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Correspondence Hall of Shame, 7/24


You know, I usually wait until I’ve collected a few of these monstrosities before I write a new CHoS. But I just got a message that has me so flabbergasted, so squicked, I think I have to give it its own column.

Okay, so I’ve been around spanking and BDSM for a little over twenty-four years now. I think I’ve seen or heard it all… until I realize I haven’t.

Hi Erica, you have a very lovely body. I love spanking. But I also enjoy other forms of inflicting pain including paintball, staple gun, etc. Would love you to consider expanding beyond just spanking.

(blinking rapidly)

Wait… what? Did I read that correctly?

(looking again)

You want to do what to me?

You want to shoot paintballs and staples at me?

Are you out of your fucking MIND???

You want to shoot sharp little objects into my body at a high velocity. Objects that will not only break my skin, but embed themselves in it and most likely have to be surgically removed? And I’m supposed to “broaden my horizons” to somehow find that acceptable? Really?

On what planet?

This is a suggestion for the hardest of hard-core masochists, not a spanko. How on earth did he make that leap?

As for paintball, long before John, I dated a gamer. He and his buddies played paintball about once a month, and he had the full protective gear. I’d see him after these games, see all of him. The bruises were astounding. Huge, dark purple things, sometimes as big as grapefruits. And this was with protective gear on. I don’t even want to ponder upon what would happen to uncovered flesh.

I know, I know, I really shouldn’t be this shocked. I mean, there is no limit to the kinky fuckery out there. But I really can’t wrap my head around someone thinking that I might say, “Hey, I love spanking, so yeah, it follows that I’d love to be shot with staples, have at it!”

And what the holy hell is the “etc.”? Paint a bulls-eye on my ass and shoot arrows at it? Tie me down and then aim a really annoyed porcupine at me?

(deep breaths)

I didn’t answer this gentleman. But I’d like to suggest that he give himself a sriracha sauce enema and then go sit on a toilet seat made of Legos.

Enough of that. In other news, my mood has not been great. (Can you tell??) Too much bad news and not enough good. Too many people scared and upset and hurting. Every day it seems I experience some sort of mood swing, going from tears to anger to free-floating panic. Then I calm down and regain perspective. Until the next day, when I do it again. Such is life in the U.S.A. right now.

I am grateful I see John once a week. He is the only human contact I have. He is the only person I’ve hugged in about five months. I haven’t even petted a dog in all this time. I miss that too.

And of course, I miss playing.

In the midst of this, I heard from Mr. Woodland today; he texted me. You might remember him as a local friend I played with at parties and had over to my place a couple of times. He asked if I was playing these days — said he’s trying to stay safe, but he’s going a little stir crazy. Wanted to know my take on what would be safe, play-wise, and if I’d like to play with him again if I feel safe in doing so.

Would I ever! But… yeah. Can’t ignore the gigantic viral elephant in the room.

I said we should keep in touch, and discuss precautions. I didn’t say yes and I didn’t say no. It would depend a lot on what he’s been doing, where he’s been, etc. I got the impression he’s been isolating at much as I have — hence the cabin fever.

I will talk about this with John tomorrow. It would be sooooo wonderful to play, and with someone I trust and who knows how. Oh my God, he’s so good with a belt…

How far do we go in trying to stay alive? Do we completely stop living? This goddamn thing is going to be with us for a long time, it seems. I have no idea how to come to terms with it and how to navigate what was once no-brainer situations. (sigh) I know that parties are completely out right now, no questions. But how risky is one-on-one play if you know one another?

Not decisions for now. It’s another weekend. Take care and stay safe, friends. ♥

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14 thoughts on “Correspondence Hall of Shame, 7/24

  1. Mark on said:

    The point of a 14-day self quarantine is to prove safety. The Navy has had great success with submarines using 14-day quarantines before sailing. Confined inside a sub is obviously extremely dangerous, and they have handled that.

    So if you have been quarantined, and he has really quarantined too, and you both have no fever or symptoms, then is it safe?

    If anything is safe, that should be it. I’m no doctor or covid expert, so I don’t say. But I think that is the question. It is quite possible that if you both really, honestly, I-can-trust-him stayed in quarantine, then you could play.

    I’d be interested to hear from others, especially anyone who knows better.


  2. I can’t remember… is John able to self quarantine or does he need to go into work? If he’d also self isolating I was going to say essentially what Mark said… if you (and John) do your quarantine and trust Mr. Woodland to follow his… go for it.

    If John isn’t able to isolate then that’s more complicated in terms of exposing Mr W to more risk… but as long as he’s informed of it I’d say it’s up to him on whether that’s an acceptable risk. If you think he’s being reasonably safe, I wouldn’t think adding one more point of human contact is going to be a risk game changer.

    I’m not a terribly high risk, though I do have asthma and some other minor health issues, so, you know, I definitely don’t WANT it. My family is doing activities that we feel we can do safely with social distancing and masks… some individual sports for the kids and I at businesses that are being safe and careful. It makes me incredibly nervous even with all the precautions, but it’s also had an immediate positive impact on my mental health. I’d really like my husband to find something he can do out of the house, because even though he’s coping better than any of us overall, I think the unchanging scenery is getting to him… he’s definitely sleeping badly.

    I don’t know that there’s a right answer in the US. Considering our government’s unwillingness to address it, I think “wait it out” is no longer a great strategy. In Europe that was the right option because places that followed the freaking control measures have managed to get it under control (not to mention their governments were willing to pay to keep people securely home as much as possible). But I just don’t know if we’re ever going to get it under control here… it’s out of the box at this point.


  3. Mark — I would certainly trust his word, which is more than I could say for anyone I’d just be meeting for the first time now.
    But yeah… to paraphrase an old saying, the only completely safe spanking now is no spanking. Which really sucks.

