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Life got you down??

Got the Delta blues? Worried about the planet frying to a crisp? Fed up with politics? Up to here with ignorance, selfishness, flakiness, irresponsibility? Tired of the endless stream of negativity in the news? Pissed off about the new Jeopardy! host? Are you unpopular? Do you poop out at parties? Do you suffer from the heartbreak of psoriasis??

Are you just fucking sick to death of everything??

Well, get your ass beat and forget about it for a little while. I did.

Yes, I had a visit from Mr. Woodland again last night. And was damn grateful for it, especially after worrying about how it might fall through. He was running late with work, and then mid-afternoon, my AC decided to spring a leak and start dripping all over my carpet. Auggh! I was afraid I’d have to turn it off, and it was nearly 100 degrees outside — no way could we play with no AC. However, my manager dropped over, took a look, said there was a clog that was causing backup and told me the AC people would come the next day — and meanwhile, I could keep running it (he put a bucket under the leak). Whew!!

Mr. W arrived about 6:30-ish — I was ready with chilled water and cookies and we sat and talked for a little while, catching up. I shared about what’s been going on with me, the frustration and anger and powerlessness of it all, and he announced that he was going to spank all that stress right out of me. Well, okay then, have at it, please!

As you might remember from our last scene, we had to cut it short because I was marking so heavily. I’m happy to report that this time, that wasn’t an issue. Early on, the conversation went something like this:

Him: “Hmm… looks like you’ll have a mark right here.”
Me: “I can live with that.”
Him: “Looks like you’re gonna have to.”
Me: “Oooh… yes, SIR.”
Him: “Good girl!”
Me: “Oh, fuck off. Don’t you know sarcasm when you hear it?”

And we were off.

The whole scene is one big blur of fun for me. I remember a lot of laughter — both mine and his. (I love making tops laugh!) We did a good long hand warm-up on my couch, with plenty of banter, and then he had me move to the ottoman. Aaaand then s**t got real, as the kids say. He broke out the heavy artillery from his toy bag — he knows my preference is leather and he had quite the assortment of goodies, including a brand-new strap. He gleefully announced that he’d been thinking about me when he bought it… oh, joy. :-Þ

Before I knew it, the best part happened — the transition. When I start to go into my zone, stop talking, stop sassing, and just sink into the feelings. It’s around that time that animal sounds start coming out of me. I could kinda sorta hear his voice floating above me, saying things like, “Yeah.” “That’s it.” “There it is.” “Wow.” “Ah, it’s just like music.”

Toward the end, he leaned over me, smoothed my hair with his hand and murmured, “How’re you doing, killer?” Harrumph! I beg your pardon? Who are you calling “killer”? Then he teasingly asked me, “Still like leather?” Somehow, I managed to pant, “Yes… I’m just not sure I still like you.”

He had me come back to the couch over his lap to finish me off. By then I was so far gone that everything felt like a caress. After that, I tucked into the circle of his arm and we talked a while longer, winding down. He took off a bit after 9:00, both of us agreeing that this had been a wonderful time. The energy was amazing.

And of course, once again I forgot all about pictures. (He did say next time he’ll be sure to take some.) So I went old school again and set up my camera with the timer. I was already faded a bit by now, but you can still see what a good job he did.

Today, I’m sleepy, spacey, and wishing for the quazillionth time that I could bottle post-spanking euphoria.

Thank you once again, Mr. W. And now, reality intervenes too soon — just got some work emailed to me, so back I go. Hope everyone is staying safe and well. ♥

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26 thoughts on “Life got you down??

  1. bklynny0856 on said:

    Sounds like more fun than designing syllabi lol 😉. The smile says it all! Someone had a GOOOD time 👍

    So what do you think about the new Jeopardy host? Was the fix in?


  2. That’s a wonderful post I’m so glad you got some quality play!!


  3. Lucky you! Nothing like a fun hard session to bust up the gloomiest.


  4. Yay!! Way better than Vitameatavegamin. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  5. bklynny — well… as you know, I’m a huge Jeopardy! nut, and wept copiously when Alex Trebek passed, so I’ve been following this trajectory since the beginning. Personally, I don’t think they made the best choice, but they didn’t ask me. And I am so, so, SO over people whining about LeVar Burton. I didn’t get who I wanted either, but I’m not threatening to boycott the show over it.

    Zack — thanks, sweetie! Me too. Really needed it.

