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OT: Happy Birthday, Dad

I don’t go off-topic very often. But since today would have been my dad’s birthday, and Father’s Day is on Sunday, he’s been on my mind and I felt like sharing a memory.

My dad and I had a lot of rough years. We got quite a bit closer near the end of his life, but there were still gaps in our communication. There was a lot I didn’t know about him. One thing I did know what that he didn’t really like buying greeting cards. He preferred to write something himself. I seem to recall that on my 30th birthday he wrote me a poem, rhyming “thirty” and “purty,” but I couldn’t find that one.

Last year during the pandemic, I was cleaning out some drawers and came across some correspondence with him that I’d forgotten about, odds and ends of letters. I posted this one on Facebook, but what the hell, it’s going here too. In 1993, this was my dad’s idea of a Christmas card. I liked this, typed on plain white paper and all, better than any of the seasonal treacle I usually received.

I guess you guys can tell where I got my humor. ♥ And damn proud of it.

Have a great weekend, y’all. And Happy Father’s Day to those who celebrate it.

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11 thoughts on “OT: Happy Birthday, Dad

  1. He did indeed have a great sense of humor (love his use of “cockamamey”), and ended it with expressing his love for you. A great memory!


  2. iambonwp on said:

    A good sound debunking of the hypocrisy and falseness of Christmas; partly concealed behind the mask of the contrarian: the simple expression of love and affection.


  3. A sense of humor, particularly an irreverent one, always goes a long way with me in any context, but especially as a personalized alternative to a stereotypical, maudlin greeting card. I liked the bit about the “partridges doing God knows what in a pear tree” the best. Your dad sounds like he was a great guy.


  4. How sweet and thoughtful of him. I’m glad you saved it. I do love his sense of humour, and yours too. The apple (or in this case, the pear) doesn’t fall far from the tree.



  5. Anonymous on said:

    LOL – This is fantastic; I loved it!!! Your dad was really talented.



  6. Yes. You clearly are you father’s dughter.


  7. Greeting cards are just a way to say, “I’m totally incapable of expressing my own thoughts, so I’ll let some anonymous hack do it for me.” A note that someone actually took the time to write is so much more meaningful, and becoming exceedingly rare. I’m glad you found those “odds and ends”…


  8. Oh, I missed this last month!

    And it is a precious treasure indeed,

    Even more so because it calls to mind how your relationship healed in time, and with all the static out of the way, his real love came through and lasts.


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