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Post #1000!

As many of my long-time readers know, I started blogging on MySpace many years ago, and when they tanked, I switched over to Blogger in 2010. Since then, my combined posts on Blogger and then WordPress have reached a whopping one thousand. Can’t believe I had that much to say, and I’m still going at it.

What to write for #1000… I had some good suggestions, and thanks to everyone for those. I finally decided to do a tribute post to all the men I’ve worked with in video over the years. It will be a fun retrospective for me, and hopefully for you too.

So that there is no appearance of favoritism, I will post them alphabetically.

Danny Chrighton

It’s fitting that he is first, because not only did we shoot “When Danny Met Erica,” together, but we were play partners and the best of friend for three years, before he moved out of state. We’re still in touch periodically and I hope to see him at a party one of these days. He is dear to me, and I’m so glad I have our video as a souvenir of our time together.


“Coach” Daniels

“Coach” and his partner, Ms. Burns, AKA Veronica Daniels, worked for Real Spankings Institute, then branched off as The Spanking Couple. About ten years ago, they did a filmed interview with me, and Coach and I did a spanking/caning scene. He dubbed me “Great Scott,” which tickled me. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter they were both outed in the scene and all their material was taken down. But I still have the clip and pictures, and a fond memory.


Michael Donovan, AKA The Villain, AKA the Court Disciplinarian

When Spanking Court was filming (sadly, they are no longer), I was lucky enough to do a six-clip story arc with them. Michael and I were friends and occasional play partners then, so it was a joy to be able to work with him. We did a little video on our own as well, “The Villain Strikes Erica Scott,” which I now have in my Spanking Library clips. I had so much fun with him, and with everyone involved in SC.

SC10.1.11 127

Steve Fuller

Now retired, Steve was quite the shining star in the video world, working for several companies, and I had the extreme pleasure of being his very first co-star, in Shadow Lane‘s “The Spanking Professor.” I also worked with him for Spanking Epics, doing a couple of their “spanklets” and being part of an ensemble with him in the Being Keith Jones Trilogy. I really liked Steve and miss seeing him in videoland!


Keith Jones

What can I say about Keith — he was my very first co-star, back in 2000 for Shadow Lane, and we went on to do five full-length videos plus a spanklet for Spanking Epics together. Working with him was amazing and we had a lot of fun times, both shooting and playing at parties. He was the one who gave me the nickname “Bionic Bottom.” (It’s not so much anymore, but it was for years!) 🙂 Here I am gleefully pointing out where I’d nicked him after beaning him with a prop bottle. (Actually, I felt awful about that, but he was a good sport!)


Paul Kennedy

I love this man; he’s a good friend to John and me, and he’s the partner of my dear friend Alex Reynolds. I met him in 2009 at a Shadow Lane party, and have wanted to work with him for years. Finally got my chance when Pandora Blake came to L.A. and shot us in “The Workaholic” for Dreams of Spanking. It was a fun shoot, full of energy and snappy dialogue, and great spanking (hand, hairbrush, belt).


Ralph Marvell

Of all my co-stars, I’ve known Ralph the longest; we met in 1999, became friends, and shot “Spank Thy Neighbor” for Shadow Lane in 2001. We got a little frisky at the end of that video, and the first time I watched it was quite the experience, sitting between Ralph and John and blushing from head to toe. We’re still buddies to this day.


(Jesus, those granny panties… not of my choosing!)

Stephen Lewis

I shot two films for Northern Spanking with Stephen, and he was a blast. He was a wonderful sport, even when I was throwing his slipper at him or dumping M&M’s over his head, and he and I had crackling chemistry and repartee on screen. He had the ability to meet all my smart-assery with his own jabs, which made it all the more fun.


Devlin O’Neill

Devlin and I did one shoot together, Shadow Lane‘s “Stand Corrected,” and it was quite the memorable experience. We wrote the script, and we did a road trip together from L.A. to Vegas. Both of us had terrible colds, but we soldiered on, sucking down Sudafed and throat lozenges, and made it through a vigorous shoot. Devlin was a sweetie, and we had a lot of laughs during our long drive to and from Vegas. He even let me eat ice cream in his car, which he teasingly told me not to mention, because his littles at the time were not allowed to do so! (That was eleven years ago, so I think it’s OK to mention it now!)


John Osborne

The busy top of Triple AAA Spanking (and partner of Sarah Gregory), John and I have shot several videos, both for his site and for Sarah’s. John is a lot of fun to work with; he’s sweet and funny and I enjoy playing with him off camera too!


Paul Rogers

In 2010, I flew to Connecticut to shoot with Sarah Gregory and Paul, for both her site and his clip site Spanking 101. I was with them four days, shot a lot of content and had a marvelous time. Paul and Sarah treated me like a queen and we ended up with some great stuff. Paul is one hell of a spanker, too — I trashed his hand, but he trashed me pretty good too! (In the best possible way, of course.)


