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Some words about pictures

We’re all visual creatures, aren’t we? We love our spanko pictures, videos, clips. We talk about them, we share them, we collect them, and some of us get to create our own. But if you’re like me, after seeing a ton of content for more years than I care to count, you get a little jaded. Not as easily impressed. It takes more to push my buttons these days. Especially since, being the male-top-focused woman I am, I’m looking more at the men in the shots/clips than the women.

So what’s one of my buttons, kids? Men’s hands/forearms. Bonus — rolled-up sleeves, or in the process of doing so. You wanna make me weak in the knees? Don’t send me your junk. Send me your arms.

Remember this shot I took in my own living room in 2019? Still one of my personal favorites.

What is it about button-pushing pictures? If you’re like me, they take you somewhere. They ignite fantasies and/or memories. They quicken your pulse and make you catch yourself grinning like an idiot. It had been a while since I’d had that happen.

That is, until a couple of days ago when I stumbled across this.

First, I fainted.

Then, after I scraped myself off the floor, I stared. And stared some more.

Fellow bottoms, do you agree that this is perfection? The purposeful stance. The well-worn jeans. The doubled-over belt, and his strong grip on it. Knowing that just seconds ago, he unbuckled it and whipped it out of his belt loops with a loud snap. And also knowing that the next snap you hear will be that belt across your backside.

So, kids, do tell — is it possible to fall in lust with a photograph?

Of course it is.

For those of you who have been with me for a long time, bear with me, because you’ve read about this before. For my newer people, about twelve years ago, same kind of thing happened. I ran across a public photo from a kinky video company and it stopped me in my tracks. And strangely, it had absolutely nothing to do with spanking. But it touched off the part of me that is turned on by the thought of helplessness, of being overpowered by a handsome stranger. This was the picture:

And so I wrote a post about it. I had no idea who the man was. However, someone who read my blog did… and they told him.

Turned out he was local. And he contacted me on FetLife. Cue heart attack.

Most of you remember this story. For those who don’t, the short version was we met, we played, we became friends, and we even got to shoot together. Extra awesome bonus: I got to re-enact that picture with him.

This is the sort of thing the fantasy stories are made of. And I got to live it. Damn. Sometimes it doesn’t suck being me. 😀

So, if anyone happens to know who this handsome stranger with the belt is, do feel free to send him here. Hey… a girl can dream, can’t she?

In other news, I actually got my lazy cranky butt in the car and went to a lovely munch last night. We had the entire back alley behind a pub, with outdoor heaters, and we had a nice group. Got to see some old friends, and made a couple of new ones. This is a new group, run by my friend Mr. Woodland and his adorable partner, and so far, it’s gaining in popularity. Great to see some spanking scene in L.A. again!

Crap. I have to adult now and work. How tedious. Anyway, enjoy. The line for swooning forms to the left.

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22 thoughts on “Some words about pictures

  1. Parse what you are saying… You saw a HOT photo. You are so famous in the spanko scene, you got to recreate this HOT photo with said HOT male model! SO COOL; I am speechless!
    Jean Marie


  2. Jenny Bell on said:

    Hi! Erica, I get how you felt about all that, very nice!!! Bye for now, Jenny.


  3. Jean Marie — (smiling) It was 12 years ago, and “famous” is fleeting. But it’s one of my greatest scene memories. The internet is a wondrous thing sometimes…

    Jenny — yes, it’s fun, thanks.


  4. soreismore on said:

    Hi Erica, as I was reading your post, i was thinking of one particular picture with plenty of hands, both hands, rolled up sleeves of the white dress shirt (sic!), and most of all, plenty of tenderness. This picture pushed all the right and wrong buttons for me. I’m usually all about the words, but this picture just did it for me.
    I cannot not re-post it here:


    • Sore — you have good taste; that is a very popular photo. It’s a small world; I know both of them. That’s Ralph Marvell and Samantha Woodley, and the still is from a Shadow Lane video. I believe it was called Older Men with Younger Wives, or something along that line.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I can so relate to this, especially since my kink was fully evolved long before the internet came along. There were a few magazines that depicted spankings, but you had to look pretty hard to find such things. Wasn’t there one that Shadow Lane published called “Stand Corrected”?


  6. Erica, I love that picture – especially the watch! Don’t know who the man is, though.

    I hadn’t heard the story about the man in the picture that you got to work with, so thanks for re-sharing.



  7. I still love your blog and am sad that a lot of blogs are falling by the wayside. That picture with the belt is so hot! I wish he would come my way, for sure. The stance, the way he’s holding the belt swoon indeed.


