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The face of fulfillment

Right here. This woman.

Why do I take a selfie every time I play? Simple. I want to remember how good I felt.

It was a bit late, but I finally got my birthday spanking yesterday. I still can’t believe that C drove 10 hours from Oregon, played with me for a couple of hours, and then turned around and drove back. I feel… special. ♥

We met at the same hotel he’d stayed at last time, around 10 a.m. Because he was leaving that same day to head back, we didn’t have a long preamble, just got right into our play. I saw that he had laid out several implements — two straps, a hairbrush, a cane, and… what?? A skinny wooden paddle?? I squawked at that, and he said that there had to be just a taste of wood. (Who says?? Humph.)

This room had a couch, so we made immediate use of it, with a nice long warm-up OTK. C warms up so slowly and gradually, I’m never fully aware of just how hard it ends up being. By the time he is going full bore, I’m so zoned out, I’m absorbing it like a sponge. Soon, it was time to move to the bed, lie over pillows, and feel the implements, along with a lot more of his hand.

I felt the magic happening from the start. All the stress and anxiety of recent weeks slipped away, and I was in the moment, soaking up the sensations. Because I have trained myself (for the most part, anyway) not to scream and yell (video was one thing; playing in my apartment is another), I heard my telltale sounds slipping out into the pillow — the groans, the yips, the squeaks, the gritted-teeth growls. I could tell he ramped things up a bit from last time; I had to hunker down, breathe deep and concentrate through some of the flurries. So damned intense.

I vaguely remember the two straps. One of them felt completely sublime; the other had a real bite to it. I meant to ask him which was which, but of course, I forgot.

He went up and down my thighs, even a little bit on the insides of them. He’s a big fan of the sit spots. Holy crap… by the time we got to the cane, I was feeling tenderized. He stood at my left hip, tapping the cane up and down, throwing in hard strikes, mixing it up, surprising me every time. It was delicious. At one point, he stopped and walked around to the other side of the bed, so he was now striking from my right. My bleary mind went “Huh??” but I waited to see what he had in mind. I felt the tip of the cane tap-tap-tap on my left upper thigh, and then swat, a stinging cut hit me there, making me rear up and screech a bit. “Ah, there it is,” he mused, and then went on to explain that I had a cane stripe on my right thigh, and he had to create a matching one on the left so I wouldn’t be lopsided.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. What do I harp on and on about? Uneven coverage! (Although I think it was Ten who trademarked the phrase “Make it even.”) It’s true… I hate it. You’ve all seen them — the pictures where the bottom’s left cheek is pink and red, and the right cheek looks like it was run over by a tractor and thrown on a barbecue grill. Blech! So, of course my words and sentiments were coming back to bite me. In the best way, of course.

I do look nice and even, no? See, one stripe on each thigh.

“Do you remember when I said this was going to be challenging,” he asked, back at my left side, hunkering close to me. “Ye-e-e-s?” I answered. “Take a deep breath,” he said.

Hard, long, fast flurries followed. He did this two or three times, I forget which. Once for sure with his hand and once with the hairbrush. He held me tight so I could barely squirm as I screamed into the pillow. And then we were done. I collapsed into the pillows, breathing hard, dimly aware of him moving around, putting lotion on me, rubbing my back, lifting my hair and wiping the back of my neck with a towel (we had the AC on, yet somehow, things got very warm).

We wound down a bit and talked, but he needed to get on the road, so I put myself to rights and he walked me to my car. He said next time, he’ll plan to stay longer, so we can hang out a bit more. I would like that. But I know how very busy his life is. I was beyond grateful for what he gave me.

When I got home, I was wired. I felt no pain. I felt nothing but the fizzing in my veins. So I worked, I worked out, I was a machine, cranking things out. Because I knew the crash was coming. Sure enough… this morning when I woke up, I felt like I’d been hit by a bus (again, in the best possible way). Somehow, with the help of caffeine and Tylenol, I got moving. But all day so far, my brain has felt like oatmeal. Ah, for the luxury of hunkering down under a comforter all day. Adulting blows.

But I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thank you, C. ♥

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14 thoughts on “The face of fulfillment

  1. Laura Davis on said:

    Thank you for sharing! I am happy for you, and I am also getting my spanky needs met vicariously through you.


  2. OTK4Tears on said:

    I sent you a picture of the straps, I can’t figure out how to attach it with my response here. I bet you can figure which is nice and which is ouchie. LOVE London Tanner implements!

    I had such a great time! Seeing you is always a joy. A few hours on the road is a small process to pay. You makes the most wonderful squeals and yelps 🙂

    I am already looking forward to my next trip down, hopefully it is soon! Big hugs to you and enjoy the tenderness!


  3. It seems that your “dry spell” has been quenched in no-nonsense fashion, Erica! I’m happy for you, and I love the pretty smile on your face in the wake of your play session. And I suppose it goes without saying that I adore the lovely image of you draped over the pillow with the hairbrush strategically placed. You are such a pretty lady!


  4. Laura — oh goodness; my needs are met so infrequently, surely there must be a better choice for vicarious excitement! (laughing)

    C — you are awesome! Big hugs back to you.

    Bob — aw, thanks. I feel a special joy on play days and I guess it shows in my face. I have often said that I wish I could bottle it.


  5. Erica – Good for you! Happy for you and that you got an extra special birthday spanking!

    I am amazed that he drove 10 hours basically back to back for you. Wow. Just wow.


  6. Paddle Daddy on said:

    Lovely bottom as always , even more so with the beautiful glow. I was looking for this post yesterday thinking u got to play Monday. You and I share one point , for me its about the Spanking as well , nothing else . As always I am not disappointed. Damn the 2k miles 😀

    Paddle Daddy


  7. bklynny0856 on said:

    Congratulations! Seems like you got just what you wanted. The photos were wonderful. Hoping you have lots of play dates in your future 😋


  8. Congrats, Erica, and I did not peak at the picture of your well spanked, evenly, bottom first, but did notice through your pretty smile your facial cheeks were rosy from joy as well. How fitting is that. Symmetry?


  9. PS: Sit spots are such a delicious target. (I abhor videos or play where they do not receive proper attention. Not as much padding to shield the affects! No way to avoid feeling it sitting later, either!) I also spend tons of time on them, so your Chris has great taste!


    • Bob — thank you for the kind words. I was very joyous that day… but I think part of the rosiness was makeup. (grinning) I agree, sit spots are a wealth of spanking real estate that are often ignored. I think some people may avoid them because they tend to mark a whole lot more.


      • True. My last spankee 2 weeks ago had sit spot marks several days after seeing me. Started calling it her camouflage. LOL.


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