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Post #1000!

As many of my long-time readers know, I started blogging on MySpace many years ago, and when they tanked, I switched over to Blogger in 2010. Since then, my combined posts on Blogger and then WordPress have reached a whopping one thousand. Can’t believe I had that much to say, and I’m still going at it.

What to write for #1000… I had some good suggestions, and thanks to everyone for those. I finally decided to do a tribute post to all the men I’ve worked with in video over the years. It will be a fun retrospective for me, and hopefully for you too.

So that there is no appearance of favoritism, I will post them alphabetically.

Danny Chrighton

It’s fitting that he is first, because not only did we shoot “When Danny Met Erica,” together, but we were play partners and the best of friend for three years, before he moved out of state. We’re still in touch periodically and I hope to see him at a party one of these days. He is dear to me, and I’m so glad I have our video as a souvenir of our time together.


“Coach” Daniels

“Coach” and his partner, Ms. Burns, AKA Veronica Daniels, worked for Real Spankings Institute, then branched off as The Spanking Couple. About ten years ago, they did a filmed interview with me, and Coach and I did a spanking/caning scene. He dubbed me “Great Scott,” which tickled me. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter they were both outed in the scene and all their material was taken down. But I still have the clip and pictures, and a fond memory.


Michael Donovan, AKA The Villain, AKA the Court Disciplinarian

When Spanking Court was filming (sadly, they are no longer), I was lucky enough to do a six-clip story arc with them. Michael and I were friends and occasional play partners then, so it was a joy to be able to work with him. We did a little video on our own as well, “The Villain Strikes Erica Scott,” which I now have in my Spanking Library clips. I had so much fun with him, and with everyone involved in SC.

SC10.1.11 127

Steve Fuller

Now retired, Steve was quite the shining star in the video world, working for several companies, and I had the extreme pleasure of being his very first co-star, in Shadow Lane‘s “The Spanking Professor.” I also worked with him for Spanking Epics, doing a couple of their “spanklets” and being part of an ensemble with him in the Being Keith Jones Trilogy. I really liked Steve and miss seeing him in videoland!


Keith Jones

What can I say about Keith — he was my very first co-star, back in 2000 for Shadow Lane, and we went on to do five full-length videos plus a spanklet for Spanking Epics together. Working with him was amazing and we had a lot of fun times, both shooting and playing at parties. He was the one who gave me the nickname “Bionic Bottom.” (It’s not so much anymore, but it was for years!) 🙂 Here I am gleefully pointing out where I’d nicked him after beaning him with a prop bottle. (Actually, I felt awful about that, but he was a good sport!)


Paul Kennedy

I love this man; he’s a good friend to John and me, and he’s the partner of my dear friend Alex Reynolds. I met him in 2009 at a Shadow Lane party, and have wanted to work with him for years. Finally got my chance when Pandora Blake came to L.A. and shot us in “The Workaholic” for Dreams of Spanking. It was a fun shoot, full of energy and snappy dialogue, and great spanking (hand, hairbrush, belt).


Ralph Marvell

Of all my co-stars, I’ve known Ralph the longest; we met in 1999, became friends, and shot “Spank Thy Neighbor” for Shadow Lane in 2001. We got a little frisky at the end of that video, and the first time I watched it was quite the experience, sitting between Ralph and John and blushing from head to toe. We’re still buddies to this day.


(Jesus, those granny panties… not of my choosing!)

Stephen Lewis

I shot two films for Northern Spanking with Stephen, and he was a blast. He was a wonderful sport, even when I was throwing his slipper at him or dumping M&M’s over his head, and he and I had crackling chemistry and repartee on screen. He had the ability to meet all my smart-assery with his own jabs, which made it all the more fun.


Devlin O’Neill

Devlin and I did one shoot together, Shadow Lane‘s “Stand Corrected,” and it was quite the memorable experience. We wrote the script, and we did a road trip together from L.A. to Vegas. Both of us had terrible colds, but we soldiered on, sucking down Sudafed and throat lozenges, and made it through a vigorous shoot. Devlin was a sweetie, and we had a lot of laughs during our long drive to and from Vegas. He even let me eat ice cream in his car, which he teasingly told me not to mention, because his littles at the time were not allowed to do so! (That was eleven years ago, so I think it’s OK to mention it now!)


John Osborne

The busy top of Triple AAA Spanking (and partner of Sarah Gregory), John and I have shot several videos, both for his site and for Sarah’s. John is a lot of fun to work with; he’s sweet and funny and I enjoy playing with him off camera too!


Paul Rogers

In 2010, I flew to Connecticut to shoot with Sarah Gregory and Paul, for both her site and his clip site Spanking 101. I was with them four days, shot a lot of content and had a marvelous time. Paul and Sarah treated me like a queen and we ended up with some great stuff. Paul is one hell of a spanker, too — I trashed his hand, but he trashed me pretty good too! (In the best possible way, of course.)


