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Podcasts, Jillian Keenan, and…

Hey, kids. Told you I’d be back when I had something positive to talk about. So far, John and I have avoided Covid-19, and the wildfires scared the crap out of me, but didn’t impact John’s house after all. Thanks to the people who checked in with me while I took a break.

Podcasts, you say? I should give some background first. How many of you enjoy watching free videos on Spanking Tube? Have you heard of the gentleman who calls himself “agoodspankin”? He has been shooting videos of himself spanking women since 2010, and has posted about 100 of them on ST. He has quite the mystique, because 1. he has a great voice and his scolding is delicious, and 2. he never shows his face, although you can see his nice build. (By the way, ladies, I’ve seen his picture — he’s easy on the eyes.) Anyway… he and I go back a long time, maybe to 2005? He wrote some spanking books in the early 2000s, and he and I had connected online by then and he asked if I would edit his books. Of course I said yes, and he even put a “thank you” page and a couple of pictures of me at the back of one of them (“Never Too Old to Spank”). He also was instrumental in my discovering Lulu Press for self-publishing my first book in 2007.

Recently, he decided to start doing spanking podcasts. He did the first two by himself, mostly introductory stuff, and then he started interviewing people. His third podcast was of two young women from Georgia, both of whom had played with him and one or both of them, I forget, did a video with him. A couple of weeks ago, he contacted me and asked if I’d like to do an interview. Well, I’ve seen the buzz this man gets on Twitter, how the spanko bottoms go gaga over him and even the spanko tops are impressed and say they could learn a lot about technique from him — my immediate response was “I’d be honored!” He lives on the opposite coast, so we couldn’t meet in person, but he said we could do it over the phone and he’d record it through that, then he could edit it.

Long story short, we did it last Monday. He tries to keep his podcasts around an hour… but we started talking, he got to asking me questions (about growing up spanko without the internet, parties, videos, and so much more) and before we knew it, we had been talking for over two hours. He said he’s going to make it a two-parter, and today he messaged me, said he’s edited it and it sounds really good. When he posts it next week, I’ll link you guys to it. In the meantime, you can read about him (and check out some of his videos, if you’d like), here on Spanking Tube. I had so much fun doing this with him. And talking about our favorite subject was such a blast, we ended up talking on the phone an extra hour past the interview.

Oooh! Just noticed that Ronnie has included the Never Too Old podcast in her latest “In With The New.” Part One of our interview will be put up this coming Wednesday.

Next — I MET JILLIAN KEENAN! The journalist! The author of “Sex With Shakespeare”! The one who has the YouTube channel with the “Kinking Out Loud” series! A few weeks ago, she messaged me on Twitter and asked if by any chance I had some free time to join a socially distanced outdoor meeting close to me, this coming Wednesday. Say what? I said I was working, but if it were indeed near me, I could duck out for a couple of hours. She then asked what parks were closest to me, so I gave her two. Shortly after that, she said she’d checked with “the others” (I had no idea who) and everyone liked one of the parks I’d suggested, so we’d meet there at 4:00.

Mind you, I had no idea what this was about, or who else would be there, but who cares? It was Jillian! It was a chance to have some fun and actually be out among humans! Usually I need to know every detail beforehand of anything I plan to do, but this time I said screw it, just go. It was a pretty day, warm, and the park was gorgeous. Took me a while to find them (the park is huge!), but I finally did.

As it turned out, Jillian and her boyfriend were passing through California on their way back from a very long hike (one hundred eighty-five days!) on the Pacific Crest Trail, and they decided to get together with a few people from here, including a few of the patrons of her YouTube channel. And me!

We had a group of nine, sitting several feet apart from each other on the grass, all wearing masks. Jillian and Dan were so charming — warm, friendly, funny. Her patrons were all very nice. I didn’t know any of them, except for one man who came later, and he looked familiar — turned out I’d met him at a Shadow Lane party two years ago. Small world. Anyway, we all took turns talking, Jillian asking us questions, and two hours zipped by very quickly.

John had said beforehand, “You have to get a picture with Jillian!” So I made sure I did. We’re masked, but you can still tell we’re beaming, right?

What a nice break from pandemic isolation this was! And just a reminder: You can watch/subscribe to Jillian’s videos on YouTube, here.

Hmmm… there was something else. What was it… oh, who am I kidding. I can’t ignore the giant orange elephant in the room.

I suppose people are imagining that I’m dancing, laughing, jumping for joy, gloating, beaming, and so on, right about now. You know what? No. I’m not.

