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All Over the Map

It’s been quite a week. I have been at the heights of joy, in the pits of sadness, and boiling over with frustration and anger. Because everything has felt so random and crazy, I think I’ll just list things in no particular order. That way, people can read, pick and choose what they relate to, and ignore the rest.

I watched a special on ABC last night: “Eyewitness to the Death of John Lennon.” It was first aired in December 2020, marking the 40-year anniversary of John Lennon’s murder. Jeezus, forty years. And just like that, all the feels and the tears came rushing back. Guns and crazy people then; guns and crazy people now. What’s changed? What’s gotten better? Broke my heart all over again.

Here in Southern CA, Orange County specifically, there is an Italian restaurant who — yes, you are reading correctly — will not allow people to wear masks inside and who demands proof of NON-vaccination before you’re allowed to dine there. (How the hell do you show proof of that, anyway?) The owner is self-righteous and smug and militant about his stance; I watched part of an interview with him and he was so belligerent that the newscaster cut it short and said, on the air, “You sound like an idiot.” Last Tuesday night, I saw a tweet about an article that stated the owner was getting a huge kick out of the anger over this and he’d said he was “enjoying watching people’s head explode.”

So, Miss Mouth here tweeted: “What an asshole. I hope HIS head explodes when his restaurant is shut down due to massive Covid infection.”

Y’all know I didn’t mean that literally, right? You know it’s a figure of speech? Of course you do. Well, apparently Twitter didn’t. They locked down my account for a week. Said I violated their policy about “abuse and harassment.” Seriously?? Unbelievable. I saw many tweets that were a great deal worse than what I’d said; Twitter is so damn arbitrary. Oh well. I do have an alternate account for these instances, so I’ve kept up. Oh, and just for grins, I went and checked out the restaurant’s Yelp page. The place was bombarded with so many one-star angry reviews that Yelp temporarily disabled all the reviews and comments. Good. Fuck that guy. It’s too bad, though. It would have been fun to post a review along the lines of “Be sure to try the special: Roast Leg of Lambda with a side of Covidini. Better yet, stay the hell away from this Petri dish.”

On the good news front: Guess who is coming back to CA to visit me? C from Oregon! I can’t believe he is making that long trip again, and just for one day this time, but I’m thrilled that he wants to. I am seeing him two weeks from Monday and I can’t wait. Also, I heard from Mr. Woodland and he wants to play again soon too. Ah, this makes me happy.

And it helps make up for the fact that the man I played with a week ago Tuesday has seemingly dropped off the planet. Never heard another word from him — no email, no text, nothing. No feedback on our play. No check-in. Radio silence. I thought he enjoyed himself — I guess I was mistaken. Fortunately, I had no emotional investment this time.

Covid is on the rise again, escalating rapidly, with the Delta variant taking over. Breakthrough cases in people who are fully vaxxed are increasing. First they said the cases were 99% unvaxxed people; the latest I read is that the new cases are 86% unvaxxed. The numbers are going in the wrong direction. And guess where the latest really bad red zone is? Yup. Las Vegas.

Where we’re supposed to be headed in a month.

Our tickets are purchased, our hotel room is booked. I am craving this party with all my heart and soul. Not just because of the play — that’s actually secondary. I want to see our friends. I want hugs, lots and lots and lots of hugs. Jay, my sweet, wonderful Sister In Spirit is coming — this is her first SL. And it would be our first time meeting in person. We have been online friends for seven years, shared a million emails and texts, exchanged many presents… but I’ve never gotten to look her in the face, throw my arms around her.

But I have to face reality. It might not be safe to go. Yes, everyone at the party will be vaxxed. But we’ll be all over the hotel. Hallways, restaurants, elevators. Constant exposure. Tons of people — it’s a holiday weekend. And even vaxxed people can carry and transmit the Delta variant. Yes, the vaccine helps. Yes, even if we got Covid, it would most likely be a mild case. I’m not concerned about myself.

But John is another story. He is high-risk. He is compromised.

I’m seeing the writing on the wall. He’s already saying things like “Well, we’ll have to spend more time in our room, take more breaks,” “We can bring more snacks and eat in our room more,” “We’ll have to keep our masks on even in the party rooms,” “Maybe we can just stay for a couple of days instead of all four,” and so on. It sounds like if we go, we’re going to be uptight and preoccupied about the specter of Covid every damn minute. And what fun is that? People are coming from all over, bringing who knows what. And, as mentioned, Vegas is a hot spot now.

I suppose I could go by myself, take John out of possible harm’s way. But the thought of that is nearly as unbearable as not going at all. I’ve never gone to a party without John, not once in 25 years. I can’t imagine being there without him. Yeah, I’d have lots of people to hang with. But I’d feel like I was missing a limb.

So. There isn’t a blessed thing I can do at this point. All I can do is watch and wait, and hope. Maybe things will improve in Vegas over the next month.

Or maybe things will get so bad that we’ll all get locked down again. Who knows. It’s unthinkable. But then again, having this pandemic go on and on like it has is unthinkable as well.

Here is where I could go on a long, expletive-filled rant about what I think of anti-vaxxers and Covid deniers. But I won’t. Y’all know me. You can well imagine what I’m thinking and feeling right now about these people with their willful ignorance and utter selfishness.

Perhaps this says it all.

So yeah. I’m all over the place. Oh, and did I mention that John’s and my 25th anniversary is at the end of August? SL was going to be our celebration getaway. Hopefully it still will be. Only time will tell.