  8. Erica,

    Yes, yes, and yes! The best part about those sort of photos is finding them in unexpected vanilla settings. I remember seeing an ad on the wall in an airport. The picture depicted a cowboy, handsome and strong. This image grabbed me and momentarily paused my journey. I wish I had taken a picture. I’m happily married and completely committed, but in that instant, I so wanted him to whip me with his leather whatever-that-was.

    As for your images, you can be certain that they will one day be admired by people who aren’t even born yet. I think that counts as fame that’s not fleeting at all.

    Big hugs,


  9. Bexx — I know, right? I couldn’t custom order a hot picture that’s any better.

    Bonnie — we’re married/in love… we ain’t dead. grinning It’s healthy to notice this fun stuff — keeps us living rather than just existing, am I right?


  10. KDPierre on said:

    If I may dip my toe in these estrogen-rich waters, I can say that I too can relate to being more jaded and harder to impress after years of viewing and collecting. I certainly am. But I can’t say I share the swoon-inducing triggers being mentioned in almost audible breathless commiserations among you all. 😉

    I will say that a certain photo in my personal collection featuring, I believe, Joelle Barros in a Top role with another female model I can’t identify, affected me so much that I recently wrote a story about it. The interesting thing is, like your forearm fascination, my interest in the photo is similarly disconnected form the more typical “spanko” triggers. In fact, other than a situation that strongly suggests: ‘spanking about to happen’, nothing is actually going on in the shot. However, the mutual expressions and gestures suggested such a ripe issue especially relatable to those of us who engage in punishment spankings, that I became obsessed with exploring the scenario in experience-based fiction.

    On a humorous sidenote, I too tend to look at the men in M/f photos, not because I am attracted to them, but because I am always amazed at how creepy a lot of them are. I always think, “HIM? with HER? He must be the producer!” 😉

    Anyway, I did want to share, but now I think I’ll leave all of you ladies to change your panties and continue your weak-kneed gushing. (just teasing. Hell, we all gush over something!)


  11. Anonymous on said:

    Picture a young lady. It is very late. She is quietly opening the front door, holding her shoes in her hand, trying to sneak into the house. Meanwhile, her husband/father/boyfriend is waiting in the living room
    with a belt in his hands. She sees him and gasps. The belt-holder points at his watch and gestures the shoeless lass to lay over his lap.
    Now that’s an image I never get tired of. Seen it many times in photos, drawings and videos.


  12. KD — listen to you! laughing Uh… yeahhh, I’ve had your reaction to some of those M/F pictures too. In fact, I think it’s because those obvious mismatches are so common, it’s a treat for us women when WE get to have some eye candy!
    The imagination is a rich and wonderful thing. I can look at a rolled-up sleeve or a clutched belt and my mind fills in the rest. It’s delicious.

    Anonymous — yes, I can see how that would be a popular image.


  13. hugob00m on said:

    Hmmm… I didn’t know male forearms were a turn-on.

    I guess if I ever had a photographer take a “sexy” picture of me, my forearms would need to be front and center. Most of the rest of me is old and fat, but I still have muscular forearms! (Work muscle, not bodybuilder muscle.)


  14. Hugo — for those of us of the spanking persuasion, yes, forearms can be very sexy.


  15. hugob00m on said:

    I’ve got a little bit more to say on this topic, and about something sort of related to it. You were talking about what pushes your buttons. And KDPierre brought up some videos in which, apparently someone bad put a great deal of care selecting women who would appeal to the male audience, but were not so diligent in casting their male leads.

    A lot of spanking cartoons are like that too. The women, in spite of being caricatured, are still alluring. The men, on the other hand are usually goofy-looking. Maybe the worst part is that some of them have their forearms weirdly proportioned and their spanking hands in some really awkward, even imopssible positions.

    I’ve probably been guilty of that too. When I draw a spanko comic, I pay a lot more attention to my female characters, especially regarding the target area. I’m thinking maybe more ladies would appreciate my work if the men were better-looking.

    I might have to work on that.


    • KDPierre on said:

      hugob00m: >>>>>”The men, on the other hand are usually goofy-looking. Maybe the worst part is that some of them have their forearms weirdly proportioned and their spanking hands in some really awkward, even imopssible positions.”

      Hey, even Popeye needs some kink along with his spinach now and then. Don’t be a hater. LOL JK

      (On a serious note, I have received criticism for sometimes portraying both genders as plain, ordinary people rather than stylized vamps and musclemen. But to my mind, there are already far too many examples of that style and we regular folks deserve representation too. 😉 )


  16. soreismore on said:

    Thank you for the inspiration, Erica! Please check it out, this poem was really inspired by your post:


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