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Love Our Lifestyle day!

Welcome to the 16th annual LOL Day. LOL used to stand for “Love Our Lurkers,” but this year, Hermione, who has organized this event for us many times, decided to change the title and focus, and I heartily approve. Thank you, Hermione! This is our time to celebrate who we are, what we love, and acknowledge one another.

We are spankos. This is part of who we are, and it’s a part that deserves joy and exuberance, not shame. For those out there who still wrestle with the “why am I like this” questions, the guilt, the denial — I hope you all can come to a place where you not only accept your proclivities, but embrace them. Life is too damn short. Be who you are, freely. You are hurting no one. Spanking is fun. It’s playful. It’s cathartic. It’s whatever you need it to be. As long as it’s consensual and doesn’t involve children, it should be free of judgment.

The spanking community is a microcosm of society in general; there are all kinds of people, and you won’t like everyone, nor will they like you. You will no doubt encounter haters, wankers and trolls (oh my), and the more passionate you are about your particular convictions, the more vociferous those people will be in their efforts to shut you down. That’s just the way it is where humans are concerned. However… you’ll also meet some of the best friends you’ll ever make. Soul mates, kindred spirits, sisters and brothers. You’ll receive validation the likes of which you’ve probably never known.

You will realize that you’re not alone. Far from it.

And on the note of community, I would like to take a moment to give a big “thank you” to Bonnie, who helped me (and countless others) as a new blogger, offering support, tips, and a wealth of information over the years. Bonnie has been and continues to be someone who has connected and encouraged many of us. I offer this little tribute, to the tune of “My Bonnie”:

Our Bonnie lies over a table,
Our Bonnie lies over a knee,
Our Bonnie is queen of our blogdom,
Oh Randy, hug Bonnie for meeeee!

(I suppose some would say that lyric should be “spank Bonnie,” but personally, I’d rather hug her!)

Happy LOL Day, everyone. ♥

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20 thoughts on “Love Our Lifestyle day!

  1. First time dropping by ….. but I’ll be back – rather like your style (so to speak – grinning)

    I love LOL days – one can find a whole mess of new like minded people 🙂


  2. UGH and I meant to tell you how much I enjoyed your “ode to Bonnie” very clever!


  3. I love it! Thank you. I am honored to be the subject of an Erica Scott song parody!

    I also love your spanko manifesto. Well said!

    Happy LoL Day, dear Erica, and have a wonderful weekend! ♥♥♥



  4. Happy LOL Day. Nice to see you join in! Your song parodies are delightful. This one was exceptional.

    I also like what you wrote about the “community”. It is so true. The spanking inclination….or kink-inclination overall ……recognizes no social or political prerequisites. You WILL find every type of person in this mix. Whether that’s good or frustrating depends on the topic and mood I suppose. LOL

    And I don’t often comment on photos, buuuuut….that shot of you is quite adorable.


  5. Love your tribute to Bonnie! Laughing. You have had a lot of important things to share over the years and I have definitely learned some things from your writing. I love seeing you and your long time blogging friends comment to one another on your posts. I have also seen you embrace new bloggers, too, and that is wonderful. Thanks for many wise words and for sharing your personal journey even when that includes the lows. I wish you all good things, Erica. Happy LOL Day and many happy spankings for you in the future. Hugs, Windy


  6. Morningstar — Welcome to you! 🙂

    Bonnie — I always knew something had to be done with “My Bonnie,” but I wasn’t sure what it was! ♥ Then it just sort of presented itself. Love you.

    KD — thank you so much! Well, ya know, I’m not one for sugarcoating. And neither are you, which is why I think we like each other. (grinning)

    Windy — you always have something kind to say! I appreciate that. Thank you, and Happy LOL Day to you. 🙂


    • Hey, I’d LOVE to sugarcoat, but being pre-diabetic and with diabetes running through my family, I feel it’s just healthier not to. Of course, the fact that I not only eliminate the sugar, but often substitute some thorns and broken glass as a topping instead is just what makes me me. 😉


  7. I love this post! I was amazed when I found blogs to realize that I wasn’t alone. And the Bonnie song was perfect!


  8. True, there are always the nay sayers, but just say nay back to them and go looking for the yay sayers 🙂 Happy LOL Day



  9. Erica – Beautiful picture:) Your parody made me smile. I read often and enjoy your posts but don’t always comment. You are one person I would love to meet. Happy LoL Day.



  10. Hi Erica. Happy LOL day! Absolutely agreed regarding community. It is a subject that has been on my mind a lot over the last few months. Probably too much binge watching Ted Lasso! But, I do think it is a very important thing and, surprisingly, blogging on this topic has brought me a few people who I consider some of my best friends “in real life” even if most of our contact is electronic.


  11. Hi Erica: Happy LOL to you. Glad to see you are still having fun with spanking and life. Perfectdt sent me a little about how to have columns on WordPress, but it did not work for me. I would love to chat sometime to be able to use your expertise to fix my site.
    bottoms up
    red (AKA Mike from years ago)


  12. PK — thanks! Glad you liked it. Happy LOL Day to you.

    Prefectdt — yay sayers! I like that. (beaming)

    Ronnie — you’re so sweet! Thank you.

    Dan — two women I consider my dearest friends are people I’ve “known” for years but never met in person. What a world, huh?

    Red — well, I’m trying to. Not as easy these days. Expertise, meee?


  13. While I passed the confusion, guilt and denial stages long ago, this blog post sends an important message to those still struggling with “why am I like this” questions. Even so, I keep most of these feelings to myself other than sharing my thoughts with fellow spankos online. But that has more to do with me generally being a rather introverted person in all areas of interpersonal communication than it does with any sense of shame. Current and future generations of spankos should be grateful that there are now means of readily sharing their kink with others through online resources devoted to the lifestyle (unlike when I was a young lad). And your body of work, Erica, along with this blog have been a significant spanko resource to me for a long while. Thanks for all you do for the community.


  14. Erica – Happy LOL Day to you and in particular for sharing your journey. You probably don’t realize how many people out there appreciate your candor.

    I am glad you are still blogging.



  15. Bob — thank you. ♥ I think I was born for the internet, but too early. I like communicating with people online. In person? Not so much, as a rule.

    Enzo — you’re right; I don’t. But I’m glad you do. Thanks. ♥


  16. HI! it’s my first time visiting but I’m totally going to add you to my blogroll. I have been busy with life recently (and I suspect I will be for a while longer) but even tho I may not have time to pop in often (and i probably wont have time to read older posts to play catch up) i’ll be sure to swing by every now and again to see what’s cooking! Happy LoL Day! I’m glad to have stumbled across your blog via Bonnie’s master list. Also, that song parody. Hilarious!


  17. Hi Erica,

    I’m glad you approve of the change. LOL has so many different meanings these days! Our lifestyle is very important to me, and I love that you are a big part of it.



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