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Correspondence Hall of Shame, 1/7

Welcome to the first CHoS of 2022. Are we all settled into the new year? Hangovers long gone? Good. Here’s another set of headaches.

I would love to give you a nice coconut oil massage and eat your ass and pussy really good and give you all 10 inches of my thick cock real nice and deep and perhaps make you squirt all over it 😉 would love to give you a solid spanking

I don’t suppose you would love to give me a comma or a period somewhere in this mess, would you? banging head on desk I like how he tacks on a spanking like an afterthought.

How much and how hard do you let a special man wail on your ass?

I really would rather a man not wail on my ass. I prefer the raining of blows on it, not tears. (It’s whale, stupid.)

You seek real time Master to Own you 24/7 TPE long term?
You always been submissive and obedient?
Been owned before?
How much pain can you take?

reaching for Advil bottle
No, I do not.
I never have been.
A lot. But not from you.

I want my hands all over your behind. Maybe my tongue too. I love your behind. Need to meet it soon.

(sigh) You do realize that said behind comes attached to an entire person, right? It’s not like I can detach it and FedEx it to you.

I was gonna call you beautiful but they say that beauty comes from inside and I haven’t been inside you yet.

No. You didn’t. You did not just write this to me. dumping handful of Advil into my mouth

And finally… this one is a bit of a departure. It was not written directly to me. But I was made aware that it was written about me — that I was being discussed in, shall we say, less than flattering terms. So I checked it out. Here’s the best part of it.

That girl is the most fowl[sic]-mouthed, idiotic, bitch there is, bless her heart.

Well now. (Fowl??? For cluck’s sake.)

I read on. Someone spoke up for me (thank you ♥), and then there was backpedaling, claiming that this was merely an example of how you can say the most vile things and then nullify them with heart blessing. To this, I say “Bwak bwak.” Which is hen-speak for “Bullshit.”

Ah, so many things I could say. But a friend of mine said it best. I was musing to him that since this individual is clearly obsessed with me and I’m living rent-free in their head, perhaps I should give up my apartment. And my friend replied, “Why would you want to live in such a small and ugly place?”

Boom. And mic drop.

Haters gonna hate. And now, because I’d like to cleanse my mind of this garbage, I’d like to end on a positive note. I do get a lot of nice messages too. A Twitter friend sent me this last week.

[You have a] ‘dont give a fuck’ attitude (but you do about good/sensible things), you know what you want from friends/people/politics/life *and* you also have inadvertently introduced me to the love of my life. I’m not the type to use and toss others aside, I hope you know that and I want you to know that you bring me immense happiness and joy even from afar.

Now, you see, that sort of thing makes it all worth it. ♥

By the way, my marks are all gone. I thought I’d have them through the weekend. I am a resilient little warrior.

Have a great weekend, y’all. Please be safe.

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18 thoughts on “Correspondence Hall of Shame, 1/7

  1. bklynny0856 on said:

    This is too early in the new year for idiots who don’t know foul from fowl. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jenny Bell on said:

    Hi! Erica, I think after you having to read , then answer all that stupid stuff you need an Advil infusion and a stiff drink. you are amazing, keep up the good work, stay safe and be happy. Bye for now, Jenny, Adelaide S A


  3. I don’t know whether to feel relieved, or mildly insulted, that no one ever sends me anything remotely like those communications. 🙂


  4. bklynny — I daresay it wouldn’t be tolerable later in the year either.

    Jenny — thank you. I’ll pass on the drink, but I do need my Advil.

    Dan — (laughing) Don’t feel neglected. Not all attention is good attention.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Some people are weird and rude. And gross.

    Also……waiting for you to weigh in on Ronnie’s blog…… eek! I may have mentioned you. Slightly. 🙂


  6. altheaspank on said:



  7. Windy — indeed they are. Just went to take a peek… oh my. Talk about a can of worms. (deep breath) I’d better weigh my words carefully.

    Althea — yes, you. And I like you too. ♥


  8. Their are times wen eye yam glad eye yam knot a woman. If eye got notes like these eye wood knot no watt two due.


  9. Hi Erica,

    I have my share of quirky pests, but your collection of droolers and morons puts my list to shame. Thank you for sharing their cluelessness and your wit!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Anonymous on said:

    I haven’t seen a new post from you, and I hope you’re alright.

    I realize that you don’t know me at all, and I only know the side of you that you choose to show to the public…

    But I miss your snarky comments (especially to the cretins who earn a place in your “Correspondence Hall of Shame”)

    I miss your political commentaries. Sometimes I agree with you completely and sometimes I don’t, but you always express your views in an entertaining way.

    And I miss the cute photos of your reddened backside after you’ve been soundly spanked!

    Again, I hope you’re alright. And I hope you’ll start posting your messages again soon.


    • Anonymous — thank you for this. I appreciate it. ♥

      I am hanging in there. Just haven’t had much to say for a while — it’s been a rough few months for many reasons — and I got tired of complaining. So I figured when I had something fun and interesting to post, I’d come back.


  11. Chibob on said:

    Where has our spanking blogger gone? It’s been months since your last update.
    You deserve a spanking.


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