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John is diabolical

Saturday, as always, we go to one of our favorite lunch spots, roughly a ten-minute drive from John’s place. After I park and get out of the car, I notice he’s grinning like a Cheshire cat. “What?” I asked. He pointed back to my car.


“What??” I asked again. Then I took a second look — what was that white paper peeking through the rear windshield? I walked closer, and saw this:


Apparently my beloved sneaked this little gem into my car earlier that morning. And I’d been driving around oblivious to it. Of course, he snickered about it all through lunch.

It’s a good thing I am a good driver! I would have been mortified if a cop had pulled me over when I had that thing in the window. Of course, in that case, it would probably be “shoot me,” not “spank me.” :-Þ

I swear, one of these days, John…

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23 thoughts on “John is diabolical

  1. Are you sure the police officer would have shot you, remember they ALWAYS carry handcuffs for some fun if THEY want to….


  2. wthwing — ha! Good point.


  3. Hahaha!!! I read that two hours ago and I’m still laughing about it!!


  4. funny guy


  5. Anonymous on said:

    …..but you gotta laugh!


  6. Bogey — he is indeed.

    Don — and I do. A lot. 🙂


  7. I thought Diabolical Masterminds were only on old TV shows like “The Avengers” and “Get Smart!” Wowsers!


    • Wolfie — strange factoid about me: I’ve seen every episode of “Get Smart!” many times, but have never seen a single ep of “The Avengers.”


      • Ah, it’s one of my favorites! Fun and funny, quirky, remarkably entertaining! The whole team does a fine job! If you like, you can try “The Town of No Return,” the first episode shown with Diana Rigg as Patrick Macnee’s partner!


      • Oops, I was just trying to give you a link, I didn’t know it ws gonna put the thing right on your blog!


  8. On the other side of that back window, he can place a bath brush. Just in case.


  9. Chibob on said:

    That was a great idea. Just imagine if somebody you flipped off dragged you out of the car spanked you work right out there in public. Lol.


  10. Chibob on said:

    They need an edit button. I hate auto correct.


  11. Mark — yeah. That’s not happening!

    Chibob — LOL. Autocorrect sucks. Which is why I’m glad I’m a proofreader; I have to double-check everything I type from my phone.


  12. haha!
    And / did he=


  13. NJSpank on said:

    Love it


  14. Anonymous on said:

    Just one more reason to be one of John’s fans!

    Anon E. Mouse


  15. MrJ — no. But Shadow Lane is coming!

    Ron — thanks.

    Mouse — yeah, he’s a keeper.


  16. Made me laugh. I do love your man’s sense of humour.



  17. anonymous on said:


    I remember meeting you two. He is QUITE impish himself! 🙂


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