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Correspondence Hall of Shame, 2/5

First CHoS of 2021, and it’s a special one. Most often I do a collection of these, but every now and then, I get a single one that is so outrageous, it merits its own column. Today’s entry is one of those.

To refresh your memories, one of my peeviest peeves is The Form Letter. You know the kind I mean; the ones that are so clearly sent to multiple women, probably at random, just to see if anyone takes the bait. They’re overly long, way too detailed, and completely impersonal. Usually what the guy is talking about has nothing to do with what I seek.

Last week, I got one of those. As far as the writing goes, aside from a few typos, it’s not the usual misspelled gobbledy-gook. But wait till you read it. It’s mind-boggling.

I only contact the slave that I am seriously interested in. And I am very, very interested in you.

I am exceptional, direct, and decisive. I used to be good enough and never take a position. Now, in life and everywhere, I dwell in the ultimate. Private homes, yachts, aircraft, vacations, parties are the fruit of the exceptional. And as the exceptional does, I am always on great adventures that is only made possible by living life with NO Limits.

By definition the ultimate has No Limits. Limits are for the masses and fake masters, not the Masters of the Universe.

By the way, speaking of limits, those with planes and yachts live in the entire world with no limits, hence living life to the fullest, while those without live in their box (apartment) and waste their lives. Yes, having multiple homes “going home” and “safer at home” means travel and freedom. And yes, yachts and planes are homes.

You want a master with No Limits. And a master with no limits with life, must have no limits with you. A slave must be a Master’s great possession.

I seek my permanent slave to match. Sexually, physically, domestically, loyalty, and to sacrifice all unconditionally and with 100% NO Limits. TPE Total Power Exchange and Total Slavery.

Most slaves, even before 2020, waste their lives. Live a rut, partial existence in a coma. Most masters as fake. Most Masters truly are not the master of even their own lives. Screaming masters at night and employee slaves by day, weighing limited options caused by limited finances and limited time that persists through their lives enslaving them, directly due to their lack of vision of abundance and life of No Limits. And now, with closures and the online future here, most masters are “masters” of their apartment, not their balcony, as long as they are quiet as a mouse, follow the government, apartment complex, noise and behavior rules. Yes, they are masters of the universe in the hallucinations of their mind, as they age away in their monthly rented apartment box. OMG.

Issues, age, looks, absolutely takes a back seat to attitude and 100% unlimited unconditional loyalty and self-sacrifice. With the right attitude anything can be overcome and I always overcome everything.

I am driven to live the Ultimate Life. The ultimate of anything is Unlimited with No Limits. Only an idiot would consciously choose a wasted rut life in a coma as most do.

1) Read my profile
2) Look over my albums and pics
3) Tell me if you have the right attitude
4) What is your name and cell # to talk to move forward?

Holy crap.

Well, first, because I’m a non-paying member, I can’t read his damn profile, nor can I look at his pictures. However, I can see how many he has. Most guys on Alt, if they have a picture at all, have one or two, maybe three. At the most, a half dozen. This guy has twenty-four.

Second… Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Really? Am I supposed to believe this is real? Is any woman out there stupid enough to buy any of this?

I get fantasy, truly I do. But reality is always firmly in the picture. Real life has limits. Life has responsibilities. So, I’m seeing one of two scenarios here. Either this guy is a rich trust fund baby who’s never had to work a day in his life and thinks he can buy someone, or he actually lives in one of those “boxes” he bangs on and on about and he’s completely full of it.

Every time I reread this thing, I notice something else. My favorite part? The last sentence: “What is your name?” There it is, solid proof that he doesn’t bother reading profiles, that he just sends this out at random. My name is right there; it is my profile name. Crystal clear.

How sad to go through life so completely pickled in contempt for mere mortals and how we live. Can you imagine how someone with this level of arrogance and superiority would actually treat a woman?

I almost never answer any of these, as you know. But this time, I couldn’t resist. So I send back one word. “Seriously???” And attached this picture.

I didn’t expect to get an answer. But two days later, he replied. “Yes, seriously. 100%”

Wow. Okay. I’m done. Carry on, Your Majesty. And good luck to you.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to sit here in my coma until tomorrow, when I go to visit my boring and mundane beloved who owns only two residences, no planes, no yachts. I can live with that, though. I get seasick. And overinflated egos tend to nauseate me as well.

Have a good weekend, y’all. Be safe.

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16 thoughts on “Correspondence Hall of Shame, 2/5

  1. Well, I certainly feel dejected now since I am fresh out of aircraft and yachts and am living my “wasted rut life in a coma as most do.” Among his requirements for vetting his future slave, such as your name and cell number, he obviously neglected to include a request for your Social Security number as well.

    I have never received such a verbose and ego-inflated form letter, although I did recently receive this one (written in a style more typical of your usual Correspondence Hall of Shame entries): “i like your profile and could like to get to know you more and see where it lead us to am single never married with no kids and on here for serious long term relationship i could like you to text me on my number xxxxxxxxxx or text me on google hangout [name] then we get to know more about each other and see where it lead us to?” I mean, how could I resist?

    I love your CHoS, Erica, and this one is a real doozy. Keep ’em coming!


    • Bob — right? How pathetic our miserable little lives are with all those limits! Yes, the one you got is very much like the more typical CHoS fodder. What are people thinking?
      Don’t answer that; I know they’re not.


  2. That’s some real wow right there. It kind of reads like a MLM pitch.


  3. Erica,
    Wow. Sounds like the opening to an episode on Criminal Minds. And it ends with the slave gal on a yacht (rented, not owned) for sure, but she’s IN A BOX and in a freakin’ coma awaiting somebody to rescue her from none other than ….. Q!!!!!



  4. My favorite part is the “masters of the universe” line! Has this guy abandoned living in reality for residence in Castle Grayskull? Is he He-Man or Skeletor, though? LOL

    Fake or real…..his writing is juvenile and philosophy equally immature.


  5. Windy — LOL! Waitaminnit — the yacht is rented? Forget about it!

    KD — I have no clue. It’s definitely a departure from reality. And he takes himself so seriously, too.


  6. You do get them don’t you? Such a braggart! The guy is totally up himself using the lure of money to hook women. Hopefully most, like you, see through him


  7. Ha! That’s extra special crazy. I wonder who showed Eric Trump how to use email?


    • Sandy — I certainly do. (sigh) In his avatar he also mentioned something about a “sticky tongue.” Don’t toads have stick tongues??

      Bonnie — HAH! Eric couldn’t compose something this long. Ugh, I hate that I almost share a name with that creep.


  8. Anonymous on said:

    Holy crap is right! His writing style got on my nerves.
    LOL – Bonnie’s comment.



  9. willjohn on said:

    If this clown was any further up himself he would be inside out. “Masters of the Universe?” Wasn’t that a self description by a bonds trader in Tom Wolfe’s book “Bonfire of the Vanities” ?


  10. Craig Aych on said:

    So…is it “no limits” or “No Limits”?

    Also, I’m unclear what was going on with “slaves” before 2020? Was there a shift of some sort, or in his mind is this all pandemic related?

    Then, I’m back on the Random Caps. I’m confused.


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