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RIP, Robert Horton

When I was brand new to spanking, nearly 20 years ago, and first learning about the wealth of material out there, a man I met from the ad I’d placed (the same one that John answered) loaned me a bunch of VHS tapes. One was one of the old Cinema Swats compilations, a series of spanking scenes from mainstream movies and TV.

Personally, I thought a lot of the scenes were silly and contrived, the spankings looked fake, etc. Until one particular scene came on. From a western I’d heard of but never seen, Wagon Train, starring an actress I knew of (Susan Oliver) and an actor I’d never heard of (Robert Horton). The episode was called “The Maggie Hamilton Story.”

I sat mesmerized as this handsome, hunky, dark-haired cowboy with the calm voice and the steely eyes faced down the impertinent runaway who had pulled a gun on him. Unbeknownst to her, he’d already removed all the bullets. And then he spoke one of the yummiest, toppiest lines in the history of spankdom: “You’re going to grow up. All the way. Right now.”

The spanking looked real. You actually saw contact, and he lifted her dress and spanked on her pantaloons — pretty risqué for 1960. But what really did it for me was what he did after the spanking, when she apologized and began to cry. He took her in his arms and comforted her. My heart melted like butter on a skillet and other parts got kinda warm and squishy too. So. Damn. Hot.

I watched that scene again, and again, and again. I even searched the Internet for an old VHS tape of the full episode, which I bought.

I didn’t develop an affinity for Wagon Train — westerns weren’t my thing. With one exception, I never watched another episode. But I never stopped loving that one scene.

I just read that Robert Horton has passed away at age 91. I know, I know. He had a good long life. But I always liked knowing that this sexy man who was such a small and yet important part of my spanko awakening was still around, still with us. It makes me cry that he isn’t anymore.

If there’s anyone left in the spankosphere who hasn’t seen the scene I’m referencing, you can see it here. (thanks, Chross)

RIP, you beautiful sexy man.

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Happy Friday blathering

It’s Friday of what John has been calling “Valentine Week.” I know, I know, we’re nauseating. But please bear with me. This is the one time a year where I throw my customary cynicism out the window and indulge in sheer romantic mush. Yeah, yeah… it’s a date on the calendar, we should be like this all year round and not just one day, it’s too commercial, blah blah freaking blah. I don’t care. No one’s gonna rain on my little giddy parade. 🙂

And of course, what’s my favorite thing these days about Fridays? Getting Chrossed! My incredible scene with New Guy this week landed me not only on the Chross list, but on PaddleMePink’s and Kaelah’s blogs as well. Thank you, one and all. When I write about a wonderful experience, I get to relive it… and then when others enjoy, comment on and cite it, I relive it yet again. Such a lovely cycle.

While perusing Chross’s choices this week, I ran across something that made me cheer. (Yes, I do get excited over the damndest things.)

You guys have listened to me babble on and on for years about my favorite mainstream spanking scene, the Robert Horton/Susan Oliver spanking in the Wagon Train episode, “The Maggie Hamilton Story.” I first saw it on my Cinema Swats VHS tape and I dissolved into a puddle of girl goo, as Danny used to say.

However, much to my frustration, the scene was nowhere to be found in its entirety online. There was a clip of it, but it was severely truncated. Instead of showing the delicious buildup to their confrontation, it started right in the middle of it. And then it cut out abruptly after the spanking, without showing the sweet moments afterward. I could describe the full scene until I was blue in the face, but nothing was like seeing it.

So I was delighted to see that Le Monde De La Fessee found that full clip and has posted it! The blog is in French, but don’t pay any mind to that, just look at the pictures and then the video. Susan Oliver is the perfect impossible brat (“If I kill you, it will be your fault!”). And ladies, if you have never seen this clip in its entirety, go, go watch. I guarantee you that the last few seconds alone will make you melt. And while you may never have heard of Robert Horton prior to this, you will have a crush on him forevermore. (“You’re going to grow up. All the way. Right now.”) Swooooooooooooooooooooooon… McLintock and his stooooopid coal shovel — Meh! Flint McCullough (Horton’s character) is my epitome of a spanking man. 😀

Anyway (fanning myself), on to the weekend. I’ve already received my Valentine’s Day roses… last Tuesday. John likes to send them early, mixing it up, so I’ll be surprised. Not red, but peach. And not a dozen, but fifteen. I’m not sure why he chose that number, but this is our 15th Valentine’s Day together, so that could be it. It would be very much like him to remember a detail like that.

I have a large Tupperware filled with brownies from scratch, a heart-shaped balloon and a nice card (not too flowery/mushy, just right). And I will bring something pretty to wear tomorrow night when he takes me to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, including some new panties. 😉

Have a great weekend, y’all.

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