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Know Your Audience, Part 2


A couple of weeks ago in Know Your Audience, I wrote about receiving unsolicited fantasy scenarios from strangers. I stressed how important it was to have some sort of awareness of your recipient’s preferences before you sent them something that might resonate with you, but not necessarily with them. Did I also mention that it might be a good idea to proofread the damn thing before you send it? I believe I did.

Well, it happened again. This is possibly one of the worst examples I’ve gotten. And I’m sorry, kids, but if I have to read this shit, then so do you. 😛 Here it is, in all its error-riddled glory. (I was going to type [sic] after every mistake, but then it would be twice as long.)

I call you in the office and you see Jill, Patty and Bob are there. I ask you to take a seat and explain to you that these other employees , who have worked at the firm longer, are complaining about your behavior and attitude. I tell you that I appreciated your work but we need to all get along harmoniously in the office. You beg for the job back and the other girls sitting there with arms folded indicate to me, no way. Patty blurts out that you are just a spoiled brat who thinks she can always get her way by flirting and hanging on the guys. Jill agrees and you say, that you’ll stop it, you promise. Then Jill comes up with an idea, that fine she can stay but she has to be punished and disciplined, like you did to Cathy when she first came. You look surprise as this sounds a little infintile, yet arousing. You ask what happen to Cathy, and Patty tells you, Steve turned her over his knee and gave her a spanking in front of everyone in the office. It was panties down and the back end of a hairbrush. I ask you calmly if you would be willing to be disciplined in front of these workers. The thought drives you wild and you can’t believe this is happenning………….

You agree, and I tell you to come her. I grab your wrist and in no time, you are over my lap in front of the 3 workers. They cheer me on as I lift your skirt up to reveal a garter belt, thigh high stockings and nylon purple panties. The spanking immediately begins as you kichk and squirm in your high heels. Spank Splat Whap, Smack!!!!!!!!! Splat, Swap, Swat, Spank!!!!!!!! you wriggle and squirm as the others giggle. Cathy yells out, take her panties down and use the hairbrush. You shudder as Jill comes over and lowers your panties around your knees and hands me a very solid oak hairbrush from her purse. The scent of female arousal is everywhere. Both yours and theirs. Bob is trying to hide his tent, but you totally feel me throbbing against you, while I sit in the chair. Because the hairbrush will sting, I take my right Leg and hook your right leg, while pinning your right arm in the middle of your back. You feel helpless, yet extremely vulnerable as the hairbrush comes crashing down on your beautiful bare behind:Smack, Swat, Slap, Spank!!!!!!!!! You wriggle and squirm but there’s no where to go except rub against my lap. Juices are flowing from everyone as the girls and now Bob cheer me on: Swat!!!!! Smack!!!!!! Splat!!!!! Spank!!!!!!! Oweeeee you cry out like a little naughty school girl over her teachers lap.

(tipping Advil bottle and grabbing a glass of water)

Where do I start with this? Well, let’s see, I’ll just grab stuff at random. Patty, Cathy, Bob? What is this, a 1950s sitcom? Although I don’t think Bob had a “tent” in one of those shows. Or that “juices flowed” from Patty and Cathy. Eww. And really, do we need all those sound effects? Or fifteen exclamation points after each one? Purple nylon panties?? And overall, could this be any cornier? I spent three minutes of my life reading this and I want them back.

For the love of God, don’t send me this crap! I know you’re over there in Mom’s basement nursing your toadstool chubby over this, but you’re making me sick. Stop. Just stop.


Yes, I’m craving spanky stuff. But if I ever reach a point where getting drivel like this is pleasing to me, please just put me in a home. Better yet, shoot me.

Hope everyone is staying safe and well.

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23 thoughts on “Know Your Audience, Part 2

  1. bklynny0856 on said:

    I started reading, but I couldn’t finish it. I’m not claiming to be Strunk or White, but give us a little style and grammar. It hurts to see this sort of assault on the language. Especially not fair to you Erica😂

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  2. Are you getting these as the first message? Good grief! 🤦🏻‍♀️ My first thought was “who the hell are Jill, Patty and Bob?” Maybe I should be grateful he didn’t read your profile…could you imagine this your friends’ names in it? That would have been creepy.