Uncle Bob

I shot a few clips for Uncle Bob’s Woodshed clip site a few years ago, including a fun one called “Sweet Revenge” in which I blistered Bob’s hand. 😀  Ah, I love it when that happens. I’ve known Bob for many years and it’s always fun to see him at parties.


Richard Windsor

Rich and I did a little bit of filming together: we shot a vignette for Pixie’s “Cause For Paws,” a quickie clip advertising my book back in 2011, and a two-part interview for Spanking Tube. Even though the experiences were brief, they were great fun.


Robert Wolf

Last but definitely not least, Robert (Lily Starr’s hubby) and I have shot several clips together for Lily Starr Spanking, including “The Devil Wears a Red Bottom,” “The Online Menace” (in which I blistered his hand as well), and one of my favorites, “The Secret Life of the Kinky Wife.” He’s a sweetie (as is his lovely wife!).


I do need to mention Amateur Spankings — I shot for them, but the spanker likes to stay off camera and I don’t know what name he uses publicly, so it’s best that I leave it at that. But it was fun and he’s a nice guy. 🙂

Honorable mention: There is one man I’ve always wished I could have shot with, and that’s Eric Strickman, AKA Uncle Eric. He and I have never met, but we used to IM a great deal and we even talked on the phone a couple of times (those of you who know me, know what a rarity that is). Why did I want to shoot with him? Just look at him!


I’ve been so very lucky, working with such talented men. They gave me more memorable experiences than I can count and brought me much delicious pain and even more delicious pleasure. Thank you all. ♥

That’s it for #1000. I don’t know if I have another thousand in me, kids, but as long as you want to keep reading, I’ll keep writing.

Have a great weekend, y’all.

Some industry news: Spanking Court and Sternwood Academy return!

Some of you who have been with me for a while may remember, back in 2011, I was shooting for a site known as Spanking Court. SC, and its sister site, Sternwood Academy (about a naughty girls’ school) were the brainchild of Cali Katarina, who along with her Dom and partner, ran Alpine Sierra Studios.

Spanking Court was wonderful fun. Dana Kane and Michael Donovan were the Bailiff and Court Disciplinarian, respectively, there was a strict judge, and the court saw many defendants during its time, including Snow Mercy, Nikki Rouge, Samantha Grace, Alex Reynolds, Ten Amorette, Christy Cutie, Maddy Marks, and lots more. I was lucky enough to do a six-episode story arc, which started out kind of different from the rest of the “cases”: I was there to try a sort of physical/psychological experiment, with court-assigned spanking as treatment for depression. However, I quickly ran afoul of the Court Disciplinarian; I was ticked off by his coldly professional demeanor (and his insistence on calling me “ma’am”), and my “treatment” morphed into a clash of wills where I did my best to get his goat. Of course, everything I said and did ended up backfiring on me. But in my final appearance, which was all about resolution and closure, I got to have the last word, in a most unexpected way. 🙂

Me, smirking, as usual:


When Alpine Sierra Studios ceased production a couple of years ago, the massive collection of SC and Sternwood videos were no longer available for purchase. Which I thought was a terrible shame and a waste — they’d put in so much work, so much talent had been involved, and there was a lot of fresh, creative content. I’d had the time of my life working with these people and I hated the fact that the evidence of those good times had disappeared.

Until now! The entire library of Spanking Court and Sternwood Academy videos is being restored and reissued, by none other than Dana Kane and Michael Donovan, and distributed through both their Clips4Sale stores. There is a lot of material and they are putting up a few clips at a time, so it will be a while before the collection is complete once again. But in time, it will all be there. I’m so jazzed about this! So happy to see all this good work available once again.

These videos were the real deal, with authentic costumes, sets, etc. To read more about them and get links to the sites where you can buy them, check out this post on Dana’s blog.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Two-fer: Monday fun and birthday greetings

So, you guys remember how last week, I discovered ST’s paddle peeking out from under the bed, and I fessed up to finding it rather than letting him think he lost it?

He came in tonight, claiming I hid it from him and I kicked it under the bed! Well, I never! I most certainly did not. Really, I didn’t. So I protested, and then he backed down, saying, “You’re right. I apologize. You’re such a good girl, I shouldn’t spank you at all.”

Yeah. Right.

As you can imagine, that didn’t last very long. He couldn’t stand it.

We’ve been playing in the bedroom lately, since my next-door neighbor moved out and so the bedroom on the other side of the wall is temporarily empty. I must say, it’s nice to be able to make a bit of noise and not shove my face into a pillow all the time.

But you know, he still didn’t believe that I was so accommodating, announcing to the world that I’d found his paddle.

