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Who named it the “sweet spot,” anyway? There’s nothing @#$%ing sweet about it. Not feeling very sweet at this moment, lemme tell you.

I don’t know what he was so tweaked about. OK, so I didn’t get all dressed up for him this time. It was cold and I wanted to dress a little more warmly. But I thought what I had on was rather cute and cheery. It was a sweatshirt, but such a pretty color! And don’t you think the design on the front is darling?

Check out that post-spanking hair; what a mess! LOL

See, he’s saying “Don’t Wanna” — isn’t that precious? I thought it was most inappropriate that I had to remove it. (sulk) I swear, there’s no pleasing that man. And to have to assume this undignified pose, to boot. Most unflattering too. Look at it now, ’cause you’ll never see it again!

Why does it feel like he ramps it up every single week? I don’t know how he does it. When he commented on my sassiness for perhaps the umpteenth time, I said in what I thought was a beseeching tone: “But that’s what you like about me!” He laughed. Briefly. Then replied, “Yeah, but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to give you a good spanking for it. Because that’s what you like about me. Isn’t it!”

Yes, dammit…

I wanted it to burn and sting. I wanted that sweet release. And finally, I got it.

Guess what? Remember that three-pack of spoons he brought a few weeks ago — I’d broken two of them, but the third one held up? Well, now that sucker is toast too, three for three.

He hung out for about an hour and a half afterward, and of course, couldn’t leave without Round Two on the couch. After that, I was so blissed out, I just wanted to stay across his lap, snuggle into him and go to sleep. But alas, I had to let him up; his dog was waiting for him at home, after all.

Mmmmmm… of course, since it’s the freaking holidays, I’m going to need this therapy on a regular basis. Yeah, yeah, shut up, Erica… you need it on a regular basis year-round, you insatiable wench. 🙂

Fortunately, it seems he’s rather insatiable himself…

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17 thoughts on “Ow…

  1. Ya know what I think? I think you're having way too damn much fun for one individual to have! ROFLMAO!(just kidding..go ahead.. wallow in it.. makes us all feel envious! lol).. I'm ecstatic that I get to read about.. what appears to be.. your proverbial… "smart azz spanko match" made in heaven! LOLOL — There's not much that a diehard spankoholic would like better than a man who's just dripping with .. "charm, quick wit, ruggedly handsome good looks, fancies himself a thespian, has a skill set that resonates with your pudendal nerves, and lastly.. he's compassionate… and you know this.. cause he owns a dog." — (weg)Now.. if I could just move my Top from Chicago to south Florida I could scratch that itch regularly too! LOLOkay.. carry on wonder woman (we wonder what you're gonna do next!).. there are those of us that live vicariously through your exploits! (grins)


  2. Happy therapy. I continue hoping all the best for you and John. Meanwhile, keep up all your great work on this excellent blog.


  3. Maybe next time he could bring the dog and stay longer. No, on the other hand, doggo might run interference for him and prevent you from bratting.Sounds like you enjoyed every searing minute of it!Hugs,Hermione


  4. Hello my Erica your pics are so ADORABLE :-)your sweatshirt is so funny hehehe HIGH FIVE WAY TO GO GIRL, i would of refused to take the sweatshirt off hehehe i been so bratty lately i wouldn't of cared, i pity whoever spanks me cause i have a bratitude attitude hehehe i will give my spanker my all just like you do my best friend, actually i am bummed out about xmas but i love sending you AWESOME gifts that will bring a smile to your face how PRICELESS is that 🙂 Love and Hugs to you always from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  5. Zelle — LMAO! You and your pudendal nerves! I wish your top were closer too… I know how it is to have to wait, truly I do. Believe me, I'm not taking any of this for granted! :-)Paul — best therapy ever! :-)Hermione — LOL… I've seen pics of his dog. I'd spend the whole visit on the carpet playing with him and to heck with the spanking!Jade — isn't that shirt great? Would you believe an old boss gave it to me for Xmas? (guess I had an attitude at work, too…)


  6. good on you girl.luv that sweat shirt!!!!!i'll see if one of my down east friends can find a wood carver to make you a basswood spoon. i'll bet the ranch you won't break who own [and care for] dogs are good men.the pics [especially the top one] are,ddon


  7. ddon — LOL; figured you'd approve of these.Oh, and thanks but no thanks to any more implements. He has plenty!


  8. Love the Pic of u bent forward there Not nearly as red as I like, however im sure you liked it Juuuuuuussssst fine. "Grins" I am curious , just how many wooden impliments HAVE left the world due to your sassy mouth and rather cute red ass ?


  9. Alan — that shot was taken early in the scene, so not much red. Hmmmmm… not sure! A few hairbrushes, a few canes, a few spoons, and Craig wore through the palm of one of his gloves (and good riddance to THAT).


  10. Congrats on the wooden spoon's demise. 🙂 Does he spank over your clothes or go straight to bare?


  11. Kelly — (snort) Pink recently blogged about unwrapping gifts, asking if we carefully and delicately remove the wrappings, or just tear into them, going straight for the contents.New Guy is definitely one of the latter types! 🙂


  12. Hooray for insatiable men and the demise of wooden spoons! Every time a wooden spoon dies, a fairy is born. Irrefutable fact.(And I, personally, think that your sweatshirt was perfect and you should have been allowed to keep it on.)Hugs,Pink


  13. pink — Oh, I like that! I'm not wreaking havoc on spoondom; I'm filling the world with beautiful fairies. 🙂


  14. "Why does it feel like he ramps it up every single week? I don't know how he does it. When he commented on my sassiness for perhaps the umpteenth time, I said in what I thought was a beseeching tone: "But that's what you like about me!" He laughed. Briefly. Then replied, "Yeah, but it doesn't mean I'm not going to give you a good spanking for it. Because that's what you like about me. Isn't it!"Yes, dammit… I wanted it to burn and sting. I wanted that sweet release. And finally, I got it."You almost sound surprised that he likes spanking your magnificent bottom as much as you like getting spanked.


  15. Poppa — well, you know, I don't take any of this for granted. 🙂


  16. Erica: love the pose! You look great! With your permission, I have posted it with a link to your blog.cheersRed


  17. Red — yes, and thank you for asking! 🙂


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