    Xen — John is an essential worker. However, his situation is unique; he’s in an office all by himself, in a building that is barely occupied, and all his meetings are now virtual, so he has no real contact with other beings. And he is there three days a week; he works at home the other two. Also, even before all this started, he’s always been an anti-germ nut and does all the precautionary stuff you’re supposed to do. And the only places I go, besides his house, are the necessities — market, gas station, etc. We are probably as safe as safe can possibly be.
    Still scary. If this were just an ordinary virus, I’d say geez, let’s live. But I know people who have had it, and it sounds unspeakably horrible. I don’t want it.
    But I don’t like living like this either… (sigh)

    Hey, so no one has anything to say about staples in my ass?? laughing

    Liked by 1 person

    • “ Hey, so no one has anything to say about staples in my ass?? laughing”

      I didn’t want to say anything… I was surprised to find out you’re such a prude. 😉

      Joking aside, I haven’t seen anyone play with staples or a staple gun, but it doesn’t seem too out of order with the more extreme BDSM stuff, and I’ve heard of people doing that sort of thing. You’re absolutely right that it’s not exactly spanking related and it seems like this guy maybe is one of those who thinks of spanking as a wussier version of sadism rather than understanding that it’s its own kink.

      The paintballs threw me more for a loop honestly… I’ve never heard of that one. His letter made me laugh out loud.


  4. To be fair I don’t think he was offering to shoot staples at your ass from a distance, but use a staple gun as intended; you know; at close range. LOL Hey you wanted comments on this guy’s “offers to expand your horizons”.


  5. Anonymous on said:

    Staples and paint balls are way outside my experience. The CDC now says that loss or reduction in the sense of smell is the most reliable indicator of infection so I’d ask that question first and foremost before consenting to play.

    Given a no answer and any other reassurances you’d need I’d consider playing.

    Happiness may not rank up there as an antiviral measure but like chicken soup it couldn’t hurt.

    Loved the office story.

    Anon E. Mouse


  6. Kyrel on said:

    Have a talk with the man about what he’s been doing for the past couple of weeks. If he hasn’t been around anyone for that time, odds are he haven’t caught this crap. If both of you wear a mask and clean before playing, you are going to be about as safe as you are going to get.
    Play with the man. With the mentioned precautions it’ll be less likely to kill you than driving in rush hour in LA.


    • Kyrel on said:

      Addition: I saw a calculation the other day about the chance of catching corona, if both you and the sick person is wearing a mask. Risk is supposedly around 1.5%.
      A mask doesn’t do much to protect you from catching this crap, but it does a lot to prevent you from spreading it, if you’ve got it, and wear a mask.


  7. Mouse — I am hoping paintballs and staple guns are way outside the experience of most of the people I know! Yick. Glad you liked the story. I really have to give some thought to this play offer. I wish I weren’t so damn scared of a very slight possibility.

    Kyrel — yeah, John said essentially the same thing; that if I’m scared of catching coronavirus, then I should also stop driving, because I have a higher chance statistically of being in a car crash. I think we’ll all have to learn how to move ahead and play in these new times sooner or later.


  8. Hi Erica,

    No comment about your new correspondent’s suggestions.

    You may not remember me. This is my first comment since you reactivated your blog and I was only an occasional commenter before your hiatus. I’m the male bottom who is into male/male spanking. This is one of my previous comments:

    I live in a part of the country that was hit hard by COVID so I know all too well just how serious it is. I found out today that one of my friend’s has it and is in very bad shape.

    It’s been a very long time since the opportunity for me to play has presented itself. I don’t see that changing any time soon. It is what it is. That said, I also have a pretty good idea of what you’re feeling, etc., etc. The fact that John is high risk makes things even more complicated for you.

    I frequently buy male/male spanking clips from two companies that are now based in the Czech Republic. (Both companies were originally based in the UK.) Both companies recently produces videos where both players wore masks. Not to conceal their identities but because of COVID. (In one scenario, the bottom got spanked because he was less than diligent about wearing his mask.) I admit that the idea of wearing a surgical mask during a spanking is more than a little weird but it’s also something that you might want to consider.

    I bought two of the videos and, IMHO, the COVID related masks did not lessen my enjoyment of either video. (I’m not a fan of spanking videos where one or both of the participants where masks to conceal their identity.) This link will take you to a MALE/MALE spanking site that includes some pictures of one of the videos that I bought: This link will take to you another MALE/MALE spanking site that includes pictures of the participants wearing COVID related masks:

    Hang in there and stay safe.



    • Anonymous on said:

      I always remember something AFTER I hit “post comment”.

      My brother recently had to have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. (Both came back fine.) He had to have a COVID test before the tests could scheduled, he also had to self-quarantine (he lives with his wife and daughter while while waiting for the results of the COVID test and until after the colonoscopy and endoscopy. Fortunately, they were able to schedule both tests with a day of getting back the results of the COVID test.

      It’s a bit extreme, but maybe both you and your potential play partner can get tested for COVID , self quarantine while waiting for the results, and then schedule a play date within a day or two of getting the results. Just my $0.02.



  9. Mike — good to see you. “New correspondent” — gawd, I hope not. Hopefully when I did not reply to his message, he got the hint.
    I am not sure what the deal here is in CA, but I’m not sure if it’s easy to get tested if you’re completely asymptomatic. Your brother was having invasive tests done, so his Covid test was a necessity. I can get with wearing a mask during play, but the idea of testing and quarantining before a single date sounds tedious. But who knows… it may become the new norm.
    Chances are, we’re both fine. Neither one of us live in a high-case area. But there’s that niggling doubt. It sucks.


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