“I was just trying to be nice!” I squawked. And you know what he had the nerve to say to that? “Oh, please. I’ve never known you to be nice!”

HUMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHH! Excuse me?? Me, not nice? I am a fucking living doll, dammit.

I even went and got him a glass of water, bringing it in and saying, “Here you are, Your Majesty.”

He liked that, and suggested I lengthen the honorific to Lord God Your Majesty. I counter-suggested something he didn’t like, for whatever reason, and we were off and running.

That’s just an expression. There was no running. Although my legs were pumping.

He barely used his hand tonight — said it was hurting him. Good thing he had a bag of toys, huh? Right?

Yeah. Wheee. (rolling eyes)

I wish, just once, I could keep some color for more than a minute or two. It looks like he barely patted me, doesn’t it? I guarantee you, he did a lot more than that. Lucky me. 🙂

Thank you, sweetie. You cheered me up a great deal tonight.


Earlier this year, I met and played with The Villain for the first time, here in my apartment. I knew he was involved with Dana Kane, but she and I hadn’t met, nor had we had any correspondence. So I thought it was mighty cool of her to be OK with his coming over to play with me, a stranger. Believe me, I do not take that for granted. I know it’s kind of ridiculous — me, a threat to anyone? really?? — but in the past, I’ve dealt with jealousy/insecurity that bordered on the psychotic, so I am hyper-cautious.

So after he left, I wrote her a note on FetLife, just to say hello and thank you for letting me “borrow” V for the afternoon. I was respectful and even used a proper honorific. Later, she wrote back, saying “Please, just call me Dana” and that they were both overjoyed when they could find someone sane to play with. (Sane?? Me? uhhhh… ok) She then added, “He came home grinning like the Cheshire Cat, so thank you.”

Damn, I thought. I think I’m really going to like this woman. And I did, the minute I met her in person, in May. When I went to shake her hand and she gave me a great big hug.

So, I’m a little early ’cause it’s not quite October 18 yet, but,


Wishing you lots of love and special attention and cake and presents and anything else your heart desires, you gorgeous woman. 🙂

Glad you all enjoyed the “Hollywood insider” post. I’ll try to come up with a few more of those.

All over the map today

The pre-party jitters have settled in for the duration. I probably should have passed on the caffeinated coffee this morning. Besides being keyed up over SL, I’m still on a high from the shoot last week and my book coming out, so there is a bit of overload happening. Deep breaths, Erica. I know I’m setting myself up for a spectacular drop, but I’ll worry about that later.

The preparations are in gear. Already got the pedicure (I don’t bother with manicures; my fingernails are hideous, so I just cut them short) and the haircut, and banished those pesky gray hairs. I tore my closet apart yesterday, trying on outfits. Usually I buy something new for these parties, but this year, money is especially tight. So I’m recycling.

Today is laundry day and my last trip to the gym for a few days. Tomorrow will be a whirlwind of last-minute odds and ends. Yes, I know, I’m only going away for three days. I’m not moving to Siberia. But this is what I do.

Anyway, I have a bunch of shout-outs today. The wonderful Zelle is at it again, singing my book’s praises on her blog. I nearly fell over in my chair laughing when I saw her clever Photoshop of me emerging from a coffee cup (go look). Thank you, my friend! What are your publicist rates? I owe you a bundle by now.

There’s a new book in the spanko world! The Spanking Writers (Abel and Haron) have put together an anthology of spanking stories from various writers, entitled The Spanking Collection. And here’s the best part: all proceeds from the book will be donated to cancer research. Please check it out.

Sending out my best wishes and warm hugs to the beautiful Pixie, who is home recovering from surgery. She’s had a tough year and I hope things look up for her very soon. I really am fond of that girl.

This week, The Villain and Dana Kane are relocating to Las Vegas. Las Vegas’s gain is definitely L.A.’s loss! (sniff) But they have both assured me they will be back here regularly, including for Spanking Court shoots. Last week when I told V, “I don’t want you guys to move away!”, he laughed and said, “Ah, we’re just over the hill!” Over the hill, he says. I wish I were so laid back about a 4-5 hour drive! Anyway… I wish them the very best on their move.

Last but definitely not least, that wonderful UPT (Ultra-Popular Top) Richard Windsor offered to shoot a little book promo video with me at the party, to put on Spanking Tube. You’ll see a very different Richard from the one who shot the interview with me last year — a lot less of him, to be specific. What is it now, Rich — 80 pounds down? Somewhere around there. 🙂 Fabulous.

All right… must go be productive.

The Villain Strikes: Erica Scott

V and Dana had a very busy Friday/Saturday. They got the video completely edited, then went to put it on Spanking Tube… and it was too large a file. We just kept going and going and going, and it was jam-packed with spanking action. So they had to find another place to put it, and then created a one-minute teaser video for Spanking Tube. That one, you can see here:

V also blogged about it here (go give the man some blog love, will ya?), tweeted about it, and posted pictures on FetLife. So, some of you have already seen the video in its entirety.

