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Correspondence Hall of Shame, 6/5

That’s right, kids. Through pandemics, through riots and protests, through this entire freaking 2020 apocalypse, what never goes away?


You know it! Here’s a fresh crop of weirdos for your blog-reading pleasure.

Yummy!! You have an absolutely exquisite ass and I LOVE to spank a delicious ass and make sure NEVER to skip the inner cheeks!

Uh… guess what, pal. You’re never getting anywhere near the outer cheeks, let alone the inner ones. Blech.

I think this next one was on drugs. Or maybe he’s just an asshole.

I continue to video taped the abuse that your enjoying. In front of you is your newest mistress. Clad in her thigh high boots.
She orders you to lick and kiss her boots as a small snake is placed over your shoulders. As you get to the top of her boots. You catch the aroma of her pussy juices as you beg to eat her raw ****. She tells you ” NO” your not worthy of her honey as she forces you to suck on the the tip of the strapped on dildo. she then kisses you as I fuck you from behind. You are now allowed to cum.. as you finally get your wish of chewing on her clit, and fingering her ass.. When done, you are ordered to clean up the sexual mess that was made in nakedness of our presence.. as me and your new Mistress fuck each other, as we laugh at your whoreness…SUCH A SUBMISSIVE SLUTTY WHORE!!!

Yes, I edited out that four-letter word I hate so much. I don’t want it on my blog. As for the rest… are you fucking kidding me???? Mistress? Strap-on? Submissive? Snake?? In what universe? Know your audience, pervies. This one made me crave a hot shower immediately. I repeat, blech.

Aaaaand then there’s this guy:

Hello, we far enouigh apart it would never happen but my spanking method is to lube up ass hole and pussy . Stick thumb up ass hole and two or three fingers in pussy and bend you over my knees and spank your ass cheeks one at the time till they are cherry red while rubbing fingers together on the inside of you.
Just my way. Let me know what you think.

Well, since you asked — I think that’s one of the most disgusting spanking scenarios I’ve ever read. And trust me, honey — you could live next door and it would still never happen. You like double penetration so much? Put a gag in your mouth and stick a dried corncob up your ass. Unlubed.

I don’t usually do this with the CHoS, but I feel like it this time — I got a very nice correspondence this week, and completely unexpected.

Beautiful smile! You are a very attractive and sexy woman.

Well, damn. Thank you. I needed to hear that. ‘Cause you know what? After months of isolation, I’m not feeling attractive or sexy. My hair is overgrown, frizzy, and streaked with gray. I can’t remember the last time I wore makeup or put on something pretty. I’ve been living in sloppy, over-sized clothes. And the longer this goes on, the longer it feels like the New Normal. Covid-19 is showing no signs of leveling off; it’s still on the rise. And now, with all the protests and people crowded together, you know damn well there’s going to be a huge spike in cases. I’m thinking we can pretty much kiss the rest of 2020 goodbye, and it’s only June. People are angry and hurting and scared and it’s hard to imagine that we’ll ever be able to joyously and freely congregate again.

So, my spirits are flagging a little. I take my bits and pieces of humor and kindness wherever I can, and pass them on whenever I can. Because it’s all I can do. And keep moving forward.

Be safe, y’all. And do yourself a favor… turn off the news and social media for a while now and then. Because marinating in this suckage every waking hour is bad for our health. Watch your favorite old movies. Read a book. FaceTime your friends. Whatever floats your boat, so that you can forget all this crap for a while. ♥

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9 thoughts on “Correspondence Hall of Shame, 6/5

  1. Rich on said:

    “You are a very attractive and sexy woman.” At least you have one perceptive viewer.


  2. bklynny0856 on said:

    Another selection from the, “Why me?” collection! But you do have a lovely smile, among other parts of you 😊


  3. Erica,

    Thank you for a much needed distraction. I think I may have heard from the inner cheeks guy as well. Charming gentleman.

    I agree with you about the state of everything. I finally reached the point where I felt I needed to speak out on my blog. I thought that getting it out might improve my outlook and maybe it will. I’m not sure yet.

    I wish a good weekend filled with many small happinesses. ♥

    Big and yet socially distanced hugs,

    PS – You DO have a beautiful smile!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rich — thank you. ♥

      bklynny — haha, thank you. “Why me” or “whiny”? Both, I’m thinking.

      Bonnie — you know, we try to be fun and entertaining, but blogs are for many things, and we are people with lives and problems. Sometimes expressing those feelings invites commiseration and camaraderie, which is much needed now. Big virtual hugs back to you! xo

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ariel on said:

    Snake. I’m worried at the idea of the snake. In fact, I’m also worried about the snake. I doubt it would enjoy the scenario any more than any other intelligent creature. Thanks for the laugh.


  5. Tina on said:

    glad you are still posting Erica even though you sound understandably a bit subdued, its wise advice to tell us to turn off the news and social media for a while now and then as it does all have a bit of a depressing affect on lots of us. i wonder what planet some of those weirdos who message you actually live on.


  6. Nothing stops the weirdos from commenting – not even Covid-19.

    We watch CNN a lot, but have started turning it off in favour of “Everybody Loves Raymond” DVDs. They guarantee a laugh out loud once every five minutes, if not more often. Enough with the misery!

    Stay safe, dear friend.



  7. Anonymous on said:

    Three cheers for the last writer.

    Three jeers and hearty slap across the face (and maybe the inner cheeks) to the others.

    Anon E. Mouse


  8. Ariel — yeah, I’m not big on snakes. Then again, I didn’t like anything else about that wretched scenario either.

    Tina — sadly, they live among us.

    Hermione — I watched the Marx Brothers on Turner Classic Movies the other night. They still make me laugh like hell no matter how many times I watch them. Oh, and Big Bang Theory reruns.

    Mouse — Ha! I am hoping I’ll get to eventually meet the last writer if this damn pandemic ever lets us get close again.


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