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Oh, FFS…

So I told you guys before about CuriousCat and how people can ask anonymous questions there. Most of the time, it’s quite harmless. Maybe some questions are repetitive or presumptuous, but they can also be quite thoughtful and fun to answer.

However, it seems I have myself a troll of sorts on there. Someone who keeps posting unpleasant questions and comments about “DrLectr” (AKA Joe, the gentleman who organizes 50 Freaks and has now taken over Shadow Lodge parties, whenever we can have parties again). I don’t know why this person has dragged me into things; I guess he has seen that Joe and I are friends. But he clearly has an ax to grind and I don’t know just what the hell I’m supposed to do about it.

So, I’ve ignored him. Tried to reason with him. But he just keeps coming back. And yesterday, he posted a series a questions that are so wrong in so many ways, I felt the need to address them in a blog post. You want attention, buddy? You got it. Still not sure what the hell you want from me, though. But you asked, so I’m answering. And to my nice loyal readers, sorry you get to be dragged into this, but such is online BS sometimes.

Why are you and the other shadowlaners and hookers/models such pariahs and bullies to anyone who disagrees with you? Do you wonder why new comers don’t come back as much or at all? You think newbies who are nervous like being looked down upon by you and drlectr’s entourage and the models/hookers hustling all the men? Do you think newbie females like being on drlectr’s entourage’s menu and if they say no they are run off by them and you?


Which brings me to my first question: What the hell is wrong with you? I mean… really? We’re in the middle of a damn pandemic, thousands of people are dead, thousands more are unemployed, people are losing everything, there’s no end in sight, and we’re in the hands of a madman… and this is what you’re fixated on? Why would you even care about something like this now? Don’t you have anything else with which to concern yourself?

Clearly not. All right, fine. I’ll address each one of your points separately, and then hopefully we can be done with this. Also, I am speaking strictly for myself, not for DrLectr. I could defend Joe until I’m blue in the face, but you won’t listen to me. And I’m not going to presume to answer these questions for him. But I can certainly answer them for me.

Contrary to what you and some others may believe, I do not bully people who disagree with me. If people are civil and polite, don’t get in my face, insult me, speak condescendingly, etc., I am civil in return. I can agree to disagree. But yeah… if you give me a hard time, I’m damn well giving you one back. Or, worse, if you give any of my friends a hard time.

Here are a couple of examples, both from Facebook. On my own feed, I posted something political. I realize not everyone subscribes to my political leanings, but I figure on Facebook, if you don’t want to read something, you move on to something else. You don’t charge onto someone else’s page and get in their face. However, some clown who is a complete stranger to me came on and said that I and a friend of mine were “stuipd [sic] Communists and should stick it where the sun don’t shine.” Excuse me? I suppose I could have deleted it, but it really irked me — who asked him?? So I replied “Oh, noooo… [my friend’s name], did you hear that? We’re ‘stuipd’! Scram, fool. Nobody asked you to post here.”

Is that bullying, when he instigated it? I’m thinking not. If someone punches me in the face, I’m not going to smile, offer up my face again and tell them they missed a spot.

Another example — this wasn’t on my page, but a friend’s. Again, a political post. One of my friends got into it with a Trumpite who was insulting him left, right, and sideways, in a very ugly, personal way. Calling him a “whiny Jew boy” and a “pussy who probably got beat up all the time in school.” I saw red. Being Jewish myself, when people drag antisemitism into things, I really get pissed off. I looked at this guy’s profile. He had a girl’s name. 

So I came on and replied to the “pussy who got beat up” comment: “So says the man with a girl’s name. Projecting much, you Nazi fucktard?”

He didn’t reply. I have zero regrets and give zero fucks. No one talks to my friends like that. Would I have barged onto the page and said that on my own? No. I need a reason. Someone has to push me into it. It has nothing to do with whether or not I agree with you. It’s how you present your opinion. Your respect gets mine.

I’ve had haters say my Correspondence Hall of Shame is bullying. Um, no, it is not. I only highlight people who are rude and presumptuous, and I never identify them. As I’ve said a bazillion times, if someone writes me something that is nice, that is thoughtful, that is polite, but they don’t spell everything correctly, I am not going to poke fun at them. But hey, if they’re rude first? All bets are off.

