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Another thing to cross off the spanko bucket list…

Participating in a custom video shoot!

My sister-pal Alex Reynolds offers custom shoots for clients who would like something shot just for themselves, with their chosen fantasies, dialogue, outfits, etc. It’s a very cool service option — you can read all about it on her blog, here. As you can see, I’m listed among the local models available, but I never figured anyone would request me.

But lo and behold — this weekend, I worked in a cast of seven for Alex’s client’s requested shoot; I will refer to him as Mr. W. He’d written a script about a private girls’ school, and guess who got to play the nasty, egotistical, over-the-top bitch of a governess? 😀

What amazing company — along with Alex and Mr. W., the shoot included Chelsea Pfeiffer, Christy Cutie, Harley Havic and Dorothy Burnette. It was quite elaborate with many scenes, both indoors and out, and several costume changes. Alex had rented Bordello of Decadence, a local BDSM play space, for the weekend, and we spent half the day there Saturday rehearsing and blocking, and then all day yesterday shooting.

I wish I had pictures to show you, but I don’t have any, and they wouldn’t be mine to show anyway. The schoolgirl uniforms were fully authentic, down to the ties and caps, and Alex even bought desks, which she, Christy and Dorothy were struggling to put together, a la IKEA, yesterday. We had a camera operator who clearly knew his stuff and was very patient, working with us to do/redo everything necessary.

No, I didn’t do any spanking, even though I was the school governess. I was there mostly to make life miserable for Headmistress Chelsea, and try to take over the school. I did have one very brief spanking scene when I was seducing Mr. W., but Chelsea caught us in the act and it ended quickly.

So much fun!! We had a lot of laughs all day, and everyone was in good spirits, even though some of us were dealing with physical discomfort — both Mr. W and Alex had colds, Chelsea had a hip injury and Harley had a swollen ankle and was limping around on a cane between scenes. Can I just stop here for a minute and rave about how incredibly well Alex pulled this whole thing together? She had a million details to deal with — bags and bags of clothes, scripts, props, furniture, implements, release forms, arranging for the camera guy and the rental of the space, coordinating everyone, making sure we had snacks and water, details, details, details. My governess getup called for a pillbox hat and gloves, neither of which I have, so she got them for me. A last-minute scene addition required me to be in conservative underwear — granny panties and a slip — and I don’t own those either, so she brought them for me. She had pages and pages of notes and to-do lists and was so organized. A shoot this complex has all the potential for something or another to go disastrously wrong, but we had none of that. I’d say the worst thing that happened all day was that a tub of hummus got knocked onto the floor. 🙂 (Not gonna say who did it, but it wasn’t me, for once!)

The only thing I feel a little bad about was that I had trouble with my lines. I had a fair amount of dialogue — big chunks of it, in fact — and had had just a couple of days with the script to memorize it. Days where I was super busy with work and didn’t have much time. It’s been several years since I’ve worked with a script; I used to be really good at memorizing lines, but I don’t seem to be anymore. So we did some cheats — white boards, scripts laid out on desks like they were school papers, etc. — but I still blew my lines repeatedly. However, in editing, they cut out all the flubs and piece everything together, so none of that will show. But I still feel like I could have done a much better job. (sigh) Mr. W. was very nice and assured me that it was all fine. (To be fair to myself, others struggled with their lines too!)

The movie was actually pretty funny. We even had a “dream sequence,” with Alex, Harley and Christy cheerleading topless, and me in my underwear miming doing lewd things with a cane. Yes, really. I also had to fake being shot in the ass with a pea shooter (no peas were actually shot, but pea shooters played a big part in this film).

I had not seen Chelsea for a few years, so it was awesome to hang out with her again! ♥

We convened at noon yesterday and were done by 7:00 — not bad at all! As per usual after a shoot, where adrenaline is running high, I dropped hard and was yawning and feeling boneless. And of course the @#$%ing freeway was crawling on the way home. What the hell? Where are all these people going on a Sunday night?? But I finally got home, unpacked, and crashed.

No Steve tomorrow, once again. He’s still sick and doesn’t want to take a chance in infecting me. (sigh) This means I haven’t been spanked in a month; no pre-party warm-up. I’m screwed. (But I’ll deal. I’m a trouper that way.)