How are you doing? Come talk to me. Stay safe, everyone. ♥

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15 thoughts on “All Over the Map

  1. Mark on said:

    If you went without John, you would need to self-isolate from him when you got back to avoid your passing any virus to him, since especially with Delta variant you could be a vaccinated carrier of masses of virus even if that viral load was not making you sick. You could make him sick. Sorry, that is probably not a good idea, trading a few days of party time for half a month not able to see him when you get back. This sucks.


  2. Aww, this really made me tear up. 🙈 I might need to go back to my original plan to fly out to see you (and John) when the COVID numbers come down again… I am still so looking forward to meeting you in person, whenever that may be. I love you so much, SIS! 💞 I’m sorry all this crazy stuff is going on, but I’m so glad you have a couple of play dates to look forward to. 💗


  3. Mark — you are correct on both counts. That is a terrible trade-off, and yes, this really, really sucks.

    Jay — I love you too. The thought of not being able to see you at SL is Breaking. My. Fucking. Heart.


  4. Well that certainly IS a lot! No wonder you are at wit’s end.

    Rosa and I have had vacation plans ruined over and over by Covid. I can’t relate to Vegas though. I wouldn’t go there on a bet…which is what I believe the main activity is there. 😉

    As for the restaurant guy? No problem. No need to wish for exploding heads either. He’ll likely be dead in six months with no help from anyone but his own idiocy.

    As for Twitter? Can’t help you there. I don’t have an account. Don’t want one. Have zero interest in anything said there. I already know how stupid people are. I don’t need a 24/7 social media platform to incessantly prove it. How willing would you be to just walk away from it? Think about it: you probably lived a majority of your life without it. Do you really need it?

    As for Covid deniers and anti-vax people? Well that’s the good news. There’s a cure coming! It’s called Delta.

    Hang in. Hang tough. Maybe start thinking about alternate plans that would be a substitute?


    • KD — Thank you. Lemme see — I’ll take your points one by one.
      1. Both John and I hate Las Vegas. We don’t do any Vegas-y stuff — we don’t gamble, we don’t go to shows, we don’t pig out at buffets. But Vegas is where Shadow Lodge is, and I love Shadow Lodge. We’ve already missed two of their parties because of this damn thing and were so looking forward to going.
      2. Yeah, restaurant guy can go fuck himself. Agreed, I shouldn’t give him anymore thought.
      3. Your points about Twitter are valid. A lot of it sucks. A lot of it is stupid people. But a lot of friends and people I admire are there too. (sigh) I really don’t want to walk away from it, as it would cut me off from a lot of contact.
      4. If Delta were just affecting Covid deniers and anti-vaxxers, I’d say have at it and good riddance. However, it’s affecting vaxxed people more and more. I just read an article about a large outbreak in Massachusetts, tracing back to a July 4th large gathering. The percentage of stricken people who were fully vaxxed? A whopping 74%. We followed all the rules and we’re still getting fucked.
      (sigh) I will indeed hang in, because I have to. Again, thanks. I do appreciate your input.


  5. There’s a whole Q-anon movement that believes they need to protect themselves from the vaccinated (because “shedding” I think, but honestly who the hell knows). At first I found it kind of infuriating, but it occurred to me that maybe we should just encourage them. Probably the ONLY way they’ll actually take precautions to protect those around them is if they actually believe it’s all the “sheeple” who are contagious and microchipped or something…


  6. All I can say about anti-vaxxers and covid deniers is “Out of the gene pool!” Sadly, Alberta is going that way. The chief medical officer has removed ALL restrictions: no masks, no self-isolation for people who have come in contact with covid-infected persons, no testing or tracing. She must be related to Trump.

    It would be wise to avoid Vegas this year. We aren’t even going to restaurants yet because of delta.

    Stay safe!


  7. Xen — there is no fixing stupid. And stupid is what’s going to keep dragging this damn pandemic on and on. (sigh)

    Hermione — John and I haven’t eaten inside a restaurant at all this whole time, even after they reopened. We get takeout. I hope Alberta doesn’t get another surge!


  8. Erica,

    Your post brought me back, as I was in my NYC dorm apartment when the news broke on John Lennon. We did not have tv on, and wondered why our usually acerbic female friend from a nearby apartment stormed in, w/o knocking, crying her eyes out.

    Regarding your topic title, at first I chuckled as I misconstrued your post title as “all over the lap. LOL”.

    Btw, the crazy restaurant owner nor twitter is worth getting angry over. Former wants attention, and social media mods are IMHO much like any Totalitarian regime.


    • Bob — Yeah… looking like “all over the lap” is going to be canceled.

      December 8, 1980 was an awful night for so many of us.

      I know I shouldn’t care about the stupid stuff. For now, I don’t. But sometimes these things get to me, you know?


      • I understand. It was a tough night in that dorm. We were all shocked. NYC was not safe then, but this was beyond belief.


  9. Kyrel on said:

    There’s a lot I could probably comment on your post, but I’ll restrict it to one.

    25 year anniversary!!! Hands in the air waving and jumping up and down, CONGRATULATIONS to the two of you Erica 😀 Hope you’ll get to have an absolutely spectacularly great day!!!


  10. Anonymous on said:

    I live in Las Vegas and am baffled why there are so many anti-vaxxers here. Even from a solely selfish POV getting tourists and conventioneers sick is bad for business and one sick employee can infect everyone on their shift and shutdown a small place like a Starbucks. Corporations like MGM are requiring vaccines or a weekly negative test (and random tests) that employees have to pay for. And non-vaccinated employees don’t get paid time off if they have to quarantine. And conventions have been threatening to pull out if everyone that will work at them is not vaccinated. Maybe that will help improve things in LV.


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