The past eight months have been hell. Pandemic isolation with no end in sight. No play. No meeting up with friends (except for the one time with Jillian), even for a cup of coffee. Wildfires consuming my state and threatening John’s house. Shootings. Protests. And the straw that broke my back: the death of the great Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Followed by having to watch the GOP spit in the face of her legacy, her dying wish, and shove in Amy Coat-hanger Barrett as her successor. What a disgrace. And while thousands upon thousands died (and continue to die), Mango Mussolini sat on his golden throne, ALL-CAPS tweeting, grandstanding and lying, and didn’t give a shit about any of us.

Today, Alex Trebek died. I was a huge fan. Heart is broken once again.

About twelve years ago, my dear talented friend Dave Wolfe, upon finding out that I love rain, drew this joyous caricature of me.

I haven’t felt like this for a very long time. I feel beaten down and tired. I ache — body, heart and soul. I’m sickened by what I see in a country I used to be proud of. I know Joe Biden is not the Messiah. I know there is no instant fix to what is broken. We are anything but the “United” States. Our country is divided. I don’t think I will see things resolve in my lifetime. I am still scared of the future.

But I can timidly exhale. I can go to sleep and not be afraid of what I might wake up to. I can feel like the country is in the hands of a man, not an overgrown monstrous child. A child who, as I write, is throwing tantrums, screaming “I WON” and “FRAUD” to his base, and refusing to concede. He is going to make this the most contentious and ugly transition in history. He will fight it to the death, and he will pull every trick he can. He gets his way, all the time, no matter how he has get it. So why wouldn’t he now? Therefore, no joy here. Just a very cautious hope.

Still, I feel like I’ve been offered a cup of warm, soothing cocoa after four years of nothing to drink but orange Kool-Aid laced with battery acid.

Joe Biden is asking for unity. For us to stop hating each other and heal. I would like that, but I don’t see it happening. Still, I feel like things might move in a better direction. (They pretty damn well have to.) Someday, this @#$%ing pandemic will be handled properly and we can all get our lives back. Well… not 238,000 of us, but you know what I mean. And maybe, just maybe, I will feel that unbridled joy again. But right now, I am shell-shocked. For a while, I’m just going to cry. Exhausted, grieving, and yes, relieved.

When I started this blog back up after a year of hiatus, I said I didn’t want to talk about politics. This post is an exception; I don’t plan to make a habit of it. But I have one more thing to say.

For the past four years, some folks of the Republican persuasion have taunted and insulted me. They have called me: Libtard. Retard. Snowflake. Whiner. Crybaby. Ugly bitch. Granny porn star. And more, but I think you get the idea. Posted pictures of horribly unattractive people and likened me to them. Oh, and let’s not forget sneering at me to suck it up, because Trump would be my president through 2024.

Well, you lovely people… first, shame on all of you. I hope you feel good about yourselves. And second — expending all that energy hating on me so hard had to burn a whole lot of calories. Perhaps you’d like to replenish some of them with a little snack.

Look out for the orange ones!

Godspeed, and go fuck yourselves. Because I don’t forgive you.

Hoping for better days. For those who are still hanging in there with me, thank you. ♥

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21 thoughts on “Podcasts, Jillian Keenan, and…

  1. (sigh) No, this year isn’t over yet, but I feel some of the hope again for better days to come… I’ll always be hanging in there with you, SIS. I’m still so thrilled that you got to meet Jillian and that you had fun doing the podcast interview! So much love to you, my friend. 💞


  2. Yes, we drank champagne and feel a cautious sense of relief/hope, but are hardly full on celebrating, and know there’s still a very long way to go in so many areas. Immediate drastic change is preferable when so many of us are hurting, but a start in the right direction and stopping the active destruction is still reason to feel good. Joe and Kamala aren’t perfect, but they seem like good people, and most importantly, seem willing to listen to the people and improve. All we can do is hope they’ll make us proud, hope the Senate can’t just block everything they try to do, and keep fighting.

    So glad that you got to have some fun meeting Jillian and doing the podcast! I was sad to see the news about Alex Trebek this morning, and thought of you. This year has been brutal. It has been raining here quite a bit this weekend, I love it too. Lots of love to you and John. ❤


  3. I can see the smile right through your mask. I hope there are many more in the future, as things improve. And I’m sure they will, now that we’ve removed the biggest impediment to a better future.


