour later my temp had gone up, not down. 🙁 It’s finally down to 101 now, but I tell you all of this to be brutally honest and say, this is a different beast. This is not “just a flu” and isn’t comparable to any sickness I’ve ever experienced. Will it hit everyone this hard? No, thank goodness. But it is not predictable, and you’re an idiot if you don’t take steps to protect yourself and your family. Wash your hands and wear the damn mask, for your sake and everyone else’s, and for god’s sake stop complaining about your precious freedoms being trampled by someone requiring you to cover your damn mouth and nose in public, crowded areas. I’m pretty worn down and REALLY f’ing over it.

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8 thoughts on “PSA — strong words from a COVID sufferer

  1. Bob in Wisconsin on said:

    Thank you for posting this, Erica. It’s important to hear firsthand how this dreadful disease can affect a person, and tales such as this one told by your friend may serve to make anyone not already convinced of the need for prudent safety measures to take the matter seriously. Your post and your friend’s story also make it clear that COVID-19 can strike the young, fit and healthy just as easily as can an elderly person or someone with a compromised immune system. I wish your friend a rapid return to good health. Take those prescribed precautions, folks, and you may save your own life or someone else’s.


    • Bob — thank you. I was feeling so helpless, and thought pretty much the only thing I can do right now is share real information. Every time I think of this beautiful, vibrant young woman suffering like this, I bawl.


  2. Thank you for sharing this with all of us…my heart goes out to her and you, my friend. I hope she is getting the help she needs at the hospital and is on the road to recovery soon. ❤️


  3. Thank you for the update – what a relief. It is such an exceptionally nasty virus. My thoughts and prayers are with vaccine developers…


  4. How scary. I have been listening to the CNN folks (Chris Cuomo and Brooke Baldwin) who have had the virus, and I agree, it ain’t pretty. Yet people would rather shoot each other for the sake of being asked to put on a mask. After the brilliant Senate hearing of Dr Fauci et al, I suspect the four of them will be ousted. Come on people, smarten up!

    Ron got an appointment to see about a spot of basal cell CA on his forehead, and after it was removed he asked the dermatologist if she could also cut his hair LOL!

    Stay safe!


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