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All over the map today

The pre-party jitters have settled in for the duration. I probably should have passed on the caffeinated coffee this morning. Besides being keyed up over SL, I’m still on a high from the shoot last week and my book coming out, so there is a bit of overload happening. Deep breaths, Erica. I know I’m setting myself up for a spectacular drop, but I’ll worry about that later.

The preparations are in gear. Already got the pedicure (I don’t bother with manicures; my fingernails are hideous, so I just cut them short) and the haircut, and banished those pesky gray hairs. I tore my closet apart yesterday, trying on outfits. Usually I buy something new for these parties, but this year, money is especially tight. So I’m recycling.

Today is laundry day and my last trip to the gym for a few days. Tomorrow will be a whirlwind of last-minute odds and ends. Yes, I know, I’m only going away for three days. I’m not moving to Siberia. But this is what I do.

Anyway, I have a bunch of shout-outs today. The wonderful Zelle is at it again, singing my book’s praises on her blog. I nearly fell over in my chair laughing when I saw her clever Photoshop of me emerging from a coffee cup (go look). Thank you, my friend! What are your publicist rates? I owe you a bundle by now.

There’s a new book in the spanko world! The Spanking Writers (Abel and Haron) have put together an anthology of spanking stories from various writers, entitled The Spanking Collection. And here’s the best part: all proceeds from the book will be donated to cancer research. Please check it out.

Sending out my best wishes and warm hugs to the beautiful Pixie, who is home recovering from surgery. She’s had a tough year and I hope things look up for her very soon. I really am fond of that girl.

This week, The Villain and Dana Kane are relocating to Las Vegas. Las Vegas’s gain is definitely L.A.’s loss! (sniff) But they have both assured me they will be back here regularly, including for Spanking Court shoots. Last week when I told V, “I don’t want you guys to move away!”, he laughed and said, “Ah, we’re just over the hill!” Over the hill, he says. I wish I were so laid back about a 4-5 hour drive! Anyway… I wish them the very best on their move.

Last but definitely not least, that wonderful UPT (Ultra-Popular Top) Richard Windsor offered to shoot a little book promo video with me at the party, to put on Spanking Tube. You’ll see a very different Richard from the one who shot the interview with me last year — a lot less of him, to be specific. What is it now, Rich — 80 pounds down? Somewhere around there. 🙂 Fabulous.

All right… must go be productive.

Pixie’s "Cause For Paws" spanking video up!

As you may remember, Pixie collected so many contributions for her critter cause, she was going to thank everyone by taking designated minutes of spanking on camera. This year, Lily Anna and I helped her out by taking some of her swats (me from Richard Windsor, Lily Anna from her fiance). Pixie took the rest from her hubby, Audrey Knight and Vanny (oh, and a surprise guest, too). The resulting video is lots of fun!

You can see the video on Spanking Tube or on Pixie’s blog. Personally, I think the comments on her blog are much nicer (and classier) than some of the ones left on Spanking Tube. One charming gentleman shared how, after watching Pixie bare her bottom, his “penis nearly exploded.” Lovely! Yes, guys, we know that Spanking Tube is pretty much a wankfest site. But can you at least pretend your other head is functioning?

Anyway, Pixie did a great job of editing the vignettes together and I’m very proud to have had my small part in it. 🙂

Not much else to say today, kids. I am feeling rather fatigued…probably more mental than physical. Yesterday afternoon, despite the overwhelming desire to get into bed, pull the covers up over my head, close my eyes and sleep for the next six weeks, I dragged my sorry butt to the gym instead. So yay, me.

Have a great weekend, y’all. Don’t forget to set your clocks back (unless you live in Arizona, then leave them as they are).

Looks like LOL V was a success!

Looking through the spanko blogosphere, it looks like Bonnie’s Love Our Lurkers Day #5 did very well. Many participants and hundreds of comments; how cool is that! For everyone who stopped by here, thank you. I did get some new commenters, and that made me smile. Two people sent me comments via email — Carolyn and Rob, thank you as well.

After a day of so much positivity, I can’t bring myself to post a Correspondence Hall of Shame. It will keep.

Before I forget — everyone go wish Pixie a very happy birthday! 🙂

I confess, I am in a bit of subdued place today. Five weeks of worrying about J have taken a toll on me. So many caring friends have been writing and calling, expressing concern and making suggestions, all valid. However, ultimately, I’m not the one who makes any decisions about J — he is. And he insists up and down and sideways that for him, this is a normal duration of illness. I told him today that he needs to make a lifestyle change, even after he recovers from this thing. Get more sleep, not work so many hours. Running himself into the ground every day spends his reserves, and he has nothing shored up to fight off illness. He actually agreed with me… but whether or not he’ll do it remains to be seen. And frankly, I don’t know how much longer I can sit by and watch him killing himself.

The good news is, his appetite is returning. Sugar still makes him sick, but he’s eating more of other things. I will head to his place tomorrow morning and assess him this weekend. He promised me that he will go back to Kaiser yet again next week if he doesn’t continue to improve. I will hold him to that.

So, fun and light-heartedness have been a rare commodity lately, except for Mondays. I’d say New Guy has been a Godsend, but I don’t believe in those. So I’ll just say he’s been one helluva bright spot. 🙂  I still can’t believe he rose out of the slime pit that is See, what did I tell you guys about leaving my ad there, just for the hell of it — every few years, it pays off!

Seems he took exception to my public dissemination of his grammatical gaffe, and has sworn to LAY me across my bed and LAY into my butt. Uh oh. Ah well, it was worth it.

Onward, a day at a time. Have a good weekend, y’all.

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