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Help with Drop

You know what helps with drop? Well, yeah, more spanking. But besides that?

Cake. Cake is good for drop. Chocolate cake, even better. German chocolate cake = best.

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10 thoughts on “Help with Drop

  1. Honey Bearden on said:

    Good for you.



  2. My drop tends to happen the day after the spanking. If possible I like to go for a bicycle ride, somewhere in the countryside. It usually does hurt a bit, but it is kind of like the spanko equivalent of “Hair of the dog that bit you”. It helps me get over it anyway



  3. Honey — yes, yes it was indeed.

    Prefectdt — whatever works! My drops are delayed; they tend to happen a few days later.


  4. Jenny Bell on said:

    YUM!!! is that breakfast?


  5. Unknown or Deleted User on said:

    My wife and I chose German chocolate for our wedding cake back in ’84. (We’re still together and still in love.)

    You use it for the “drop”.

    German chocolate cake can make a happy occasion happier, or make a sad moment more bearable.


  6. How long does the high last Erica?, is there a post scene euphoria that leads in to a sudden drop? Have you experimented with alcohol as a drop remedy? L


    • Lou — the high varies. Some people experience drop the next day. For me, it takes a while longer. And the suddenness of the drop varies as well.
      I prefer not to use alcohol as a remedy for anything… but that’s just me.


  7. Hi Erica,

    That’s a delightful suggestion, even when drop is not an issue. Here’s another – SiriusXM now has a channel dedicated to instrumental surf music! As soon as I saw that, I thought of you. ♥

    Big Hugs,


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