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Love Our Lurkers 2020

It’s that time of year again, kids! Love Our Lurkers #15! Time to honor the tradition started fifteen years ago by Bonnie and now being faithfully continued by Hermione. Who do we love? Our readers. All of them. This is the time where we give special thanks to the quiet ones, the ones who don’t comment but always read, and hopefully give them a friendly nudge to say hello.

For last year’s LOL post, I mentioned my strange passion for surf guitar instrumentals, and I posted one with an apropos name, “Lurking in the Shadows.” I was pleasantly surprised at how enthusiastically it was received; people loved it! Some said they came to comment just because of the song. So this year, enjoy another surf tune while you read. This one doesn’t have a title that goes with the occasion; I just like it a lot.

Anyway. We all know this has been a clusterfuck of a year and I’m sorry that I haven’t had much to post. Still, I’m grateful for those of you who have stuck around, grateful to other bloggers who still plug on and provide fun, informative reading and pictures.

So please, do come in and say hi. (You don’t have to be a lurker, BTW.) This is a nice opportunity for the spanking community to bond and express appreciation, and for those who may feel shy to speak up. We welcome you!

And be sure to drop in on the other bloggers who are participating as well. Happy LOL 2020, everyone!

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17 thoughts on “Love Our Lurkers 2020

  1. This is one of the few places that I’m never too shy to spend time and comment. 🤗🥰 Happy LOL day, SIS! 💞 Love you bunches! 😘


  2. I admit I don’t comment here very often but I feel concious of my bad grammar around here 🙂 Happy LOL Day.



  3. Happy LoL Day, Erica! I love that old surf guitar sound with reverb turned all the way up and generous application of the whammy bar.

    May this next year hold bountiful treats about which we scarcely dare to dream today.

    Please stay safe so we can enjoy them!

    Big virtual hugs,


  4. Prefectdt — awww! You’re always welcome here!

    Bonniieeeee! I knew you’d love my song choice. Happy LOL Day to you, big hugs, and thank you for starting it all.


  5. Hey there. I finally figured out how to leave a comment here! There is hope for old geezers after all. Happy LOL-day. We need nice bloggers like you , Hermione, and all the others to encourage lurkers with love…….while curmudgeons like me resort to shaming. Good cop/bad cop blogging. LOL


  6. Anonymous on said:

    I do enjoy reading your column.


  7. Peaches Heart on said:

    Hi Erica…Hang in there I truly believe we will get through this mess and be able to live again….Lurker for about 6 years and finally got brave enough to step out of the shadows.


  8. KD — welcome! Trust me, no one is a bigger curmudgeon than I am. However, I understand the psychology behind lurking; it’s less about not bothering and more about shyness. A lot of people feel like they don’t have anything of value to contribute, so they keep quiet. Which is why we have this day, to encourage them to speak up, that we DO value them. ♥

    Anonymous — I’m glad! Thank you for stopping by.

    Peaches — yay for stepping out! Thank you so much. ♥


  9. Bob in Wisconsin on said:

    I have posted here several times, and I’ve followed your blog for a long time. Thus, I am not a lurker. I may have created a few, though. In my contacts with others in the spanking community who don’t know your name, your awesome personal history, and who didn’t know about your blog, I have pointed them here. And I have plugged “Late Bloomer” and “What Happens to Naughty Girls” also. Just trying to do my part!


  10. Anonymous on said:

    ‘Tall and tan and young and lovely’ – – Those lyrics describe you perfectly!
    Thank you for continuing to share and stay current with your adoring fans.
    Spanking Minnesota announced this week that he is winding down, along with so
    many other blogs have disappeared in the last few years.
    – – Again Erica, thank you – – You are truly appreciated, admired and loved.


  11. Anonymous on said:

    Hi, Erica! I love your blog and look forward to the new posts.

    All My Best,


  12. Bob — thank you for helping to keep my name alive! “Fame” in the kink world is fleeting.

    Anonymous — what a lovely comment. Thank you so much. ♥

    Liza — Hi! Thank you for stopping by!


  13. A belated Happy LOL-Day to you, Erica! I don’t manage to comment a lot these days, but I’m still reading your blog. Stay safe and healthy in these strange times!


  14. Happy Belated LOL Days to you!
    I hope you continue to grace the web with your voice for many more years to come.


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