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Ruminations, opinionated observations, darkly humorous blathering and the occasional rant from an outspoken spanko and unapologetic attention wh–, um, hog.


People cope in different ways.

Some drink. Actually, many drink.

Some dive face first into a half-gallon of ice cream. (Been there.)

Some people have mood enhancers of choice.

Some disappear under the covers and don’t come out.

Some binge-watch their favorite shows. And then binge-watch them again.


I go for the sweet oblivion, the deliverance from pain into pleasure that is spanking play.

I sink into the depths of dopamine, the excess of endorphins, the orgy of oxytocin.

And I float away in that blissful, fragile bubble of unreality.

Because… reality is pretty damned intolerable lately.

Everyone be safe. ♥

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5 thoughts on “Escape

  1. Jenny Bell on said:

    Hi! Erica, I’m glad that can happen for you, we all need something enjoyable. Bye for now, Jenny.


  2. Samesies. 😘 Beautiful. ❤


  3. Chibob on said:

    Your way is best, but I usually read a book.


  4. My experience tends to make me agree with your method, except for the oxytocin.
    Apparently, men produce it differently, so there might be some difference in our experiences of that. Plus, men have to increase their vitamin C levels to increase oxytocin in their system. I might try drinking orange juice, next time I get spanked. Not spilling it will be an interesting challenge 🙂



  5. Jenny — it needs to happen a lot more.

    Lily — thanks, sweetie.

    Chibob — I can’t concentrate on reading when I’m wound up with whatever is upsetting me. But I do love books.

    Prefectdt — ha. Drink it after. If you drink it during, you might choke!

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