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The Seinfeld of Spanko Blogs… a post about nothing

Blech. Every day, I look at how long it’s been since I posted something, and I think I really should come up with an entry. And then every day, I got nothing. I really admire people who are faithfully coming up with regular entries in this time of Covid. I don’t seem to be able to. All I can do is toss in a brief update or two and essentially restate the same crap over and over. It’s now been a year since I last played. You can’t really keep up a spanking blog when there’s no spanking.

All we have right now is correspondence. And lest you all think everything I receive is CHoS material, fortunately, that’s not the case. It’s amazing how a well timed email can perk up my day. Like this one, out of nowhere, from my friend in Oregon who wants to come here when it’s safe. Who the hell knows when that will be… but at least it’s on his mind.

So… I want you over my knee! Nice slow warm-up…then hard hand, leather, wood, maybe cane.

Oh, yeah? I wrote back, “Wood belongs in the fireplace.”

To which he replied: Wood belongs across your bare bottom.

Oh, my. And then last week I woke up to this:

I think that an early morning, good hard spanking would be the best way to start your day!  Hard hand spanking, then a morning of no panties or pants allowed.

(sigh) I said that coffee and cereal sounded so mundane after that. However, I’ll pass on that last part — it’s too cold! Yes, even in CA, it’s too cold to sit around half naked.

From another periodic correspondent, a local one:

So when you get your vaccine, may I beat you?

Why yes, yes, you may. (Oh, and before people complain about the word choice, he and I established long ago that “beat” is his preferred word for “spank” and he would refrain from using it if it bothered me. I told him it didn’t.) This man remains one of my biggest frustrations. We met for coffee at the end of 2019, hit it off, thought something really good was going to come of it. But as timing would have it, he had a family situation come up at the holidays and went back East to stay for a couple of months… and then Covid hit, pretty much putting the kibosh on everything.

So it seems that the future holds some play for me. But how far in the future, who the hell knows. I am not high on any of the priority lists for vaccination. And since I’ve come this far being able to stay well due to diligent observation of safety precautions, I don’t want to get careless now. So far this year, the national parties are being canceled once again. I’m wondering what kind of long-term effects Covid is going to have on these gatherings. Therefore, it’s looking more and more like I need to find a local partner or two, because I don’t think I’m going to be able to see my scene friends again anytime soon. I’m kind of out of the loop these days anyway… have lost touch with many of them.

Haven’t lost touch with Jillian Keenan though — she included me in another one of her multi-part group videos! I love participating in these. This time, she asked several people to talk about their favorite implements. Part 1 is Jillian herself, then the incomparable Ariel Andersen, talking about about leather belts (yum), and then yours truly. If you’re so inclined, you can see it here.

In other news… there isn’t any. I had a bit of a scare a couple of weeks ago when I got a callback on a routine mammogram. I had to go back for a second mammogram and an ultrasound; that’s never happened before. I was told repeatedly that this was common, but guess what… I was still scared out of my mind. And I had to wait a week between the time I got the call to when I could get an appointment for the repeat procedures. However, the good news was that I got the results immediately — tiny cyst. That’s it. I made it back to my car and then broke down and cried, I was so relieved. After that, hell, I’ll take dullness and routine, y’all.

How is everyone doing? ♥

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18 thoughts on “The Seinfeld of Spanko Blogs… a post about nothing

  1. I’m so glad to hear about the future play you have ahead ❤ I can’t wait for some parties to start back up, and thank you so much for that video! It absolutely sent Bella and myself off on a spending spree for London tanners and RoscoeToys. I like my current belt but definitely plan to procure another once I’ve gained some experience with the new toys. Sneak Peek we have their leather cane coming!! Nick said he’d have it out by Thursday!


  2. Anonymous on said:

    “It’s amazing how a well timed email can perk up my day.” Well-timed is a phrasal adjective and should be hyphenated. Maybe a session with the strap would improve your grammar.


