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Happy 2023, everyone

Yes, I’m still alive. Just quiet. But still out there, silently observing. I decided I’d pop back in when the spirit moved me to do so. Blogging seems to be a lost art these days. People have moved on to other media, to chat apps, etc. So I won’t be around much. However, I have not disappeared. Just transitioned, I guess.

We started the New Year in the loveliest possible way — congregating with a couple dozen spankos in an AirBnB gathering. John and I were there from Friday through Sunday, and came back yesterday. There were actually two houses: the larger party house, and then a smaller house where a few of us parked our stuff and came back to in order to sleep. We were the first ones to arrive at the smaller house, so we snagged the master bedroom with the walk-in closet and the en-suite bathroom. Sweet!

I won’t be writing a detailed report. I think those days are behind me. Just a few pictures and words. The party was well organized, the hosts were amazing and so very kind, and we were so pleased to be included.

I didn’t play very much, but my few scenes were intense and fun. And two of them involved thigh caning! As 2023 rolled in, I received a 23-stroke caning (way to ring in the New Year!). However, it ended up being a little uneven, with more marks on the right side. So when I was about to go do a scene the next night, John oh-so generously asked the top to “make me even.” (groan) Our friend was more than happy to aim for balance.

The above was from our last night. Below was yesterday, after the strokes has some time to settle in. Ow.

Yesterday morning was a flurry of packing and gathering and cleaning up, stripping the beds, taking out trash, etc. My final observation? The spoon rest in the kitchen was a double, so you could rest two spoons, and I swear it looked like a butt. I posted it elsewhere and others thought it looked more, um, masculine. So you guys go with whatever you think it is.

Anyway, we are back home, and of course, I am struggling mightily to get back into work mode.

I hope everyone is well and happy, and that a good 2023 is ahead. Much love to you all. ♥

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20 thoughts on “Happy 2023, everyone

  1. Sounds like you had a great start to 2023. Happy New Year.



  2. I selfishly am sorry to hear that you are assuming a lower profile. I (& I’m sure many others) look up to you! But I understand; one year of blogging has made me aware of what an accomplishment it is to have done so for years.
    Your way of seing-in the New Year sounds sublime!
    Jean Marie


  3. Chibob on said:

    You and John look very happy in the first pic. Your thighs look like you had fun. The bionic bottom took a few strokes too. As far as blogging goes, if you continue to blog, I will continue to read it.


  4. I also think it looks like a butt, but I can see the alternate view. 😂 Happy New Year! Here’s hoping for a less eventful year than the last few.


  5. Thigh caning? No thanks! But you were very brave to take that many strokes.
    It really does look like a butt. Now I want one too.

    Happy new year to you and John.



  6. Anonymous on said:

    Hope you didn’t have too long of a drive home. By the look of those thighs, it might have been difficult to settle in for a comfortable ride back.


  7. Prefectdt — same to you!

    Jean Marie — thank you. I still love blogging. But it’s tough to find an audience these days, for several reasons: 1. People aren’t reading blogs like they used to; 2. About half the scene people out there have no idea who the hell Erica Scott is, and 3. The people who do know me have heard me say all the things a million times. I appreciate the kind words, though. ♥

    Chibob — the bottom actually took quite a lot, but you’d never know it from the pictures. Still has some of its bionicness (bionicity?), I guess.

    Xen — amen to that! Geezus, what a sh*t show the 2020s have been so far. (with one major exception, but I’ll refrain from stating it)

    Hermione — everyone was taking 23 strokes of something or another after midnight at the start of 2023. But yeah… the cane was tough! I was a wee bit anesthetized with champagne, of course.

    Anonymous — it was a little over two hours. And they look even more colorful now. I don’t think I’ve ever bruised like this in nearly 27 years of playing!


  8. Jenny Bell on said:

    Hi! Erica, I’m happy I can get to your blogs via Dr Ken’s site now that we don’t have Dev’s blog. it will never be the same but please don’t stop putting your two cents in when you want ok? I know who you are!!!!! be happy and safe. Bye for now, Jenny.


  9. Happy New Year, Erica! People do still read blogs, a new reader here and kind of new around here in general. Found you through Bonnie (no surprise here). I was probably the very last one blessed by Bonnie, was on her roll for a few days before she took it down.


  10. Midwest Reader on said:

    Happy 2023!

    (and I for one do still check your blog from time to time – I love old-fashioned blogs)


  11. Jenny — thank you. Don’t worry, I won’t stop. Just doing it less. No worries.

    Sore is more — ah, Bonnie. Our Queen. I miss her so much.

    Midwest — same to you. Old-fashioned, see? You said it. We are old school. Not that I mind that (I mean, come on, I’m old), but watching the readership go from thousands to a couple hundred over the years was hard.


  12. Good start to 2023 for you. Lovely picture of you and John. Happy New Year.



  13. Nice to hear that you had a good time over the Christmas/New Year holidays 🙂
    All the best to you Erica, and Happy New Year. May 2023 become a better year than 2022 was.


  14. Ronnie — thank you! All the best to you and P as well.

    Kyrel — oh, good grief, I hope so. Best wishes to you too.


  15. KDPierre on said:

    Nice to see you posting…….and having fun.

    (I wish I had something more witty to offer, but I’m currently drained. Happy 2023!)


  16. Belated Happy New Year, Erica!

    What a lovely celebration. John’s perfectionism literally strikes again!

    Here’s wishing you a spectacular year.

    Big virtual hugs,



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