  4. Lily — much love to you guys too. Yes… brutal is a good word for it.

    Rich — thank you. I hope you are right.


  5. Bob in Wisconsin on said:

    I share your feelings about the long-awaited and much-deserved impending demise of the Mango Mussolini so I won’t belabor the point here since you’ve already said it all. I will say only that I, too, feel as if an oppressive weight has been lifted from my shoulders and that I can, at last, look forward to brighter days ahead.

    When I saw Jillian Keenan’s name in this blog entry, I dropped everything to read about your meeting with her. How cool is that! You and Jillian are the two women I admire more than any other spankos I can think of. I admire your bravery in sharing your kink, our kink, with the world and in helping to make those of us who once felt like lonely souls understand that we’re part of a great community.

    Thank you for all you do, Erica. And that goes for Jillian, too.


  6. “Our country is divided. I don’t think I will see things resolve in my lifetime.”

    It has never “resolved.” It has always been in motion. It also takes steps backward sometimes.

    When I was young, spanking was unmentionable. Almost all kinks were shamed and beyond mention. Gays were in the closet, and many thought lesbians were not even a real thing. Cis-gender?

    I enjoy all this progress. I love it. The motion has included a lot that is vital to my happiness.

    Jillian Keenan could not have been published. Her website would have been unthinkable. Your own book would have leaked out of sex shops in brown paper, if at all.

    The real perspective is that we are winning. For a lot, we won, and it has been impossible for the worst who came along in a long time to even begin to take it back.

    And you were an important part of doing that. You did. You were important, and you still are. Ask Jillian Keenan.


  7. Wow! An afternoon with Jillian. You are one of the cool kids 🙂

    So glad the orange menace is on his way out, although I still have nightmares about the supreme court ruling in his favour and giving him four more years. Even Pompeo said he would continue into his second term. Who knows what damage that grown-up baby will do to your country and possibly even the world in his remaining days. However, there is light at the end of this long tunnel. I was struck by how many news personalities were in tears over Joe’s win.



    • Hermione — you are correct… he’s going to wreak havoc and do God knows what in his last hurrah. Meanwhile, his childish refusal to concede is a disgrace. But I wouldn’t expect anything different from him. He is truly an abominable human being, and I use the term generously.
      Yeah… if we can get through this last couple of months without dying from Covid or being nuked, we might see that light.


  8. Pingback: Podcast is up! | Erica Scott: Life, Love and Spanking

  9. Nice to hear that you are still hanging in there Erica. I have to agree with you that the world hasn’t significantly improved with the US election, but let’s hope that Trump eventually gets around to conceeding his loss. And though I share your…limited hopes for a reunited US population, there is at least a chance that some people will take it under considderation, and try to act less divisive.

    In any case, all the best to you. And remember, the sun keeps rising every morning, regardless of what crap happened in our life the day before 😉


  10. Jojo photos on said:

    Well done! 69 more days until we are free…how apropos! You are so lucky to have met Jillian, she brings hope and light to so many still searching for a candle.
    Never forget though, that you braved this scene when it was much harder and the climb high, and for that, you are highly respected, admired, and loved! Sending good vibes for better days and remember…raise a glass to humanity on 1202021 (a palindrome!), when we say a not fond farewell to an Asshole! ( and I don’t mean in a good way😉) bottoms up🍷Jojo


  11. This is quite an entry, Erica! I’m looking forward to seeing the podcasts, and delighted to read about your visit with Julian.

    You said it well; it will such a welcome relief to have Mr. Biden in the White House, a man of character, empathy and wisdom, someone who has earned the title, and will use it well and properly for others. His obstacles will be many; the Pandora’s Box that had been festering for years was fully opened by the fatuous fraud, and even common decency and sense will be hard to re-win. But there is hope.

    Hey, you know what else might help everyone here crack a smile, even Non-Pluviophiles? Hearing Neil Sedaka sing Sandra Boynton’s song, “Your Nose!” And think of youuuuu!


    • Wolfie — LOL! And snort! I doubt anyone will hear the lyric “The sweetest little nose” and think of meeeee!
      Fatuous fraud, indeed. Thank you for adding to my personal list of names for him. Sadly, what he uncovered can’t be put back. He overturned all the rocks and exposed the MAGAts.


  12. thelongbean on said:

    I thought you might like that the orange blob when in Roman characters in Greece is TRAMP. This what you see when they refer to him in headlines or their “TRAMP IN ATHENS” etc headlines!!!!


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