  3. Zack — glad you enjoyed that little video. I am thrilled that Jillian asked me to join!

    Anonymous — you are absolutely correct. I have no argument and I should have known better. (sigh) I would happily take that strap session if it were safe to do so.


  4. Anonymous on said:

    Rain checks are available.


  5. Hey there. Well first you don’t need to post every day, but if you want to you also don’t have to have be spanking all the time. How boring. It would be like eating the same dinner every day. Mix it up. It’s fun.

    Second and most important, great about the breast-thing. We had a similar issue here a few months back and it worked out the same. So this is one I can really relate to.

    I have seen some of Keenan’s videos and there’s certainly nothing in them to object to, but there’s also nothing new to say on the subject since the Greene’s wrote their book in the 70’s, or Brame rehashed it in the 90’s. I guess I just feel like the way the public responds to stuff is often frustrating. Would Keenan be as popular if she was a 50-year-old, short, paunchy man saying the exact same things? 😉


    • KD — oh, I know. I mean, this blog is about life, love, AND spanking. It feels like there’s been none of the latter part for a long-ass time. I want to restore some balance with a bit of kink, y’know? But I need new experiences in order to do that.

      Regarding Jillian — you know, my haters like to say that I’m nasty to anyone with whom I don’t agree. Not true. I don’t agree with you here, but I’m not about to be a bitch about it. It’s true, a lot of this subject has been written about before (including by me). But each generation has a new voice. Jillian puts a 21st-century spin on it, making videos and inviting others to join in for various voices. She’s brave AF — unlike many of her predecessors, she has publicly revealed her legal name from the get-go. And finally — she may be a lovely young woman, but she’s also smart, articulate and knows her shit. Speaking of looks… Jay Wiseman wasn’t anything to look at, but people still treated him like a guru. So that sorta falls apart there.

      See? Let it not be said that people can’t have an opinion that differs from mine. That’s getting old. Civil discourse is key.


      • Thank you for the civil response. It’s not like I hate her or anything, I’m just a curmudgeon made cynical with age. LOL I never said she was wrong or weak, or insincere, inexperienced, or even dumb. Like you said, she seems to be none of those. I think it’s not her so much as what I’ve heard people say about her that just gets under my skin sometimes. To be honest? I think it’s a bit of jealousy on my part. I’ve been writing, writing for Mitch Kessler’s “Guardian”, commenting, doing on-point BDSM, cartoons, have a blog, etc. etc. since the ’90’s and it’s like I didn’t or don’t exist and have certainly not received her degree of recognition and yet? I don’t think I’m any of the negatives listed either. Thanks again for not getting upset over what was meant sincerely and not a shot at your friend.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. KD — no worries. I understand about curmudgeonly-ness and cynicism more than you may realize. ♥


  7. Erica,

    I would rather read your narration of nothing than most people’s best story. I believe that good times will return. And I look forward to reading your happy words of liberation and celebrating with you. Please stay safe and well.

    Big virtual hugs,


  8. I had one of those callbacks a few years ago. I waited for the results of the second mammogram right in the waiting room, and the technician came out and told me all was well. No days of waiting!



  9. Anonymous on said:

    Nooo! This was not a Seinfeld post. I really enjoyed it and the video.
    Great news about the mammogram! Mine is Friday. I had the Covid vaccine yesterday. I have some health problems and my doctor wanted me to get it. I hope you’re able to get yours soon.
    Take care!

    All My Best,


    • Liza — thank you! I never thought that being reasonably healthy would put me at a disadvantage, but in this case, it does. Such is life. John will get his vaccine long before I do, but he’s much higher risk, so I can’t complain.


  10. Heidi M on said:

    Hi Erica. Glad to see youre still posting, so nice to see you in that video with the worn out paddle, has it been used exclusively on you?


  11. Bob Cathcart on said:

    Hello !! May I take this moment to say how happy I am that Resister Erica has triumphed once again !! 🥰😇 I have occasionally written you but just thought would be a good time to perhaps reconnect and ask a few questions? I hope that is appropriate? Thanks so much Rob Cathcart 


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