    Kitty — no kidding!

    Lily — ha! I was hoping someone would get that reference. ♥


  6. It’s always delightful to hear you post about how relieved and stress-free you feel after a satisfying play session, Erica. That lovely smile on your face and the rosy glow on your cheeks speak to the post-spanking euphoria you were feeling almost as well as your words. Sounds like a great way to punctuate a work week. And beats the hell out of sitting all alone and listening to your AC dribbling into a bucket.


  7. Ahhh, that sounds great. Glad you got the release!

    Apparently a friend of mine (or more a friendly acquaintance I guess?) will be on Jeopardy next week. I haven’t seen it since I was a kid and it’s hard to imagine without Trebek, but I’m trying to figure out how to tune in to see them (the only thing we watch on live TV is Lego Masters and I’m not even sure how to put it on that setting 😂).


    • Xen — really? How cool! I hope you figure out how to watch it. Your friend/acquaintance is more than likely going to be beaten by the current champ, who is seemingly unbeatable — he’s won 16 games and over $500,000!


      • They did indeed, but gave him a good run for his money! It was Nicole with the blue hair on Friday if you watched.


  8. Anonymous on said:

    I’m so glad you had a good time!


  9. You: “Are you just fucking sick to death of everything??

    Well, get your ass beat and forget about it for a little while. I did.”

    Me: The trouble is while your advice worked for a ‘little while’, it was a really little ‘little while’. Then I just went around just as depressed…..only with a tender butt.

    Jeopardy is more than just trivia, but being worked up over the new host or LeVar Burton sure seems trivial. The thing is while the other issues you labelled first are FAR more significant, people seem more upset about a TV show. A good example of why we are in this mess to begin with. So I think you left out a big one: people. I’m definitely sick to death of them and I doubt a spanking will change that.


  10. Anonymous — thank you!

    KD — yup, unfortunately that’s true. Which is why I’ve often lamented about being unable to bottle the euphoria.
    As for Jeopardy!, I threw that in to be facetious (along with the I Love Lucy reference), but yeah… this new host thing is a huge stink right now. I’m a lifelong fan of the show and I am invested, but not to the point that I’m losing what’s left of my mind over it. And you speak truth… people. I love my special individuals. But I could so do without people.


  11. “Well, get your ass beat and forget about it for a little while. I did.” – Well, you had me convinced at that statement. That playtime did sound like a whole lot of fun 🙂



  12. Erica, I enjoyed reading your post. Happy you got some quality time.



  13. Paddle Daddy on said:

    You have a lovely bottom , especially red. 😉


  14. 0thistle0 on said:

    Glad you’re still able to find some joy!

    I haven’t played in over a year. I really hate the apocalypse (and all those who are making it worse).

    Seems to me that the real epidemic is stupidity. Can’t even call it ignorance, that can be fixed. But…ain’t no cure for stupid.

    Had to cancel the labor day Vegas trip for Shadow Lodge. I am so depressed, but being slightly immunocompromised due to RA, (plus having an unvaxxed 11 yo we are providing care for)…..while my heart says ‘go’ my head is saying ‘ya fuckin crazy?’

    The last two years have been the worst ever. I’m sad, I’m still grieving, and I feel like it will never end. I’m just so tired of it all.

    I miss my fam desperately. With the exception of Robin, yall are the only family I have left

    Stay safe sis, hope to see you sooner rather than later.

    Much love



    • Hey, Tash — ah, it’s good to hear from you. ♥ And yeah… we are canceling too. It’s just too scary with John’s heart condition, with all the close contact indoors, people traveling from all over, Delta going crazy, blah blah blah. I haven’t stopped crying. Like you, my heart is still saying, “Fuck it, just go! Life is short.” Ugh. I hate this so much. I miss our friends terribly.
      Please take good care of yourself. Maybe see you in February?


      • 0thistle0 on said:

        Thanks love!

        February is the plan, maybe Houston in November, depends on all the things.

        Maybe I’ll even be able to drop the extra poundage picked up from forced inactivity by then!

        You’re looking great, BTW! As always!

        You and John take care, give him a hug for me, I was looking forward to him critiquing my new outfits!

        Liked by 1 person

  15. Paddle Daddy on said:

    Little Ms Erica , Shouldnt you have had another spanking by now ? I do believe your behind is getting behind…… ahh if i just lived closer !! 😉

    Paddle Daddy


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