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Love Our Lurkers 2020

It’s that time of year again, kids! Love Our Lurkers #15! Time to honor the tradition started fifteen years ago by Bonnie and now being faithfully continued by Hermione. Who do we love? Our readers. All of them. This is the time where we give special thanks to the quiet ones, the ones who don’t comment but always read, and hopefully give them a friendly nudge to say hello.

For last year’s LOL post, I mentioned my strange passion for surf guitar instrumentals, and I posted one with an apropos name, “Lurking in the Shadows.” I was pleasantly surprised at how enthusiastically it was received; people loved it! Some said they came to comment just because of the song. So this year, enjoy another surf tune while you read. This one doesn’t have a title that goes with the occasion; I just like it a lot.

Anyway. We all know this has been a clusterfuck of a year and I’m sorry that I haven’t had much to post. Still, I’m grateful for those of you who have stuck around, grateful to other bloggers who still plug on and provide fun, informative reading and pictures.

So please, do come in and say hi. (You don’t have to be a lurker, BTW.) This is a nice opportunity for the spanking community to bond and express appreciation, and for those who may feel shy to speak up. We welcome you!

And be sure to drop in on the other bloggers who are participating as well. Happy LOL 2020, everyone!

Love Our Lurkers 2019


It’s that time of year again — where we in the spanko blogosphere pay tribute to our readers, and in particular, the ones who are too shy to comment, but still read faithfully. We appreciate you guys so much, truly. I mean, without readers and commenters, blogging would basically be talking to ourselves. It’s good to know you’re out there, and on November 14 and 15, we are encouraging you to come out, come out, wherever you are, and say hello. 🙂

I am a bit slammed with work and life lately, but there was no way I was missing this. I’ll be checking for comments both days, and I will reply to all, I promise.

Thanks to Hermione for spearheading this (and thanks to Bonnie before her), and thanks to Enzo for the cute LOL19 picture he created for us.

So, while y’all decide what to write, I will play you some background music. I normally don’t expect people to share my bizarre passion for surf guitar instrumentals, but this one is particularly apropos: it’s by Los Straitjackets, and it’s called “Lurking in the Shadows.” 😀  Happy LOL Day(s), everyone. Please join in!

Sending my lurkers some love


It’s that time of year again: Love Our Lurkers Day (LOL Day), now in its tenth year. Created by Bonnie and now hosted by Hermione, this event over the next two days is for our shy readers, the ones who read but don’t comment. This is your time to peek out, say hello, give voice to your thoughts about what you’re reading. Bloggers love comments; without interaction from readers, we might as well just be talking to ourselves. We appreciate you!

You can be completely anonymous, no worries, should you choose to be. And you don’t have to wax witty or prolific. It’s not a contest where the Best Comment Wins. 🙂

Of course, my regular commenters are welcome to say hello too. Come one, come all. (No, that’s not meant to be dirty. What’s wrong with you people…!)

Every year I manage to get some brand new de-lurkers. I’m hoping the tradition will continue. The floor is open…

Love Our Lurkers Day, #6

Welcome to the sixth annual Love Our Lurkers (LOL) Day. Spearheaded once again by our brilliant blogging queen Bonnie, it’s time to say how much we appreciate our readers, quiet ones included, and invite them to say hello.

OK, so technically, LOL Day is supposed to be Thursday and it’s still Wednesday. I was going to be a proper OCD Virgo and wait until after midnight to blog. But then I saw that several of my fellow bloggers had already posted, so I thought, ah, screw it. Ooh, I’m posting three hours early! Watch me run with scissors next! 🙂

So anyway… you guys know the drill. Bloggers love their viewers, and we love comments too. If we didn’t want readers and comments, we’d write a private journal. Or we’d just talk to ourselves. We want to know who you are.

