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Time flies…

On August 30, 1996, John and I met for the first time after he answered my ad. And the rest is twenty-four years of a whole lot of history.

Unfortunately, we don’t really get to celebrate in the traditional sense this year. We normally do two things at this time of year — go out for a special dinner, and go to the Labor Day weekend party in Vegas. In the clusterfuck that is 2020, we can do neither.

To add insult to injury, or vice versa, on Friday, John had an abscessed tooth extracted. It had gotten to be an emergency because of problems getting in to see a dentist/specialist due to Covid. I was terrified that the infection would spread, but it seems it didn’t. Still, having a tooth pulled is no fun. I couldn’t even bake him anniversary brownies, since he couldn’t eat them.

We did order take-out brunch yesterday. Then I discovered my order was screwed up when we got home.

Happy anniversary!! massive eye roll

And of course, all weekend we were bombarded with bad news about Portland, Kenosha, Hurricane Laura, and so forth. I confiscated the remote and told John CNN was off the table. (I believe my actual words were, “We are not watching this shit.”) I was worried about two dear friends, both in unpleasant circumstances, and could do nothing for either one.

Powerlessness. Acceptance. Keep on carrying on.

So, feeling nostalgic, and because I’ve been going through and deleting old files (which I really should have done before I got the new computer, but oh well), I came across some fun pictures John and I took early in our relationship. I think this was before Erica Scott came to be.

One day, John brought home a very cool new toy from his work so that we could play with it over the weekend. It was the latest in high tech.

A digital camera.

For those of you who don’t remember the joys of having film developed at Fotomat and having to wait to discover 3/4 of your pictures turned out crappy, blurry, or had a thumb stuck in them, you can’t possibly imagine the thrill of the digital camera. Pre-Smart phones, they were the latest and greatest. But the early ones were laughably clunky, even though they were cutting edge at the time. This contraption John brought home was rather large, and — get this — you actually inserted a diskette. You shot your pictures, then then took out the diskette, popped it into your computer drive, and uploaded your pictures.

So on a beautiful sunny Saturday, John and I went to a hiking area off Mulholland Drive, and spent a couple of hours walking and taking various pictures.

This is a rare sighting of me outdoors, folks.


We found a little hidden alcove and no one else was around, so of course this happened:


Look at my handsome man. ā™„



But then, of course, I could only take so much sunlight, and we came home. And then experimented with a different kind of picture.

You know, the sort of pictures of me that are all over the net now… but certainly weren’t then. I think this might be the first time I’d been shot naked since I was a baby. (Please disregard John’s hideous old couch. He and I both have what he likes to call “dead grandma furniture.”)


I had a lot to learn about posing then. But I did have the leg and pointed toe thing going on. šŸ˜€

So many experiences in twenty-four years. So many milestones and memories.

People are wishing us well, and some have said, “May you have another twenty-four years.” But honestly? I don’t want another twenty-four years if they’re going to be like 2020. This needs to end. So many friends I know and love have had their worst year ever. I’m trying to hold on to a positive thought, but the damned abyss of depression waits at my feet. So I keep on working, keep on plugging each day, and hope for the best.

Today would have been my brother’s birthday. Of course, that gets all the feels going too. Ugh. But I have to look forward, not back.

Remembering something Jay sent me a while back — I am brave. We all are brave. We are survivors.


And hey! A week from Tuesday, I get to have my hair cut and colored. Hair salons are back open as of today. Then I can video chat with pretty hair. Because yes, I’m that vain.

Take care, everyone. Be kind.

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13 thoughts on “Time flies…

  1. Aw, I remember sending that to you…and so much has happened and our frienship has grown so much since then. Yes, we are all brave. We are all stronger than we know. And, we are all so loved. ā¤ļø

    I love the photos and walking down memory lane with you! Thank you for sharing! Iā€™m sorry this year has been so hard. I love you, SIS. šŸ’ž


  2. bklynny0856 on said:

    A very happy anniversary for you and John! You look as hot today as you did in those photos šŸ”„.


  3. Bob in Wisconsin on said:

    You have my most sincere congratulations on a 24-year relationship milestone. You have outlasted my first marriage by several years. I love the nostalgic photos of the two of you, and your lithe-and-lovely figure gives even a “dead grandma” couch a touch of elegance.

    Please give my sympathies to John on his dental encounter. I can empathize. After I had my impacted wisdom teeth removed several years ago, my face resembled a pumpkin and the surgery left a portion of my lower lip and chin partially numb. To this day I have to be careful while dining to avoid speaking to my dinner companions while sporting bits of food on my face. Never a good look.

    I’m sorry that you and John were not able to celebrate the occasion properly. Hopefully you can enjoy belated festivities in days to come. All my best to you both.


  4. Jay — it’s been a suckfest for so many of us, no? But there have been good moments too. ā™„

    Bklynny — ha… thank you for that. ā™„

    Bob — I had all four impacted wisdom teeth out too — at age 16! Ugh, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Thanks for the kind wishes.


  5. Dead grandma furniture is very spanky-sexy.


  6. What a fun post to read! I simply love that first photo and the look of such happiness on your face. That you are able to celebrate at all in the middle of this crazy year, let alone after John’s pulled abscessed tooth, is a testament to your love. We’ll get through this damn pandemic, election, health setbacks, and violence with the help, love, and support of our friends. Love you, Erica.


  7. Happy Anniversary!! Hopefully 2021 will be better than 2020, starting in November of 2020


  8. Amongst all that’s gone wrong on 2020, you’re coming through for me as something that’s right and beautiful.


  9. Erica,

    Happy belated Anniversary to you both. I love the photos. A happy walk down memory walk. Thank you for sharing.



  10. Quai — what a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much. ā™„

    Ronnie — memories are good things to live in right now! Thank you.


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