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Change of plans…

I was considering posting a Correspondence Hall of Shame today, but then I got this, part of a barrage of teasing emails I’ve been getting all day, and thought I’d rather focus on a future positive. How far in the future, I have no idea.

Nice long warm-up, bare bottom, over my knee, just enough to get you kicking and wiggling a bit. Red and warm. Then the strap or belt until you find your very happy place. Finally back over my knee for a nice cool down hand spanking.   You will feel it for days…

Oh, my. Yes yes yes, please. And now, if you’ll pardon me while I very briefly slip into a rant….

I want this SO FUCKING BADLY I could scream! UGH! Damn Covid! Damn vaccines! Damn California! Damn damn damn, I’d had it with not playing!! ARGGHHHHHH!!!

(deep breath….)

(sigh) Okay. I’m done. We now return to gratitude for home and work and John and good health and blah blah blah.

So close now… just have to hang on a little longer.

Have a great weekend, y’all. Be safe. ♥

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15 thoughts on “Change of plans…

  1. I am in California and would love to help.

    This is a nice piece. I like it.


  2. bklynny0856 on said:

    You’re so lovely when you rant! 🥰


  3. Oakland — thanks! Sadly, no help for me until this damn pandemic is under control and I’m vaccinated.

    bklynny — oh, humph. John says the madder I get, the cuter I get. What is it with you guys? :-Þ

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  4. If it’s any encouragement, I got the first jab today, and another coming in 28 days. The end is near! (So, I’m told.) One day, you will get what you want, I’m sure of it.


  5. Do you have any idea when you’ll be able to get the vaccine? I know they’re down to 50 and up in my state which makes me hopeful it will open to the general population pretty soon… my parents just got their first dose in Oregon (which is even more of a relief since my dad is over 70 and has chronic lung disease!).


  6. Your rant was far too measured and calm and not nearly loud enough

    I would like to say that I feel your pain but it would be more accurate to say that I empathize with your lack of pain and play. Only one play session in twelve months and even then, by mutual agreement, no person to person contact, only toys.

    Even a handshake would feel marvellous now. When will this end?



  7. Anonymous on said:

    That was one well written and well meaning message. I hope the remainder of 2021 provides you with many positive spanking experiences. Stay safe.


  8. Rich — congratulations! Damn, I hope so.

    Xen — nope, no idea. We are way behind in California and it’s frustrating. They have been doing 65 and over all this time, and now they are JUST beginning to do some people under 65, but they are prioritizing people with a medical condition (diabetes, obesity, heart problems, etc). I’m still not eligible. I have a feeling it’s still going to be a while.

    Prefectdt — well, you know, I kept it short because I do feel a bit guilty complaining about lack of play when so many others are sick, unemployed, homeless, etc. But we all have human needs and physical contact is one of them. When will this end? Hell if I know. I’m thinking life is going to be profoundly changed in many ways.

    Anonymous — thank you very much. I will certainly try.


  9. Anonymous on said:

    Poor baby! I’m so sorry you’re not able to get the vaccine yet. If I could, I would have given you mine. I’ll keep my fingers and everything I can crossed so that you will be able to get your vaccine soon. You are so right about human needs and the importance of human contact. I know it’s not close to being the same, but I’m sending you a virtual hug. You take care.



  10. I feel like ranting too! I’m too old to get the drop-in at the drugstore vaccine, but too young to make an appointment for one before May.

    Love the message from an admirer who understands you well.



  11. Erica,

    I was just thinking about you and hoping that you’re hanging strong. I am convinced that liberation is coming soon.

    Randy and I got our first vaccine injections on the tenth. In another month, we’ll be (mostly) protected! I have to think that you and J will be close behind.

    Anyhow, the Spanko Podcast people quoted you in their last episode. They mentioned your description of uber-doms at parties.

    Here’s wishing you a peaceful weekend as we enter springtime, a season for recovery and renewal. Chag Pesach sameach!

    Big double masked hugs,


    • Bonnie — things are soooo behind here in CA. I have a feeling it’s going to be another month or more for me. John is getting his first on April 2.

      Did they really? How neat. I haven’t listened to any of their podcasts — guess I should.

      Big hugs back to you! ♥


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