For those who haven’t, you can find the full-length film here. Even for this site, they had to edit it down a bit. Tough call, deciding what to snip out, because we loved it all.

They did a fan-freaking-tastic job and I’m thrilled to pieces with it. John liked it, and it’s very hard to impress him, since he’s seen so much spanking content over the years.

When V first told me about doing this and described everything he was bringing, I thought, holy crap, he’s going to have a carload of stuff, the parking is terrible on my block and it’s over 100 degrees out — what a nightmare! I told him, park in the red zone, call me from your car and I’ll come down and help you. Not necessary, he replied, it all fits in one bag. Huh??

Sure enough, he showed up with one big duffel bag on Thursday at noon. Remember in Mary Poppins, she had that one suitcase, but kept pulling one thing after another after another out of it? That’s what it was like with his duffel — out came a camera, three tripods, huge fluorescent bulbs, umbrellas to filter the lights, a microphone, power strips, cords, other odds and ends. We sat and talked for about 20 minutes while he set everything up.

I think we had five, maybe six camera position changes. For one quick portion, we had to set up the camera and a light in the hallway outside my front door. Fortunately, no one came down the hall or opened their door. That would have taken some ‘splaining. Once we got to the spanking action, then it was all one wide-angle shot. You could see all of him, all of me, and I made sure to keep my head craned around so my face was visible. (It’s no coincidence that I have a stiff neck after every video shoot!)

He thought it was going to take five-six hours, but we banged it out in four. And had so, so much fun doing it, lots of laughs and silliness. My apartment’s A/C cooperated for once and it was about 73 degrees (couldn’t get it any cooler), even though it was triple digits outside. Still, V drenched his shirt by the time we were done. Fortunately, he had a spare.

We didn’t have anyone to take stills for us, of course, so he said he’d pull stills with frame grabs. Every now and then as we were shooting, he’d whisper “Hold this for a few seconds, for a still,” and we’d freeze in position. I think that worked well.

Anyway, just like in the video, he was here and gone, and I was left sort of stupefied and giddy (not to mention a little tender). I put an oversized t-shirt on so I could go get the mail, and when I came back, I glanced at my front door, at the site of the doorbell, and noticed the black Labelmaker sticker with my last name on it. My real last name. Oh, crap. I’d completely forgotten about that.

So I wrote to V, asking if there’s any way they could blur that out. He wrote back, saying they’d already seen it and they were going to put an overlay on it to cover it up. I have no idea what that entails, but they did it. All you see is a white square. Amazing.

I would say both V and Dana should have a round of applause for how well they put this together, and how quickly! 🙂  I do hope y’all like it.

And apparently I’m going to be punished tomorrow for letting strangers into my apartment late at night…

The Tease

It’s easy to tease,
But hard to get release

Those lyrics from Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without a Face” are relentlessly running through my mind at the moment.

I admit, I like to tease. Verbally, certainly. But physically as well. Let’s be honest here… I don’t post a bazillion pictures of my bottom and my half-dressed body because I’m overly fascinated with them. I see them all the time. I do so because I am an exhibitionist and I love the attention. I do it because I can.

Today, I got a bit of comeuppance, and deliciously so. Today, I was teased.

By the Villain.

He hasn’t visited me for a while; we’ve had our fun at Spanking Court, and he’s very busy. I half expected him to regretfully cancel today, but he didn’t.

I thought, wow. Two spankings in one week, how did I get so lucky? Such a greedy girl. I got whaled but good by NG on Monday, and here it was Thursday and I was itching for more.

But I just got a taste. Tease and denial, tease and small taste, tease and a flurry of swats that would stop as soon as I got into them.

Sooooo mean. And so, so freaking hot.

Once again, he was a gentleman. No boundaries crossed, my thong stayed up. But he had every nerve cell from my head to my toes screaming for that sweet, painful pounding, that impact. He enjoyed watching me squirm, hearing me moan in frustration. He knew I’d get all I wanted very soon. But not now.

He drew it out for over an hour. I swear to you all, by the time he was done, I was ready to go get a paddle, offer it up to him and beg him to use it. But no… just a brief but hard hand spanking, and he was done. “You tease a lot,” he whispered, “but I’ll bet you don’t get teased very often. We men aren’t good at that.” Oh, the hell he wasn’t.

A warm hug, and then off he went. I was ready to jump out of my skin. But since I couldn’t do that, I did the next best thing.

Perhaps if he listened carefully as he drove away, he could hear me screaming.

Thank you, you villainous man. And to Dana — thank you for letting me borrow your man this afternoon. 🙂

And now, if you’ll excuse me, there is a very strenuous class at my gym at 4:30, that I need desperately.

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