C’mon, it’s easy. You don’t have to recite a Shakespearean soliloquy. You don’t have to explain particle physics. You don’t have to hand over your credit card number, your social security number, or even your name. Just say something. Hi, Erica. Love your blog, Erica. Up yours, Erica.

Here, how about a multiple choice, and then all you have to do is post a letter?

a) I read this blog for the scintillating spanking adventures
b) I like the acerbic humor (oh, for Christ’s sake, look it up)
c) I’m just here to see pictures of your butt
d) Other

Whatever you choose to say (or even if you don’t), thanks for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere. Smooches to you all!

Looks like LOL V was a success!

Looking through the spanko blogosphere, it looks like Bonnie’s Love Our Lurkers Day #5 did very well. Many participants and hundreds of comments; how cool is that! For everyone who stopped by here, thank you. I did get some new commenters, and that made me smile. Two people sent me comments via email — Carolyn and Rob, thank you as well.

After a day of so much positivity, I can’t bring myself to post a Correspondence Hall of Shame. It will keep.

Before I forget — everyone go wish Pixie a very happy birthday! 🙂

I confess, I am in a bit of subdued place today. Five weeks of worrying about J have taken a toll on me. So many caring friends have been writing and calling, expressing concern and making suggestions, all valid. However, ultimately, I’m not the one who makes any decisions about J — he is. And he insists up and down and sideways that for him, this is a normal duration of illness. I told him today that he needs to make a lifestyle change, even after he recovers from this thing. Get more sleep, not work so many hours. Running himself into the ground every day spends his reserves, and he has nothing shored up to fight off illness. He actually agreed with me… but whether or not he’ll do it remains to be seen. And frankly, I don’t know how much longer I can sit by and watch him killing himself.

The good news is, his appetite is returning. Sugar still makes him sick, but he’s eating more of other things. I will head to his place tomorrow morning and assess him this weekend. He promised me that he will go back to Kaiser yet again next week if he doesn’t continue to improve. I will hold him to that.

So, fun and light-heartedness have been a rare commodity lately, except for Mondays. I’d say New Guy has been a Godsend, but I don’t believe in those. So I’ll just say he’s been one helluva bright spot. 🙂  I still can’t believe he rose out of the slime pit that is See, what did I tell you guys about leaving my ad there, just for the hell of it — every few years, it pays off!

Seems he took exception to my public dissemination of his grammatical gaffe, and has sworn to LAY me across my bed and LAY into my butt. Uh oh. Ah well, it was worth it.

Onward, a day at a time. Have a good weekend, y’all.

10/21/10 is LOL V Day

The fifth annual Love Our Lurkers Day, that is. This is the day we spanko bloggers give an extra special shout-out to our readers, particularly the ones who read us regularly, but are too shy to post a comment.

Started and organized by the incomparable Bonnie, LOL Day is an open invitation for our readers to “delurk” and post a comment. It doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be Shakespeare. You can just say hello and introduce yourself. You can say why you like the blogs you do. Whatever you feel like saying, it’s a nice way to break the ice and make new friends in the blogworld.

I am especially pleased to be involved this year, because it’s my first year on Blogger (as opposed to my antiquated blog on MySpace). I feel so much more connected now and I hope readers will feel comfortable enough to step up and say hi.

Here’s the deal, folks — some people may have trouble leaving a comment. Unfortunately, because of one persistently nasty poster, I had to disable the “Anonymous” comments option. There are several other options for commenting, but for whatever reason, some folks are unable to make them work. And damned if I know how to advise them. 😦

So, here is what I suggest. If you would like to leave a comment but you can’t, then write it to me at the email address used with this blog: That way, I can collect those comments and paste them into another post, acknowledging you all. Bonnie loves for us to keep a count of all the “delurk” comments we get, so she can compile the stats.

And for those who CAN comment, please do! I’d love to hear from you. Thanks to one and all for reading my blathering. Without our viewers, bloggers would just be keeping an electronic diary. What fun is that?

Happy LOL V!

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