Uncle Bob

I shot a few clips for Uncle Bob’s Woodshed clip site a few years ago, including a fun one called “Sweet Revenge” in which I blistered Bob’s hand. 😀  Ah, I love it when that happens. I’ve known Bob for many years and it’s always fun to see him at parties.


Richard Windsor

Rich and I did a little bit of filming together: we shot a vignette for Pixie’s “Cause For Paws,” a quickie clip advertising my book back in 2011, and a two-part interview for Spanking Tube. Even though the experiences were brief, they were great fun.


Robert Wolf

Last but definitely not least, Robert (Lily Starr’s hubby) and I have shot several clips together for Lily Starr Spanking, including “The Devil Wears a Red Bottom,” “The Online Menace” (in which I blistered his hand as well), and one of my favorites, “The Secret Life of the Kinky Wife.” He’s a sweetie (as is his lovely wife!).


I do need to mention Amateur Spankings — I shot for them, but the spanker likes to stay off camera and I don’t know what name he uses publicly, so it’s best that I leave it at that. But it was fun and he’s a nice guy. 🙂

Honorable mention: There is one man I’ve always wished I could have shot with, and that’s Eric Strickman, AKA Uncle Eric. He and I have never met, but we used to IM a great deal and we even talked on the phone a couple of times (those of you who know me, know what a rarity that is). Why did I want to shoot with him? Just look at him!


I’ve been so very lucky, working with such talented men. They gave me more memorable experiences than I can count and brought me much delicious pain and even more delicious pleasure. Thank you all. ♥

That’s it for #1000. I don’t know if I have another thousand in me, kids, but as long as you want to keep reading, I’ll keep writing.

Have a great weekend, y’all.

What a nice surprise! :-)

So I’m cruising through Bonnie’s “Good and Hot” section, checking out the updates, and what do I see? A review of one of my older videos, “The Spanking Professor,” over at The Spanking Spot, written by Brushstrokes. I clicked on it eagerly, and was delighted to see a very thorough, scene-by-scene review, complete with lots of pictures (screengrabs, I’m thinking, because I haven’t seen most of these before).

As I read, my grin grew bigger and bigger. It’s a very nice review, extremely complimentary. Any self-respecting attention whore loves to read that she’s smoking, brilliant, dynamic, beautiful (blushing fiercely). However, here’s the part that made my face practically split wide open. Mr. Brushstrokes freely admits that he was surprised that he enjoyed watching me so much, since he prefers seeing younger girls getting spanked. HA!

I don’t know why I’m feeling so incredibly vindicated right now. It’s silly of me. But this tickles me to death — a blogger who has his typing fingers on the pulse of the spanking scene, all the up-and-comers and the nubile young lovelies, admitted that he watched someone who is “a little older” (his words) than his usual subjects and was surprised at how very much he liked her. Why do I feel like I’ve made some sort of breakthrough? 

Oh, and here’s the best part. Not once in the entire review did he use the qualifier “for her age.” 😀

Anyway — besides that, it was great fun to see one of my old favorites mentioned in such detail. Damn, I miss Steve Fuller.

Oh, and Mr. Brushstrokes mentioned that he would have liked to see a longer, harder spanking with the college coed in the beginning of the video. There’s a reason why that didn’t happen, but you’ll just have to read my book to find out all about it! :-Þ

Twitter has been interesting. I’ve been on there about a day and a half, have 66 followers and have tweeted 27 times. However, most of those are replies to others, so they don’t really count. Haven’t figured out hashtags yet. Not in any rush to do so, either.

Anyway, thank you to Spanking Spot for making my day!

Fun Shadow Lane party article

In anticipation of the party this week, Eve Howard’s latest “Eve’s Corner” is a primer on what you can expect to see and do at these gatherings, plus some dos and don’ts. Each segment is cleverly illustrated with photos from various SL videos. If you’re going, or even if you’re not, check it out. It’s a fun and informative read.

As I perused the article and photos, I did a double take toward the end: Hey! That’s me! It was a picture I hadn’t seen before from Spanking Professor, with the splendid Steve Fuller. Above the photo, Eve had written:

This photo introduces a matter worth commenting on, namely, taking a girl by hair. It is quite possible to do this without feeling unpleasant, by gathering the hair close to the head, etc., and many people seem to like it, however, never grab anyone by the hair without first discussing the subject and getting their permission to do it. Even if you know what you’re doing, the act of grabbing someone like that if they are unprepared could be very disturbing, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, painful. So check first. And this applies to every type of exotic variation on standard over the knee spanking.

Very wise words. I happen to love a hair grab. Not a hair yank so much — I don’t have a whiplash fetish. But the feeling of a man’s hand entangling in my hair and then his fist closing… mmmm. Don’t get me started. But never assume a woman will like that; some consider it an abusive gesture.

However, here’s MY question: Just what the hell is going on with my mouth in this photo??

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