    • bklynny — now just a dang minute here! I have to read this dreck all the time, and you couldn’t get through just one dose of it? For shame…

      Jay — yup! This was a cold intro on FetLife, with the heading “A Story For You.” Back in the days of story boards and newsgroups, there was a LOT of writing like this. Once in a while you hit upon someone who could actually write well… but most of the time, it was this corn. Sadly, just because people know how to type, doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to write…


  3. You didn’t like it? But I thought you TOTALLY felt him throbbing against you!


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  4. Rich Person on said:

    You’re craving spanky stuff? I don’t know. FetLife. Is that going to give you what you want?

    What are the elements you’d like to see? I’m not on FetLife, so I’m not in a position to look at your profile.

    But I suspect any approach that starts with the word “I” is off to a bad start, especially if it includes the “I” doing things to you, instead of with you!


    • Rich — no, FetLife won’t cut it. Nor will any other online site. I am craving the real thing. But until that can happen, at the very least I don’t want to have to suffer through drivel like what I posted here.
      If I know the man, if I’ve played with the man, then reading “I’m going to” blah blah blah from him could be really hot. But there has to be connection.


      • I agree. It will be a lot better when the real thing comes back. Until then, we just have to remember the good times. The little squirms, when something is about to happen. The little squirms afterward, trying to sit still, when something has happened.


  5. Anonymous on said:

    You have been asking for this for a very long time!!!
    I have a good mind to turn you over my knee and tan your hide!!!
    You’ll need a pillow to sit down on, after I’m through spanking you!!!
    I’m going to do something your daddy should have done years ago!!!
    I think this sassy girl needs an attitude adjustment!!!
    You need a good old-fashioned spanking, and I know just the person to do it!!!
    – – – Interchangeable lines from Hollywood movies.
    – – – Do you think three exclamation points are enough?


    • Anonymous — LOL! You nailed several of them. Which is why my all-time favorite mainstream spanking line is truly original, never said before, never said again since: “You’re going to grow up, all the way, right now.” (Wagon Train)

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  6. Marcia on said:

    You always seem to get your share of invitations to play from misfits, weirdos and the demented out there Erica. It must be your karma. I’m glad that you are always able to rise above it and see the funny side.

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  7. Craig Aych on said:

    So I am a bit confused. This spanking…it has sounds, certainly. Those sounds often can be attributed to common English words like “smack,” I suppose. But “splat”? Is the Man of the Office killing mosquitoes that happen to land on the girl’s bottom, just as his hand is coming down? Very confusing. Then there is the whole “hide his tent” situation. Let’s be honest. It’s clear, via context clues, that this guy hasn’t been camping in years. He’s far too prim to be “test setting” a brand new tent up in his office. He wouldn’t want to rock the boat or make people think he’s lost his (already shaky) marbles. So to even suggest that he would HIDE his tent when he never would have even brought it to the office is just ridiculous.

    I don’t think this story is very realistic–other than the impromptu spanking in front of coworkers part. That shit happens all the time.


  8. Oh Erica,

    How did you become such a twit magnet? You don’t deserve such idiocy.

    I think your new chum left out the part where the chief legal counsel, HR director, and head of corporate security bust into the office and unceremoniously escort spanko boss out to the curb.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Socially distanced hugs,

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  9. Maybe this was written by James Joyce – it is a stream of consciousness, using just the present tense.

    “Then Jill comes up with an idea, that fine she can stay but she has to be punished and disciplined, like you did to Cathy when she first came”

    It took a while, but here goes:

    There was a long silence, your pleas for forgiveness seemed to have fallen on deaf ears; finally Jill spoke, her proposal came as a shock: “I have an idea: Erica can stay on the team but only on condition that she agrees to receive a discipling. You should discipline Erica just like the way you strictly disciplined Cathy last year, when she was a newbie and was acting up”


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