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Correspondence Hall of Shame, Thanksgiving Edition

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, so here’s a bunch of leftover turkeys for you. And I’m damn thankful I don’t know any of them.

mmmm hello gorgeous, curious would u allow a man to watch u poop

Mmmmm would u please scat.

Here’s one of my favorite types who turn up now and then — the tops who think I’m a little snot who needs to be broken. Clearly, if you’re not a mewling doormat, you’re an annoyance.

I think I could have fun (at your expense, of course). I checked out one of your videos. I’d love to spank you and your attitude.

Oh hi, [notoriously sadistic scene asshole], is that you?

what a SWEET ,,,SWEET ,,,SEXY ,SEXY ,,ASS in those purple panties ,,,,oh my god ,,,,and i see your ass is red too ,,,mmmmmmmmmmmm

Dude, stop jacking off over your keyboard. Your comma is sticky.

I recently asked a question on Alt regarding men who contact me then disappear. I then received this:

In answer to your status, in regards to why men play games in this site. 1. They are simps, pusies! The generation of wimps is terrible. Take it from an old school Mann vet those player punks and seek a real man
2. They are frauds, fakes with nefarious agendas
3. Time wasting little boys who don’t know how to actually be aman let alone a dominate one.
My 2 ¢ worth

Anyone who paid two cents for this was overcharged. Sheesh. What a pusie mann. Riddle me this: How the hell did this moron know how to spell nefarious??

Good afternoon my sexy vixen I would love so much to taste that beautiful ass of yours fuck your shoes at the same time what size shoe do you wear

Uh… my shoes would be way too big for you, honey. May I suggest you get a pair of doll shoes.

And finally — oh, this one’s a charmer. On Alt, because they insist you state an age, I list mine as a lot older. I then say I’m not really that age and if they want to know, they can meet me, have a look and judge for themselves. Of course, there’s always the ones who don’t bother reading the profile, just look at the picture and the age. Hence this:

if that was a 87 year old ass this old boy Sir Xxxxx would drag his balls over broken glass just to smell where u pissed

I would rather be force-fed green bean casserole until 2022 than endure another moment of that imagery in my head. Perhaps sharing it with all of you will rid me of it. You’re welcome.

Hope everyone who celebrates it had a happy turkey day. Have a good weekend, y’all. Be safe. ♥

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11 thoughts on “Correspondence Hall of Shame, Thanksgiving Edition

  1. bklynny0856 on said:

    Pass the antacids. I think we all need them.


  2. I can’t decide what is funnier, the comments themselves or your replies to them. “What a pusie mann” made me snort. (Maybe his first name is ‘Manfred’, mann?)

    I give you credit for maintaining your sanity.

    BTW as a guy who many years ago played the online contact game, let me assure you that some of the dominant women I encountered are just as bad in a different way. Seeing Tops of both genders act as they do over the years has convinced me that “Top’s Disease” is as rampant as Covid.


  3. Love your replies to the comments. Sadly (smiling while I say this), no women stalk me!
    bottoms up


    • KD — oh, believe me, I know all about awful fem doms. My beloved is a switch — over the years, some of the women he’s played with have been pieces of work. I’ve got stories like you wouldn’t believe (then again, you probably would).

      Red — (laughing) Yup, and be thankful!


  4. Anonymous on said:

    I always enjoy your correspondence hall of shame. The idiotic lines those guys come up with, and your sarcastic come-backs are hilarious.

    One thing that bothered me this time was when you said “mouth-breather”. I know what you mean, but just because some of us have constricted nasal passages (especially during allergy season) doesn’t mean we’re all mentally deficient.


  5. I see that the silver-tongued devils are at it again. There were quite a few winners/losers in this bunch, but the one that cracked me up the most was the truncated half of this one: “… fuck your shoes at the same time what size shoe do you wear.” (I took the liberty of ending that with non-existent punctuation in the comment.) I love your Correspondence Hall of Shame posts. They always crack me up. After I wash out my brain with generous helpings of disinfectant.


  6. anonymous on said:

    Re the correct spelling of “nefarious” when he couldn’t manage to spell “pussies” correctly: spell-check won’t correct “pusies” to “pussies” so he was at a loss. It will, however, correct almost any misspelling of “nefarious.”


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