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Consider me reset

And so it’s 2022. Sadly, 2021 ended with tears. But what goes down must come up. Eventually. And yesterday, this picture captured my moment of spacey, giddy serenity.

Spending New Year’s Day with John lightened my spirits. Then yesterday, I got to see Chris, who braved snow and a rental car and a long-ass drive to come see me.

It was a perfect visit, start to finish. Just so comfortable. It was chilly outside, but his hotel room was warm and cozy, and we sat and talked for about an hour when I first arrived. And then, of course, we began our play.

What a sheer joy it was to settle in, rest my head on the bed, and know with every fiber of my being that I was in the best of hands. No worries about being injured, of too high/too low/too whatever strikes yanking me out of the zone. You simply don’t know how crappy and unfulfilling it can be until you experience a bad player. And then, a good one is like the sweetest of treats.

I felt a little concerned about him, as he’d taken a bad slip on an escalator and pretty much tore his knee open (it shredded the jeans he was wearing). As I was going across his lap, I was afraid of hitting that area, and I said, “I don’t want to hurt you.” He answered, “Well… I can’t say the same!” Okay then. And we were off.

Nice, long, slow warm-up with his hand. He varied it so much that I never knew what he was going to do, which added that extra edge. And he didn’t spare my upper thighs at all. When he announced that it was time to move on to implements, I blurted, “What for? Your hand is a fucking meat mallet!” But I really didn’t mind at all. I enjoy implements, if I can trust the hand wielding them. I know they will hurt, but not harm. Such an important differentiation.

We played hard. He knew I needed it, and so did he. We’d both had a crummy time of it recently, so this was really a reset for both of us. He pushed me right to the edge, even using a few wooden implements, which I normally say NO to but with him, I knew I’d be okay. I went from clenching my fists and groaning to burying my face in the bedspread and screaming. And then I dissolved into tears. Cleansing, healing tears.

(Warning: some might find my marks a bit extreme. It’s all relative. There was no broken skin whatsoever, and much of this had faded already.)

We took a break. For me to calm down (and cool down), and for him to go take care of his poor knee, which had broken open again and bled right through the bandage and onto his jeans. For a long time, I didn’t want to talk, just wanted to float, and he held me in his arms and let me be. I felt… safe.

After a long rest, with cuddlings, talking, and almond oil, we had a brief Round Two, but it was just with his hand this time. I knew he’d stop when it was time. And sure enough, he announced, “Well, it looks like this bottom has taken all that it can for today.” “Sorry to disappoint you,” I quipped. “Not in the least!” he assured me.

He was annoyed with himself that I was uneven. But didn’t want to do what he’d need to do to make the right cheek match the left. For this, I said a most heartfelt thank you.

I said goodbye and left around 3:45. The floatiness remained with me for the rest of the afternoon and evening. I’m surprised I was able to get some work done, but even in my mush-mind state, I had focus.

He checked in with me a couple of hours later, and first thing this morning. Of course he did. Because that’s who he is.

Today, a lot of this faded, but daaaaaaamn, I’m sore. And tired. But calm. I’m even going to attempt a workout, although my butt might protest. And I lost a half-day of work yesterday, so I need to get back into it full speed.

So. Friends are good things. And good tops are worth their weight in gold. Appreciate yours always. I do. Last night, I said thank you to John for being so supportive of my needs, And thank you, Chris, for making the long trip to see me. And thank you for loving it as much I did… that’s half my joy. ā™„

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12 thoughts on “Consider me reset

  1. Don’t you just hate it when lovely marks, like that, fade too quickly? It sounds like an excellent playtime. I’m happy you got that.



  2. Sounds like a lovely time indeed. I am glad you got what you needed šŸ™‚


  3. Laura Davis on said:

    Lucky, lucky you. I haven’t had a good spanking in years. I got a little bit of that stress relief reading about yours. Now I get to daydream about having one of my own someday soon.


  4. Iā€™m very happy for you.


  5. I am happy that you are in a good place, and had a fun time. Yes, the marks on your bottom are too severe for us, but glad you enjoyed it, and were absolutely safe. One would hate if a novice with no concept did that. Happy New Year.
    bottoms up


  6. Jenny Bell on said:

    Hi! Erica, I’m so glad you got to start 2022 on your terms doing what you love. Bye for now, Jenny, Adelaide S A.


  7. Prefectdt — I think I’ll get to keep these a couple of days! Thanks… it really was sublime

    Jon — I did indeed, thank you.

    Laura — my friend, my wish for you is that 2022 brings you stress relief in every way possible. ā™„

    Rae — thank you!

    Red — I was concerned about that. It’s funny how I don’t mind the marks when they are skillfully placed, and as long as my skin doesn’t break, because that is an absolute hard limit. What’s weird is that for years, I didn’t mark at all, or barely. I guess the spanking dearth in the time of Covid has lowered my tolerance!

    Jenny — me too!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Those marks are certainly impressive! Your time with Chris sounds heavenly. He came at just the right time to start the new year on a positive if painful note.



  9. Good for you! Everyone needs that occasional reset, and based on your more recent posts, you might have been the most needy candidate of all. Well done! And the marks and coloration are enviable.


  10. Hermione — he really did. Hugs back to you!

    KD — who, me? Yeah… me. Thanks!


  11. Your visit with Chris sounds lovely. A wonderful stat to your New Year and I hope it continues. Doing a happy dance for you.



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