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Hey, that looks familiar…

Every now and then when I’m wandering around the blogosphere, I’ll get a pleasant jolt when I see one of my own photos. It’s quite flattering and makes me smile. Occasionally, it makes me laugh out loud.

Today, I popped in to visit Craig’s blog. He’d posted a while back about sending a text from his iPhone, clearly meant for a fellow spanko, to his colleague by accident. This time, he relayed another funny story relating to that same colleague and texts.

I read through the post, the comments, giggled, then scrolled back up and did a double-take. Check out the picture in the iPhone.

Don’t go sending that to your colleague, Craig. 😉

Rainy Monday

I love it. It’s gray and serene and so, so quiet. Just the patter of the raindrops. It soothes my soul.

This weekend was a little better than the last one; J is very weak and tired all the time, and still a little feverish, but he was a bit more himself this weekend. I saw glimpses of his joking self now and then. I just wish he’d get his appetite back… he’s so thin. He did go to the doctor again last week, had an exam. It’s not in his lungs, he doesn’t have swollen glands in his neck. I don’t know why it’s lasted this long, but it could be because he was so damned run down before he got it, working 12-14-hour days and sleeping so little. Anyway, I took him on his various errands, made sure he was fed, helped him with his chores.

Regarding my scene with Craig tonight — unfortunately, life interferes with one’s fun once again, and he had to postpone. Too much stuff going on, very understandable. We are hoping to reschedule soon.

Meanwhile, last night I remembered that New Guy had suggested our getting together tonight and I had told him I couldn’t. Taking a chance that he hadn’t made other plans, I wrote to him and said that if he wasn’t busy and would still like to come over, he was more than welcome.

He’ll be here at 6:30 tonight. 🙂

It’s raining. I’m playing. For another little while, I can let go of worrying about J. He called me this morning… just wanted to assure me that he’s hanging in there and tell me how much he appreciated my care this weekend. (sigh) I’m glad it makes him feel better. I just wish I didn’t hate doing it so much. Seeing him in such a weakened state makes me panic and project, and when I do that, I’m screwed.

Off to the gym with me.

Three weeks in a row!

I can’t believe it — I’ve been Chrossed three Fridays in a row. My little attention whore heart is bursting. Oh, and I see my sisters Bonnie, Hermione, Poppy and barely-pink are on the roster this week as well. High-fives, ladies!

Let’s see… I’ve played with New Guy three times, blogged about our play three times, and gotten Chrossed with all three of those blogs. Think he might be a lucky charm? 🙂

I really wanted to post a CHoS today, but I didn’t have enough material and don’t like posting a half-ass collection. Maybe by next week it will be whole-ass.

J is still sick. ‘Nuff said there. I’m going to his place tomorrow morning. At least it will be clean; I went there earlier this week while he was working and dusted, mopped, scrubbed and threw out trash. He’s been too sick to do any maintenance and I couldn’t stand it anymore. Oh, and I swept about a month’s worth of leaves off his deck in the back yard, and I have the blistered thumb to show for it. Not that I’m a martyr or anything. Heavens to Betsy, no!

Last night at 2:00 a.m., my refrigerator started making very loud squealing noises. It was running, but the noise was awful — I swear, it sounded like there was a puppy trapped in the freezer. So this morning, I got out the trusty Yellow Pages and looked up a local repair place. I described the problem to the tech and he said someone would come to my place between 12 and 2 today. I said thanks and hung up.

Right after I hung up, the noise stopped. Then started again, not as bad. Then stopped. Then a few squeaks… and silence. Hasn’t made the noise since. Figures! Dammit… why does that always happen? I know how to make the noise start up again — call and cancel the tech! Meh.

Spanking-wise, I have very good news. Either Monday or Tuesday, I am playing with… drum roll… Craig! I last saw him at the Shadow Lane party, and before that, we hadn’t had a one-on-one scene since last June. Why? His life is overloaded lately, with lots of work, business trips back to back, etc. In fact, next week he was supposed to go to China, but then that got cancelled. So we’re seizing the opportunity. I am looking forward to it. 🙂

New Guy says that the week after, my butt is his. You know, I could get used to this weekly spanking thing. I like it. I like it a lot.

Have a great weekend, y’all.

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