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…what’s a woman to do when a bit of post-scene drop comes to call?

I recommend exercise, masturbation, and chocolate. Not necessarily in that order.

Oh, and reading nice things. I got an out-of-the-blue message last night from someone I don’t know, who just finished my book. (Jeeez, has it really been ten freaking years already since I published that?) He was lovely, articulate and complimentary. I’ll share the first paragraph.

I’ve just finished reading Late Bloomer and want you to know how extraordinary it is. You write beautifully, with an eye for the vivid detail and a tone that is never self-pitying even when you describe the terrible times you’ve been through.

The kindness of strangers can never be overrated. Thank you, sir.

Have a great weekend, y’all. Be safe.

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14 thoughts on “So…

  1. bklynny0856 on said:

    Sending you a long-distance puppy hug from the dogs and me. 🌹❤️


  2. Thanks for doing the hard work and talking about drop. Not everyone even knows this happens or how severe it can be. Sorry you are feeling this way. Hope you feel better soon.


  3. That “kindness of strangers” phrase conjures up Blanche DuBois images.

    As for the cure for the drop, is it possible to be ergonomic by masturbating energetically and constantly enough to count as exercise while using chocolate to dot it? 😉

    Writing compliments are great when they seem genuine and touch on specifics. ( as that one does) My work tends to have strong appeal only to a very select and small minority. The majority of kink readers don’t seem to get what I’m doing….or if they get it, they sure don’t seem to like it. LOL I also find my worst stuff gets the most compliments and the things I think are my best efforts languish among the sounds of crickets.


  4. I find that a cycle ride helps alleviate those day after blues. It does tend to aggravate the sore zone a bit but it’s sort of a spanko version of “Hair of the dog that bit you” 🙂



  5. bklynny — puppeeeeeeez! Another good drop cure.

    MJ — thank you. Drop is real, and I know many who experience it at various levels. Recognizing what it is helps.

    KD — (laughing) I am so not a multitasker. So I prefer to enjoy the various activities separately (and all three happened/are happening today, TYVM).

    Prefectdt — Oy. I did try working out the day after the scene, but my body hated me. Today was much better!


  6. I really must getting around to reading Late Bloomer. And the now retired editor in me echoes your correspondent’s kind and true words about your writing, based on my reading of everything you’ve written that I have read. I like your post-scene drop recommendations, too. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed all three!


  7. Alice on said:

    what is post-scene drop Erica?


    • Alice — post-scene drop, post-party drop, or sometimes just called drop, or “feeling droppy,” is the aftermath of having had some amazing play, where you get all the feel-good chemicals and euphoria. After those blissful feelings wear off, we’re sometimes left a bit down, maybe sad, craving more of what we just had. It’s especially prevalent after several days of living in a scene bubble, like at a party, and then having to crash back into reality.


  8. Alice on said:

    Many thanks Erica. I may have experienced that myself once or twice without understanding what was going on. best wishes A

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  9. I loved your book, and thanks for the reminder. I’ll have to read it again soon.

    Glad you finally got what you’ve been needing for so long.



  10. JustAnotherBoomer on said:


    Just catching up with some of my favorite blogs in an unexpected lull in the ongoing professional madness. This post warmed my heart. I’m blessed to live with my spankette, so the pandemic actually brought us more time to be together than we had in the before times. (Albeit with a teenager in the house, but one finds ways.) But I have been keenly aware, through social media, of the isolation that SO many spankos have been suffering. You’ve written of it here. So glad you got “back home” and here’s hoping your story is being repeated across the scene.

    I have to say, that is a prodigious spanking with which to make your return. Few enough ever live up to threat of “you won’t be able to sit down,” but no surprise that one nearly qualified.

    Thanks so much for all the ways you have shared with and enhanced the world of TTWD.


    • Boomer — hi! I think you may have meant to post this comment on the post preceding this one, where I detailed my first scene after 15 months. No matter! I appreciate the sentiment, and thanks as always for reading. It’s nice to hear from you.


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