Next — newcomers don’t come back? I beg to differ. There are more people going to parties now, not fewer. I have been going to parties for 23 years, and I remember how it was to be new. Nervous? Hell, I still get nervous going to these things. I have made a point over the years, especially after I started doing videos and had somewhat of a scene presence, to welcome new people, to be friendly. I have had many people tell me how helpful I was to them when they were new. And I don’t do a quarter of the stuff DrLectr does — hosting, planning, arranging, trying to make people happy.

And this “models/hookers” shit needs to go already. What the hell do you have against the women in the spanking video industry? Is it because you probably made such a bad impression on the ones you met that they wanted nothing further to do with you? News flash, pal: just because someone works in the industry doesn’t mean they are public domain at a party. You cannot demand their time any more than you can demand anyone’s time. They don’t owe you anything. And, like with every other person, if you are respectful and nice, they will be respectful and nice back. You don’t get to be rude and then cry “cliques! hookers!” when they respond in kind.

So knock it off with the sour grapes bullshit. I can taste them all the way over here. You want to be treated well? Be the person you would like others to be to you. And that does not include throwing anonymous potshots and insults at others from behind your computer screen.

I really don’t know why you assume I’m in the inner circle of everything and I know who did what to whom and why and all the dramas. I am not. I was out of the public scene for an entire year, and only just put my toe back into it this year. I’ve been to exactly one party in 2020 and haven’t socialized with any scene friends since February. I rarely go on FetLife. When I do go to a party, I don’t know half the people there. I’m retired from shooting videos. I. Am. Not. That. Involved.

Are Joe and I friends? Yes, indeed we are. I have known him for several years and he has never been anything but respectful and kind to me. I have enjoyed many scenes with him, and several years of his party hospitality, and I know many others who can say the same. He and his girlfriend recently contributed to a wonderful group birthday present for me, and I have seen him start many GoFundMe efforts over the years for scene people who were sick or had financial troubles. Joe has a lot of friends. If you want to call that an “entourage,” I can’t stop you. All I can say is I belong to no entourage.

If you have an issue with me, then say so and be direct about it. But if you have an issue with Joe, for fuck’s sake, talk to Joe! Why do you keep pulling me into your drama? Joe doesn’t answer to me. I am not Joe’s keeper. I don’t have any control over anyone but myself. I don’t know why you think I have so much power in this scene, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

I do not “run people off.” My friends do not “hustle” others. Again, this argument is so old, and so wrong, and yet it keeps perpetuating, thanks to ignorant people with bad attitudes. The spanking models are not at parties to make your life and your time there miserable. They are paying guests. They are working guests. They are shooting, juggling sessions, and trying to have time to spend with friends as well. They have stresses and insecurities and tire out like everyone else. They are people, not cardboard cutouts for you to objectify. They have feelings.

Sure, I don’t like everyone in the scene. I don’t like everyone at parties. So? Everyone doesn’t like me, either. If someone is a known abuser from several sources I trust, or someone I have personal bad experience with, that’s one thing. But if I don’t like someone? I don’t try to ruin their time, or ruin their reputation. I just spend time elsewhere, with people I want to be with. I really don’t think that makes me a snob or an elitist or part of a some nefarious entourage.

Life’s too short to spend time doing things that don’t make you happy or fulfilled in some way. That’s why I can’t understand why people who can’t stand my blog read it anyway. Why bother? I don’t read blogs I hate! I also don’t watch TV shows I don’t like, read books I don’t like, eat food I don’t like, and so on and on. You get my point. I hate cottage cheese. So I don’t buy it and I don’t eat it. Wouldn’t it really be asinine of me if I ate it anyway and then complained bitterly about it? So the same logic follows with people. If I don’t care for them, I don’t go out of my way to interact negatively with them. I ignore them as best I can, unless they really poke at me. (Snarking on Twitter doesn’t count. Everyone snarks on Twitter.)

Speaking of not having power over others — I don’t have any power over you, either. If you want to go on with this childish nonsense, I can’t stop you. But I suggest you seek some professional help for your rage/resentment issues, and for crying out loud, stop hiding in your little cyber tower with your little sniper rifle. You can hate and blame others all you want, but it’s about as pointless as drinking poison and hoping someone else dies. Just. Fucking. Stop. You’re making a fool of yourself, and you’re changing absolutely nothing.

(deep breath) The rest of you — take care and have a good weekend. Stay safe. ♥

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14 thoughts on “Oh, FFS…

  1. Joel Crawford on said:

    That’s not cool at all Erica.

    Geeeez your so correct! Some of these people are total freaky creepy punks.

