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Another visit from Oregon

What happens when you apply makeup, but then end up haplessly screaming and smashing your face in a pillow?

Well, this…

… and then this, an utterly derpy but blissful face, surrounded by walk-of-shame hair.

Yes, it was another delicious spanking session. A wonderful time was had by all.

I arrived at C’s hotel room at 11:30 last Friday morning. We sat and talked for a while, catching up with everything. And then it was time to play. He hadn’t brought many implements this time, just two London Tanner straps. Oh, and a thick wooden brush of some kind, but I took one look at it and just said, “No.” With the way I’d marked the week before, I didn’t think I could take that. (Plus, I didn’t want to.)

C thought it would be fun to take pictures throughout the various stages, rather than just at the end. So this was the “before” picture:

Then a nice, long, thorough OTK warm-up commenced. He brought me up so slowly, I really couldn’t tell when he started ramping things up. I was pleasantly warm and squirmy when he took this:

Just a bit of color. Then things got a bit more serious. His hand is a force to be reckoned with on its own, and when he goes full bore, it’s not for the faint-hearted. (Or the faint-assed.) He was concerned because I was starting to mark already (!!), so he spread it around, moving onto my thighs more. “Little more sensitive there,” he mused. Gee, ya think? Oy vey.

I had no concept of how much time passed, but by the time the OTK/hand portion was done, I was already quite toasty. But I still had the two straps coming…

I realized later that this angle makes my legs look weird — like two drumsticks! Oh well. And yes, we did take a final picture after the straps, but… I think some people were a little squeamish about my marks last week, so I’ll just stop here, photo-wise. 🙂

We then transitioned onto a pile of pillows under my belly and moved onto the strap phase. I don’t know how long that went; it seemed to simply flow into an escalation of sensation, pain and pleasure. My noises escalate too — I start out with small grunts, which grow louder, and when I am reaching my peak, where the pain is almost unbearable but not quite, when my body and mind are challenged and pushed and exhilarated, the grunts morph into a continuous guttural scream, which is when I have to bury my face in the pillow so the cops won’t get called.

I love that point. I love how I feel extreme power in that moment, if that makes any sense. My body is strong and resilient, but I am soft and trusting enough to give myself over in this fashion. It’s my choice, I want it, and a trusted partner is giving it to me, while feeling his own pleasure and power in our connection. Is there anything better?

When I get to my tipping point, I start babbling. Mostly I say “Please” over and over. It’s not “Please stop” or “Please don’t stop.” It’s just “Please,” and I can’t explain it. But that’s my tell. And around that time is when I break down in tears. That is exactly what happened on Friday. I didn’t know where they came from; I hadn’t been feeling particularly weepy that week. But there they were.

And then it was over. In my haze of tears and endorphins, I felt his hands rubbing lotion on me. I was aware of tissues pressed into my hand. It was a long time before I raised my head and spoke again, and he didn’t rush me. He simply curled up next to me and held me close. Let me come down at my own pace. And then we just hung out, cuddling, talking, relaxing. Returning to Earth.

I think I left around 3:30. I had arranged for the day off work, but I still wanted to get a little bit of it done just to stay on top of things. C, with his usual thoughtfulness, checked in with me later that evening, and then again the next morning. My reply:

“Feeling spacey this morning, sleepy, sore, tender. In other words, great! As always, thank you.”

Of course, what goes up, must come down. I’ve been feeling very droppy the past couple of days. But then I hear C saying, “It’s such a joy to come see you,” and I smile.

Thank you, my friend. You are a joy. ♥

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14 thoughts on “Another visit from Oregon

  1. bklynny0856 on said:

    You look particularly lovely and happy 🌞


  2. Thank YOU once again for letting me warm that beautiful bottom! I had a great trip and a wonderful time. Hand spankings are my favorite and I am happy we weren’t rushed so we could take our time and have fun! Again….soon!


  3. In that portrait shot, you look as high as a kite 🙂 Must have been good spankings. Congratulations.



  4. bklynny — aw, thank you.

    Chris — you are the best! I’m so glad it was a fun trip for you. Looking forward to next time.

    Prefectdt — I know, right? But I swear, that was pure endorphins. The only things I consumed in that hotel room were a bottle of water and an Altoids mint.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Paddle Daddy on said:

    Such a lovely red bottom as i have stated before . I would be honored to have you over my knee . Damn the 2,000 miles

    Paddle Daddy


  6. You look lovely, sis, and I LOVE your panties, so pretty! I’m so happy you’ve been getting to play. TTWD really is such a beautiful thing. Most outsiders will never understand that feeling of strength and power you describe coming from submission, but it’s very real and there’s nothing like it. Love you. 💖


  7. Chibob on said:

    Your bottom looks sore. Was it a bumpy ride home?


  8. Jenny Bell on said:

    Hi! Erica, so glad you got some “HAPPINESS” Bye for now. Jenny.


  9. PD — thank you.

    Lily — thanks, sweetie! Love you too. ♥

    Chibob — mmmm, nope. Didn’t feel a thing.

    Jenny — me too!


  10. I love the dazed look. Priceless. (and it’s always nice when you show off your butt) I do want to mention that I’ve seen a lot of spanking pictures in my day and I always like to pay special attention to just exactly what expanse of flesh is colored. I have seen a lot of images where all the color is on the butt itself, from the very top of the butt-crease and ending before the sulcal folds. I find the range in your shot much more aligned with what I experience and much more in tune with what I see as the “proper” (in personal opinion, of course) target area. 😉


  11. Such beautiful, eloquent photos. Straps do an amazing job.



  12. KD — I agree with you. I like it when it dips down into the upper thigh area, although those parts are a lot more sensitive. I know some people don’t like that, so it’s always best to check first if it’s okay. It can be tricky. However, given the choice, I’d rather they go a little too low than too high. Too high is scene kill for me.

    Hermione — thanks! For the selfie, I had to pull over anyway, since several fire engines were going by. Figured I’d capture the mood. Also, C is really good at taking shots on the right angle. I don’t like straight-on butt shots — they tend to show too much, and a lot of the time they are unflattering.


  13. Wonderful. You look spaced out but so happy and beautiful.



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