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A pet peeve about a pet peeve

What’s our pet peeve when it comes to scene pictures, kids? People who cut off the watermark of professional photos and repost them without providing any kind of credit for where they came from. This, of course, is rampant in the Tumblr blogs, on FetLife, and yes, even on Twitter.

But what really annoys the bejesus out of me? When people steal a photo, post it like it’s their own, and then make up some stupid, cheesy caption to go with it — one that has absolutely nothing to do with the original picture. They make up names, scenarios, etc. Really, do they think they’re fooling anyone? (sigh) I guess they are, when the viewers aren’t in the industry. But anyone who has even a passing familiarity with spanking videos knows when a picture is from a professional shoot.

Last week, one of my friends on FetLife alerted all of us to a Twitter poster whose entire feed was stolen pictures with cheeseball captions. She asked us all to tell him to knock it off and if he didn’t, to report him. So I went to look at this guy’s feed. Sure enough, nothing but pictures taken from various video productions, all with captions hashtagged #SpankingFamily. Scrolled down and voila! There I was, with Alex and Paul. So I commented to the guy, told him that if he wanted to make up scenarios, he should do it with his own damn pictures and stop stealing them. Several other people jumped on him as well. And then? Next time I checked, not only were the photos gone, but the guy’s page was gone too. Good riddance. If only all the others were that easily vanquished.

Those captions really irk me. I mean, for one thing, they’re usually corny to the point of being vomit-worthy. But also, it irks me that the poster thinks the viewers are that stupid.

I especially like some of the captions I’ve seen with stolen pictures of me. One read something along the lines of, “MILF Betty Sue thought she was too old for a spanking. She soon realized the error of her ways!”

Oh, go fuck yourself sideways with a 2 x 4.

My favorite was one from years ago, on FetLife. This guy had posted a picture of Sierra Salem from when she was living with Dallas, standing in front of the fireplace mantel with a bright red backside. Then the clown captioned it with something like, “Barbara learned that bad grades at school would earn her a dose of Daddy’s strap.” Oh, FFS…

I commented on the picture, “This is Sierra Salem, not Barbara. She’s not in school, and this is Dallas’s photo. I don’t think he’d appreciate you appropriating it.”

You’d think the guy would take it down, right? No… he comes back with this: “I know it’s Sierra. Her real name is Barbara and Dallas gave me special permission to spank her.”

Are you kidding me?? How stupid do you think I am, fool? I shot with Sierra. I traveled with her, sat next to her on long plane flights. I shared a hotel room with her. Do you really think I don’t know what her real name is? It ain’t Barbara.

So I did the only thing I could do — I wrote to Dallas and alerted him to the photo and its comments. You can bet that joker took it down after Dallas had a few words with him. :-Þ

Look, I know there are tons of photos floating around out there that have long since had their credits cut off and people who are new may see them and have no clue where they’re from, so they just repost them. That can’t be helped. But please, y’all. If you have any sort of idea where a picture is from, who is in it, etc., credit it properly. Do not cut the identifying watermarks off. And for the love of God, don’t make up those stupid captions. Here’s a thought — take your own freaking pictures, and then you can caption them any cornball way your little heart desires. Fair?

**rant over**

Pet Peeve #3,482

Once again this week, lots of tragedy and bad news abounding throughout the world. What am I going to do about it? Feel bad, of course. And then I’m going to focus on small, inconsequential issues that I find irksome. Because that’s what I do.

You know what expression I really detest? Anything that has to do with “putting on my big-girl panties.” Ugh ugh UGH.

Yes, I know what it’s trying to express. It’s another way of saying, “Be a responsible adult.” It’s also extremely condescending and skeevy to me. Why? Not sure. I just know it is. You know how we all hate certain words/phrases? This is one of mine.

Kind of strange, when you think about it. Because I find the phrase “little girl” to be extremely hot, especially in scene context. I know I’m not a little girl, not even close, but something about it gives me goosebumps. “You’re in big trouble, little girl.” Brrrrrrrrrr. How come that doesn’t insult me, but “big-girl panties” does? Maybe because the latter truly does liken a woman to a child, and that doesn’t sit well with me?

When I was a kid, a common insult for someone behaving immaturely was “Act your age, not your shoe size.” I think we need to resurrect that. I’m a woman, and all my panties are big-girl panties, thank you very much.

All I know is, whenever someone says anything about big-girl panties to  me, I want to say some very big-girl words back to them.

Oh, and make big-girl gestures. 🙂

Erica's Helpful Hints #4

Anyone relate?

Have a great weekend, y’all.

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