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Revisiting old parodies

The music world had two tough losses this past week: Don Everly (last remaining Everly Brother) and Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones since 1964.

One of the million reasons why I love the Beatles is their gorgeous two- and three-part harmonies. But before John, Paul and George, we had Phil and Don. Everly — two brothers with voices of velvet. They influenced the Beatles and others; listen to “If I Fell” and you will hear John and Paul channeling Phil and Don with their sublime harmonizing.

My favorite song by the Everlys is “All I Have to Do is Dream,” a sad song about a man whose lover only appears in his dreams. Many years ago, after I became a spanko, I thought the song would work well for a parody. I mean, if you could have a dream lover, how about a dream spanker? So I wrote what I think (?) is the first spanking parody I ever did. Not sure; back in those days, I didn’t have a blog. I don’t know if I posted this anywhere; I might have in the long-defunct Spanked Wives and Girlfriends message board on MSN, but only those readers who go waaaaaayyyy back with me would have seen it there.

First, for those who don’t know the song, here is the original. It’s short, I promise. You won’t regret spending a couple of minutes listening to this — it’s beautiful.

And now, my spanko version. By the way — the line “paddle me with wood” is purely artistic license to create a rhyme. It is not to be taken as a directive!

Dreeeeam, dream dream dream
Dreeeeam, dream dream dream
When I behave,
With no regard,
And I need you,
To spank me hard,
Whenever I’m naughty,
All I have to do, is dreeeeam, dream dream dream

You come to me,
In my bed,
And then you spank,
My bottom red,
When I am a bad girl,
All I have to do, is dreaaammmmm

I just can’t be good,
Paddle me with wood,
OTK, night or day,
But I’m in a jam,
Oh, damn,
I have to be sleeping to play!

I need your hand,
On my behind,
I need you so,
I’ll learn to mind,
Whatever my crime is,
All I have to do, is dreeaaammmm

Pull my panties down,
Scold me with a frown,
As I drowse peacefully
Only trouble is,
Gee whiz,
The daytime is empty for me!

Oh please come back,
To set me straight,
Are fantasies
To be my fate?
When craving a spanking,
All I have to do, is dreeeaaaaam, dream dream dream
Dreeeeeaaam, dream dream dream…

Not bad for a first effort, huh? Oh, and just to show that I’m not neglecting the Stones, some of you may remember this — a parody I wrote in 2012 of “Mother’s Little Helper.” Apologies to anyone who’s already seen these. I figure there are always people who are newer to my blog and haven’t seen some of the old stuff, and these parodies seemed apropos to repost this week.

Rest well, Don and Charlie. Thanks for all the memorable music.

And in other news… meh. Never mind. Other news sucks. Have a good weekend, y’all. Be safe. ♥

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10 thoughts on “Revisiting old parodies

  1. Very nicely done. And SO coincidental! For the upcoming RenFaire I just did an “illuminated manuscript” of the first stanza of “Loopy in the Soup with Dumplings”…..a medieval parody of Lucy in the Sky. I was even thinking of posting an image of the finished product after the Faire. The idea was that way back, four minstrels from the Liverpool…(Liverpool is actually a VERY old city) visited one of my fictitious villages called ‘Ochershire’ (for its wheat) and got high on ergot-laced soup with tainted sops and wrote the piece and a monk copied the lyrics for prosperity. There is no spanking mentioned, but there is a reference to a maiden with a rather large behind.

    I have a rather comprehensive “fake history” done in installments, of the background to the fictitious shires that are the yearly attendees of the Faire. (Some of them I KNOW you’d like since they parody the Trump years.)


  2. Brian Travers died this week as well. He was with UB40, a band that I have followed since the 80s. Perhaps I should do a parody of Red Red Wine in tribute



  3. KD — oh my, that title alone cracks me up! I am not a Faire devotee (only went once, in my teens), but I know the atmosphere spawns a lot of kinky fantasy.

    Prefectdt — did you know that “Red, Red Wine” was written and originally performed by Neil Diamond? I was today years old when I learned that.

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  4. Paddle Daddy on said:

    Ahhhh but I would be Honored to be able to do everything you mentioned in your song lovely lady . 🙂

    Paddle Daddy


  5. Erica your parodies always bring a smile. New or old, always well done.
    Thanks for sharing.



  6. PD — I guess that means you enjoyed them. (smiling)

    Enzo — thanks! Always like seeing you here. ♥


  7. Jenny Bell on said:

    Hi! Erica, that was very clever, I enjoyed it, that song is one of my favourites too. Be safe and happy.


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