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Correspondence Hall of Shame, 4/23

What, did you think I’d croaked or something? Nah. I just didn’t have anything new to post, other than the broken record about waiting for vaccines and wanting to play and so on, and I know that was tiresome, so I decided to be quiet until I actually had something else to say. And in the meantime, of course, the pervos weren’t quiet, so here’s a new selection for you.

I.would warm those bare booty cheeks up.real.good with the.belt.and after I would definitely cuddle u n my arms and kiss u why I’m softly rubbing and caressing all over that bare booty

You would, huh? Would you also explain all those random periods?

YOUR NEW MASTER AND KING Ok Great If your Real and looking for a relationship Lets talk OK This is DADDY Xxxxxx from Xxxx Xxxxx Ca. Contact me at and give me all your info with pic and when can we meet this week for real

Make up your damn mind — are you master, king, or daddy? Never mind, I don’t want any of those. Yes, I’m real. Unfortunately, I’m afraid you are too. No, thanks.

I am only looking for my all-in-one-slave: my partner, my love, my best friend, my whore, my bitch, my slut, my slave , i am an extraorthinary master, because both worlds will be work together. Most of my life will be shared – only a few things will need time. But i am a touchy person and also very body focused – also when we will know you are my girl

She’s a partner! She’s a love! She’s a best friend! She’s a whore! She’s a bitch! She’s a slut! She’s a slave! She crawls on her belly like a reptile… oh, wait, wrong song. To find such a woman would truly be extraorthinary. Sadly, I am not that woman. Move along.

You seek very hard use and long term slavery? How masochistic are you? You very obedient?

No. Not. No.

My subjects end up with a darkee color as Im I’m applying a lot more speed and impact force to it. Not to brag about but several of my subjects pee without them knowing.

Your subjects? Are we talking about this “king” shit again? And… um… can someone please explain to me how making someone pee without their knowing it (and really, how the @#$% is this possible) is something to brag about?? If I were ever OTK and peed on a man, I think I’d commit suicide from sheer mortification.

And finally, this isn’t really a CHoS entry; it’s not rude or obnoxious, but it made me giggle. It was a friend request on FetLife.

Him: Hi, Erika. I’m @xxxxxxxxxxxxx on Twitter. We’ve been friends for years. ………. Hello!!! *big virtual hugs*
Me: Hello! Soooo… we’ve been friends for years, but you don’t know how to spell my name? 😉
Him: Oops

I accepted his friend request. It’s all good.

So, what’s been going on? Mostly work and dealing with the wait for vaccines. At the beginning of the month, I finally became eligible, so I made an appointment immediately and got my first Moderna vaccine on April 5. John got his a few days prior. I will be getting my second one on Monday, May 3.

And on Monday, May 17, I have a play date. First time I’ll be playing since February 2020.

My friend in Oregon has been keeping up regular correspondence with me this whole time, and never wavered in his desire to come visit me when it became safe. He will be driving, so no Covid exposure. He’s fully vaccinated. And I am fully confident that I’ll be in great hands. I have not seen him for several years, but I have fond party memories of him, and emailing with him has been very enjoyable.

When we made our plan earlier this week, this was part of his email correspondence. No shame here…

Nice slow warmup until you are glowing an all-over red.
Then a good, long, hard hand spanking.
We will see how you are doing, and then bring out the strap or leather paddle.
Once I have you wiggling nicely, we can move to the hairbrush and we can push just a bit.
Mmmm…I am soooooo looking forward to that!

Oh, good Christ… me too. fanning self furiously

The pandemic is far from over, but I believe we’re turning a corner. I think the wait and caution will be well worth it. Both John and I managed to escape this damn thing and we’re still being extra careful. My gym reopened, but I put a freeze on my membership for six months. I’ve worked out at home for over a year now and I don’t feel the need to go back when they’re only operating at 10% capacity and there’s a million regulations and restrictions. And even though restaurants are back up for eat-in business, we’re still getting takeout.

I mean, let’s get real here. I love some individuals with all my heart, but people on the whole? I’m in no rush to rejoin society. As I said in a tweet a while back: I can’t wait to get my vaccines. Then I can stop avoiding people because of Covid, and go back to avoiding them because they annoy the fuck out of me.

Have a great weekend, y’all. Stay safe.

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13 thoughts on “Correspondence Hall of Shame, 4/23

  1. Extraorthinary! 😘


  2. I can’t recall seeing this king/subject stuff before. And losing control of their bladder? Sounds like the super weird alt domination fictional stuff and the guy has crossed over into blending fantasy with reality. I sincerely hope he never gets those fingers on a real “subject”


  3. Lily — isn’t it though??

    Zack — Me too. I’m still trying to figure out what that particular “talent” of his is brag-worthy.


  4. Anonymous on said:

    I’m so tired and I need to go to bed. I read extraorthinary as extraornithology and I thought, “He’s talking about extra birds?” My husband is waiting for me so I better go.
    I’m very glad you were able to get your first vaccine and you have a date for the second one. You take care and I hope you’re able to have a good weekend.



    • I had the same tbought about birds. 🤣 This “master” is super into birds. Who wouldn’t go for that!?


      • Liza and Xen — LOL! I love it! The mind plays tricks — what’s especially funny is that he said “orthinary” and a bird thing would be “ornithary,” if there were such a word. Personally, I think his message was for the birds!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. “I can stop avoiding people because of Covid, and go back to avoiding them because they annoy the fuck out of me.”

    That is brilliant, it would look good on a poster



  6. Hi Erica,

    Hope is a powerful motivator and your hope is no longer abstract. 🙂

    I get some weird email, but your correspondents are simply extraorthinary. The king sounds like a royal pain (and not a good one). When I read about the all-in-one woman, my first thought was “It’s a whipped topping. It’s a floor wax.”

    Your Oregon friend’s plan sounds absolutely wonderful. I’m happy for you! He is a great friend to drive so far to see you.

    We’re not going to the gym or eating in restaurants yet either. But we are getting out of the house and enjoying spring and that’s a welcome change.



  7. Mark R Thomason on said:

    I got my vaccine. My wife was scheduled next week. The end is so near. Now she is in the ICU of the Covid unit. Slowly she is getting better, after 14 days today. Do not let up. It is not over until it is over. This is when people get careless.


  8. I find it ironic that these superior types seem incapable of demonstrating that superiority through their use of language, spelling, and grammar. I can’t take a dominant person too seriously when they write like a 7-year old, though unfortunately, this inability is all too common. 😉


  9. Mark — oh, no! I’m so sorry. I hope she is continuing to get better and you can put this behind you. Not to worry; I’m going to be cautious for a long time.

    KD — (laughing) “I am a Dominate!”


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