    And yes we have a world wide Pandemic which has cost so many thousands of lives and an insane lunatic President running America 😑🙄.

    So sorry you are getting such people trolling you!.

    As a person who also enjoys a good hard long spanking and a red sore bottom myself I am missing the spanks! However you get some people who have a completely different fetish and don’t understand that hey are in the wrong forum😳.
    They need to leave the spanking room! And go to whatever other fetish room they are looking for😳🤔.

    Kind Regards



    • Joel — thank you. I think some people need to leave the Spanking Room and go to the Romper Room. (sigh) Like I need this crap?


      • Joel Crawford on said:

        I totally understand🙄!! Non of us do.
        I am so looking forward to 2021! I just about given up on 2020🙄.

        Hang in there! The normal years will return once Trump is gone👍.

        Kind Regards



  2. 0thistle0 on said:

    From my very first party, DrLctr has been nothing but kind, considerate, and generous.

    Over my 6 years attending the national parties, I have neither seen, experienced, or have had reported to me the behavior described.

    Joe ain’t perfect. But he cares about the scene and has done his best to provide a good party experience for all.

    And in my and many other cases I have seen how he has gone out of his way to make newbies feel welcomed.

    So I dont give a shit what the detractors say, other than not having a lot of respect for someone who anonymously talks shit in a forum, but can’t seem to man up enough to address his concerns to Joe directly.

    My personal philosophy is that not even half a fuck is given what trolls think or say.

    Defending oneself is unnecessary. Simply let the way one has comported oneself both at and away from the parties speak to who one really is.

    Tasha Fucking Hastings


    • Hey Tash — thank you for coming by and posting this. I have said all these things about Joe myself. Having others speak up and say their truth is validating.
      I usually don’t give a fuck either. It’s just disheartening and tiresome how misguided some people can be. Have been seeing way too damn much of that lately.


  3. Detractors are there to turn the attention to themselves. It’s best to focus on the actual complaint, if there is one. That takes the focus away from them. If you reply to their insults, you are rewarding them for their comments.

    This person seemed to think they were badly treated because they were new. My question to them would be, “Can you give me an example where you didn’t like how you were treated?” If they reply with an example, you can talk about that. If they continue to spew non-specific abuse, you can just reply, “Well, you don’t have a point to make, so I have no interest in any further exchange.”

    Hope you get more interest from humans. Trolls should stay under their bridges and leave the rest of us alone!


    • Rich — I don’t think this is a new person. I suspect it’s someone who’s been around for a while and has a major ax to grind because of perceived mistreatment. But I can’t be sure. But yeah… it’s getting old.


      • How long do you think it will be before spanking parties can resume? And are pro dommes collecting unemployment… Or just trying to be careful as in gags and masks for the subs?


  4. Bob in Wisconsin on said:

    Keyboard commandos thrive in the cybersphere. The relative anonymity gives people with latent, pent-up grievances license to act out in ways they never would in a venue in which their true identities are known. I have found this to be particularly true in discussions regarding religion or politics, but obviously it happens in the scene as well. I’ve been called everything from a “liberal, eco-Nazi,” whatever that is, to, just yesterday, an “ass wipe.” Sticks and stones. You summed up my feelings about such encounters when you said “… stop hiding in your little cyber tower with your little sniper rifle.”


    • Bob — thank you. Yes, the scene is rife with this sort of thing as well, sadly. It makes me kind of glad I’m on the periphery these days, but even there, it can be unpleasant when people are relentless. I have other things to think about right now… you know, like staying alive.


  5. Maria — I have no idea about parties. I think some of the pros may be doing some work with trusted clients, using masks, sanitizer, etc., but not sure.


    • 0thistle0 on said:

      My understanding is that what used to be called Crimson Moon is a go in October.

      Shadow Lane and/or 50 is scheduled for February as usual.

      I haven’t spoken with Uncle Mike or Sarah in a minute so I haven’t heard about BBW or Lone Star, and I dont know if Uncle Steve is still running TASSP, so nada there as well.

      All I know! Just keep watching the boards on FET for updates i guess.


      • Tash — interesting about October — I thought that one had been canceled as well. As far as I know (which is little), there are parties planned for all the big groups in 2021, but who knows how long this damn thing will go on and how it will affect future parties. Hoping for the best…


      • 0thistle0 on said:

        Effing Covid is stealing what’s left of my life! 🤢


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