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Leap Day

So I logged in late this morning to my AOL address and found 135 returned emails. WTF?? I also got several emails from friends, all with the same message: “You’ve been hacked.”

Ugh. My apologies to anyone who got funky spam email from me last night or this morning. I have changed my password and that seems to have halted the insanity. Also running a full spyware/malware scan. Oh, and to add insult to injury, I just got a rent increase.

This has not been a good few days — not for me, not for some of my friends either. ST’s car repairs are very expensive — we’re talking thousands. John has to go back to the doctor on Friday to get fluid drained from his knee. Family issues with another friend; play partner issues with yet another. And the beat goes on. As you can see, I deleted yesterday’s post. I was in a vulnerable state and it was just too personal, and too damned abstract and weird. I did save it, along with all the kind comments people posted. So thank you.

But enough of that. In honor of Leap Day, I’m going to leap forward into some upcoming fun and happy times.

A week from this Saturday, the lovely Lily Starr will be in town, and I will be shooting Clips4Sale content with her and her boyfriend. The message she sent was a keeper, so complimentary and sweet (and the timing was perfect, as I got it around the same time I got that @#$%ing restraining order, so it cheered me up). So I will meet with them at their hotel and we’re doing three scenes. (She usually shoots both M/F and F/F, but in this case, they’ll be all M/F.) We were bouncing around a couple of ideas for plots, and here’s mine — I’ll be taken to task for getting involved in online flame wars (straight out of the pages of FetLife). Rather timely, don’t you think? We could have lots of fun with it. Of course, no names will be mentioned, but our friends will know! (snicker)

And in less than two months — Boardwalk Badness!! I still can’t believe we’re going. But the tickets are paid for, the hotel room is booked (good thing, because they ran out of rooms) and so is our flight. I think I scored a good flight; non-stop both ways, $280 each. I figured I’d better lock that in, rather than take a chance that I could find something cheaper down the line. In fact, when I first found that flight, it was $258, but I didn’t book it right way — I waited to check with John. He said fine, absolutely, grab it. So I went back the next day, and damned if the same flight hadn’t gone up to $280. In one freaking day!

The buzz is already starting on FetLife. So many people going, so much to do. I actually talked John into taking an extra day off, and we’re flying in Thursday afternoon. We’re going for broke — it’s a very expensive weekend and I doubt we’ll repeat it next year, but this time, we’re doing it all the way! Arriving Thursday, leaving Monday morning. I have a feeling I’m going to have to declare Thursday night a socialize-only, no-spank evening; have to pace myself, after all. I’m going to be among some incredible spankers, and meeting new ones (well, new to me). Mustn’t let my eyes get bigger than my bottom.

Fasten your seat belts, kids. I’m going to be Neurotic Nellie for the next couple of months. (Yeah, I know. How is that any different than how I usually am? sigh)

ST asked me last night how I was. I said I’ll be better next Monday, which is true. I can’t wait to see him, and to get some of my favorite kind of stress release. For today, however, the gym will have to suffice.

RIP, Daydream Believer.

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