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Friday odds and ends

Want a few search phrases? Sure you do.

ho do shoot for spanking films

Who are you calling a ho?? I suspect they meant to type “how,” but having “ho” lead them to me is perturbing.

erica scott spanking poverty

I don’t think anyone’s ever gone broke buying my videos…

gay jewish spanking

Um… so this person is looking for spankos who are not only Jewish, but Jewish and gay? Oy. Quite a niche there, my friend. Good luck to you. In order to find what you’re seeking, you’ll need gay-dar, J-dar AND spank-dar.

doctor spanking me mom

I’m not your mom, honey. So this isn’t my problem. Why are you complaining, anyway? Haven’t you heard that medical fantasies are a hot trend?

boys spanked to tears

OK. This is a perfectly legitimate search phrase. But how, exactly, would this phrase lead people to me?? What’s the thought process here? Not that search engines think, but still.

In other news — I did it. I got a new phone. I went to Verizon yesterday and spent about 15 minutes on my own, playing with the display phones, checking out the features. I did try out a few Motorola Droids, but I was definitely drawn to the Samsung S7. Not the Edge, though. John has that, and although it’s considered the cooler, hipper phone, it’s also more expensive and honestly, I don’t like that weird curved edge with the display extending into it. So I went with the basic. I fooled around with the touch screen a bit, and made a pleasant discovery. On the Samsung phones (didn’t see this feature on any other phone; maybe the iPhone does it too), you don’t have to go to a separate screen for symbols when you’re typing. Each letter has a corresponding symbol, so if you want the symbol, all you have to do is press the letter and hold it down.

Then I found a sales guy — he reminded me a lot of Stuart on The Big Bang Theory, kinda nerdy, but he was very nice and helpful. He showed me a bunch of stuff and helped me make my decision.

The Samsung camera is superior to most of the other Androids. It will be nice to have a decent camera. The features are mind-boggling, and this is probably way more phone than I’ll ever need, but I did get an amazing deal on it because I was due for upgrades and there were promotions and so forth. My monthly bill did not go up, although now I’m on a plan with the lowest amount of data allowed. However, I barely use any now. I have all my music on an iPod, and I use my desktop to look at videos and so forth, so I can probably keep that cheapo plan. If that doesn’t work out, I can increase my data for $15 a month, no biggie. I already have unlimited calling and texting. And the $180 I paid yesterday got me the phone, the case, the protector, and the car charger. So I think I got a good deal.

Oh, and because everyone warned me, “Your stuff won’t transfer! They’ll tell you it will, but it won’t!”, I spent time downloading all my phone’s photos onto my desktop, and typing all my contacts into a Word document. I needn’t have bothered. Every single thing on my phone was transferred over cleanly, including photos, contacts, and even all my texts. It took a while; I was at Verizon for over two hours.

The first thing I figured out how to do when I got home was put up a picture of John and me as the wallpaper. Priorities, you know.

It’s Friday; off to John’s in a few hours. And guess what we get to do this weekend? Absolutely nothing!! No reunions. No dressing up. No putting on a face for a bunch of strangers. Ahhhhhhhhh. Oh, and we’ll make damn sure to go to a decent restaurant too. That new place we went to doesn’t have a Yelp page yet. When it does, I’ll have a few words for them. I think I’ll refrain from using John’s description, however. 🙂

And this Monday, I have another appointment with my chiropractor. Last time I was there, when he was helping me off the table, he held out his hand to me and said, “Come here, little girl.” I damn near died. Steve says I should toss out something like, “You know, you’re awfully toppy,” and see what his reaction is. If he asks what “toppy” means, I can just cover it up by saying it’s just another term for “bossy,” or something along those lines. Mind you, I know this is all just fantasy territory. But it’s fun. 😀

Have a great weekend, y’all.

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16 thoughts on “Friday odds and ends

  1. One of my favorite parts of blogging is seeing all the different(and interesting) search phrases that lead people to me. Definitely causes some laughs and some “Huhs?”

    Funny how you have gone from an ancient phone to one that is 2 grades better than mine. Like you, I don’t use 70 percent of the features. The only reason I’ve stuck with Sprint and their shitty service, is the unlimited data. Haven’t sat down and figured out if it’s really worth it. Also strange the way you describe the letter/symbol thing. Because on my S5, if I remember right, there’s at least 3 pages of symbols. I guess they connect the most common ones with a particuler letter. At any rate enjoy your new phone! What you describe does sound like an amazing deal.

    Glad you will be able to enjoy a relaxing weekend. Hope you get many of those in the coming days.


  2. SH — I do like Verizon; I’ve never had a problem with them. I know my plan is cheap only because I have practically no data, but it doesn’t seem that I need it. The guy checked my account and I’ve never used more than a 1/2 G in a month.


  3. Robert on said:

    I am glad to hear you got a Samsung Galaxy phone. I love mine and do not know what I would do without it. Have a great weekend.


  4. Robert — I think I will love it too, once I get past my usual “Aaaaagghhh it’s something new and I don’t like new things” reaction.


  5. Thx – may yours be slightly less hilarious than this post


  6. I meant, of course, than this ‘correspondence.’


  7. MrJ — of course.


  8. anonymous on said:

    Yep. Your chiro is…In. The.Know! 🙂


  9. A. — I don’t know! I mean, I’ve fallen into that trap before. Some people talk the talk without even knowing they’re doing it.


  10. Mark on said:

    What are you going to do if he knows just exactly what you mean? And sees your response to him too?


  11. Mark — in reality? Probably nothing. I don’t think he’s going to say anything worth possibly ruining his career over. It’s one of those things that’s great fun to think about, but only in the stories and videos…


  12. Anonymous on said:

    Oddly enough, the next most popular search phrase for finding you was “Ho can I spank little girl *and* finance yacht?”


  13. Anonymous — again with the ho?? Harrumph!


  14. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ♡ I am happy that you got a Samsung Galaxy that’s awesome ♡ I have one as well 🙂 Your Chiropractor sounds like a Top I agree LOL. It is nice to fantasize 😉 it’s so much fun 🙂 I can’t wait to hear, what other phrases he comes out with . Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean xxxxx ♡ ♡ ♡


  15. Jade — yes, I’m very happy with it!


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