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I Meme What I Say

I’m bored, so… Remember these? They were all the rage back in the MySpace days. I usually posted them with snarky answers. Ronnie saw this one recently and posted it. (Because I’m an editor and can’t leave anything alone, I changed the UK to US spellings and fixed the typos.)

1. Are you a top, bottom, or do you switch?
I’m a 100% bottom.

 2. Do you like to be spanked?
Um… duh?

 3. Knickers or no knickers?
You mean panties? Either/or. At play parties with dozens of people around, I prefer to keep a thong on. In private, start over them and then pull them down.

 4. Have you been spanked more than once in a day?
Is Trump orange?

 5. How do you like to be spanked?
Often. By someone who knows how.

 6. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?
Put myself down.

 7. What’s your spanker’s favorite implement?
This nasty little wooden hairbrush with ridges on the back. I hate that thing with a passion.

 8. Do you have to count your spanks?
Sometimes I have. I’d rather not. Unless it’s a final countdown and I’m eager to get it done.

 9. Your favorite implement, and favorite position for a spanking?
A man’s leather belt, and OTK. (But with the belt, I prefer to be lying on a bed or bent over a couch/chair.)

10. Are your weapons of ass destruction on display?
No, I have mine in a closet and in a drawer.

11. Your most dreaded implement, and worst position.
Two hard limits: Heavy wooden frat paddles, and the diaper position. No freaking way.

12. Do you have to wear a particular pair of knickers to get spanked in?
No. Just like to wear pretty, lacy ones. Cheekies are my favorite.

13. Do you have any pictures of your spanked bottom?
Well… hundreds? Thousands?

14. Are you being spanked right now?
Ya know, every one of these memes has at least one incredibly stupid question. This is it.

15. Name one thing you get spanked for?

16. Do you name your implements?
I don’t. But I had a top who named his two horrible paddles Conse and Quences.

Happy Friday!

Keeping it short and sweet — I’m just going to leave this here. Some of you — I think most of you — will know what I’m referencing, but I’m not going to say another word about it. Don’t like it? The #BlameEricaScott line forms to the left. Or to the right, as it were. 😉


Have a great weekend, y’all.

A friendly reminder

In lieu of last week’s discussion about Jillian Keenan’s book, particularly the portion where she expresses her feelings about non-consensual spanking (read: of children), I thought it was time for another Erica-inspired meme.

Trix are for kids; spankings are for grownups! 😀


Hopping on the Meme Train

Memes — we’ve all seen them, and love them or hate them, they’re here to stay. You know, those ubiquitous pictures with funny, pithy captions that make their way across the Interwebs. You’ve seen the more common themes: Grumpy Cat. The Most Interesting Man. Batman slapping Robin. Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka. That scruffy looking guy from The Walking Dead (or is it Game of Thrones? Whatever). Some people take personal photos and create their own original memes. The possibilities are endless.

I have a major peeve about memes. (Gee, there’s a big surprise, huh?) I’ll see one that is clever and funny… and then there’s a blatant typo or grammatical error. And it ruins the meme for me. I can’t unsee the mistake, and I don’t want to forward what could have been a work of comic genius because of some glaringly stupid mistake.

The other day on Twitter, some guy I don’t know had posted a meme that was quite original. He had posted the letters T R U M P vertically, then spelled out a word corresponding with each initial. I can’t remember what the first three letters stood for, but the MP? Maniacal Putz. Pretty funny.

Except he spelled it “Manicial.” Arrggh.

Still, it was funny, so I clicked Like. Then I tweeted: “This would have been even funnier if maniacal had been spelled correctly.”

A minute later, I went to look at the meme again. All I saw was “Tweet is no longer available.” I clicked on the guy’s name. He’d blocked me.

Sheesh! Hypersensitive, much? I had to laugh. People have tissue paper for skin these days, it seems. Yeah, I know, I’m pedantic and some people find that to be a pain in the ass. Too bad, so sad. I wasn’t mean. I did “Like” it. But I guess pointing out the spelling error embarrassed him. Or he just didn’t give a damn and didn’t want to take a chance of hearing from me again. Oh well!

I know what you’re thinking. “Well, Erica, let’s see you do a better job creating memes!”

Challenge accepted.

I found a Meme Generator site, where you can take an existing template, or upload a picture of your own, and caption it. Instant meme! I figured out how to work it, and then my devious little mind was unleashed. So now I’ll share a few of my efforts. 😀

We all know this guy, don’t we?


And while I’m on the grammar bandwagon, of course I had to make this meme, highlighting one of my biggest peeves:


I can still hear you — “What, no spanking meme?” Really, you should know better. 🙂 Here’s one with one of my favorite signature phrases:


Aaaaand finally, I felt the need to make a statement to people who aren’t fond of my particular brand of sarcastic wit. I chose the following photo, which you’ve all seen before — it’s about ten years old, but it still works:


I posted that last one on Twitter. It got sixteen Likes and two Retweets. 😀 Yes, the meme generator has generated a Frankenstein. I have seen the future and it is Erica memes.

All right, back to work for me, and then on to John’s. Have a great weekend, y’all.

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