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Silly (and very old) startle

Y’all know what spanko startles are, right? When you’re watching something mainstream and you hear some sort of verbiage or reference to our most enjoyable kink.

Yes, I realize no one under 40 (perhaps 50) will remember Groucho Marx, but this is from an unsold pilot he did in the early 1960s called The Plot Thickens. In it, a video of a murder mystery is shown, and then the suspects are gathered and it’s up to a panel of “experts,” Groucho included, to determine who the murderer is. Once it’s been discovered that Lois, the femme fatale wife, was the culprit, check out the host’s reaction:

I have this as an extra on a DVD of Groucho’s old quiz show, You Bet Your Life. I remember years ago, Danny Chrighton and I were watching it, and when Jack Linkletter said, “You naughty, naughty murderer!” both our heads snapped up and our eyes widened at the same time. Ah, we spankos are so wired.

“You caught me!” “Yeah, I caught you!” (and of course, I’m imagining that he added “and now I’m going to spank you, you little murdering minx!”)

Once again, can you tell I have spanking on the brain? One more week till Vegas!

Spanking “startles”

Does anyone remember these? I think they date back to the olden days of the spanking newsgroups, when people would post about seeing or hearing the “s” word in an unexpected mainstream instance. Like when one sees a sports report on the news, and the commentator says that Team So-and-so “spanked” Team Whatsis. I swear, I have been half-asleep in front of the TV and had that word jolt me awake.

Or like the time when my bank sent my statement, along with a notice that they had “BRAND SPANKING NEW BRANCH HOURS.” Do tell.

How many of you get that pleasant jolt in your belly when that happens?

It can be pretty damn funny, the extent of our knee-jerk reactions. Years ago, Danny was visiting me and we were at my computer, looking at something or another with the TV on in the background. I forget which show it was — it was either Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock Presents — but out of nowhere, one of the characters said “spanking.” At the same moment, both Danny and I jerked our heads up from the screen and caught one another’s widened eyes. He said “spanking”! Did you hear that?

In an episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon bragged about how hard he “spanked” physicist Stephen Hawking in a game of “Words With Friends.” (Yeah… I could have done without that visual, but it still gave me that jolt.)

And of course, I just had to see the 1994 dark comedy Spanking the Monkey, even though I knew it had nothing to do with spanking. (As it turned out, the subject matter was much darker than any spanking movie.)

Speaking of movies, my latest startle was a film review in the LA Weekly a couple of weeks ago. The headline for the review? “Goodnight Mommy gives the audience a good spanking.” Huh? What? Naturally, I had to read the review immediately, but the writer was being a deliberate tease, it seemed. Goodnight Mommy is a horror movie, and I don’t even like that genre. Apparently the level of fright and gore is “punishing” to its viewers.

More evidence of our wild wiring, I guess. What are some of your startles?

It’s been a lovely birthday week. John has told me that we are continuing to celebrate this weekend, and next as well! I don’t know why, and I don’t know what he has planned, but I am touched that he’s making such a big deal about it. Perhaps it’s because it’s the first birthday after his surgery ordeal? Of course, his birthday is October 5 but he won’t let me make a fuss at all! (sigh) Still, I have bought presents and will bake brownies. He still needs another couple of minor surgeries, but overall, he’s doing so much better, and up to walking an hour twice a day! ♥

Have a great weekend, y’all.

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