Thank you thank you thank you, Alex and Mr. W! 🙂

Facebook, stupid people, and me

With a title like that, you know there’s some snark forthcoming, no?

OK, so pretty much everyone and their second cousin is on Facebook, including a lot of fellow kinksters. Generally, when kinky folks are on FB, they fall into one of two camps. Some of them use their scene names, and promote their material (books, videos, blogs, etc.) that has to do with their kink. And others are there under their real names, and don’t speak of the kink at all — they are there to connect with family, coworkers, vanilla friends, etc.

Surprise, surprise — I don’t fit into either camp. I use my scene name, but I don’t promote my scene stuff. I don’t post pictures of my bottom, of spanking, or any links to videos. (I did post a sort of g-rated kinky picture once of myself in bondage, but then I took it down.) I don’t talk about spanking. I don’t feel the need to do so — I can talk about that here, on FetLife, on Twitter. I belong to a Spanking Authors group, but it’s private. On FB, I’m friends with a lot of different people, including vanillas, and even a couple of cousins. Everyone knows what I do; I don’t exactly hide it. But I don’t broadcast it, out of respect for vanilla people, or for kink friends who are trying to appear vanilla on FB. So why do I use my scene name, you might ask. Simple. I post pictures of my face. And I don’t want to broadcast my real last name out there, for all the stalkers and weirdos to see and say, “Ah! So THAT’S who Erica Scott really is!” My real name is for friends only.

Being the troublemaker I can be sometimes, I’ll hint at it. For example, right before Shadow Lane, I’ll post a status along the lines of “Going to Vegas for a long weekend to engage in activities we don’t talk about on Facebook.” 😀  But I won’t spell it out.

So what do I find particularly annoying on FB? When I post something that has absolutely zero, zilch, zip to do with spanking, and commenters try to make it about spanking. So much for subtlety!

Yesterday, I went to lunch with my stepmother, and we had an unusually handsome waiter. Damn, he was gorgeous. I joked with my stepmom about how utterly effed up it is that I think this guy is cute and then realize I’m old enough to be his mother. When I got home, I posted a status on FB about life’s “fuck me” moments, mentioning the server and that sickening jolt when it occurred to me that he could be my son.

People liked the post and made lots of fun comments. Until the bozo who wrote, “I hope your stepmom tanned your bottom for those thoughts.”

Uh, no. Because life is not a spanking video, dear. If it were, I’d be 18, my stepmother would be a gorgeous MILF-y 42 or so, and sure, that would be video fodder. Real life? I’m 58 and she’s 83. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. No one, but no one wants to see that. And if someone does, I don’t want to know who they are.

So, because I didn’t want to be rude (yes, that happens sometimes), I attempted to deflect his remark and steered things back onto the topic. But he wouldn’t give up. Today, he wrote that I should have at least gotten a “warming on the seat of my skirt.”

Oh, for Christ’s sake.

But before I could answer, someone else chimed in and told him to give it up, that this wasn’t about spanking, despite his clumsy efforts to make it so. And what does Bozo reply?

everything about eirica is about spanking she is a spanking model idiot

(Really? If you know so much about me, how come you can’t spell my name right, idiot?)

It still boggles my mind that some people think this way. Of course, if one is into spanking, especially if one’s career is centered around spanking, then every single thing they do and say and eat and drink and breathe and excrete comes down to spanking! Everything else — feelings, desires, relationships, hobbies, preferences, travels, travails, etc. — is just filler.

Newsflash, dumbass. No, everything about me is not about spanking. It’s part of my life, granted. A big part. But it’s not my whole life, period. Nor is it the whole life of spanking actresses, models, bloggers, authors. They all have various dimensions. They have likes and dislikes, loves and hates, favorite foods, children, mates, pets, allergies, childhood memories, songs they sing in the shower, nightmares, and all those other bits and pieces that make up the messy puzzle of human-ness.

Why would people assume that anyone’s life is that one-dimensional? I guess they think that porn stars have sex 24/7 too, huh? Because, well, sex. That’s all there is, isn’t there? (sigh)

Yeah, I know. You can’t fix stupid. But it helps to rant about it every now and then. 🙂

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