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Reality, you continue to suck

So last week was crazed with post-party work plus a cold. I figured after that, this week would be easier, right? Get back to normal, catch up with other things, friends, etc.


Went to bed Monday night feeling fine. Woke up at 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, and knew something was horribly wrong. I felt like I’d been run over by a bus. I sat up, and the room spun. Nausea, cold sweat, everything. Oh, crap. What fresh hell is this now?

And did I mention I was still swamped with work?

Tuesday is a blur. Somehow, I dragged myself back and forth from my bed to the computer, and managed to get some work done before I’d get too lightheaded and have to lie down again. My consumption for the day was a bottle of Boost, a cup of tea and a few crackers. After sleeping on and off all day, I went to bed at 8:30 and slept for thirteen hours.

And so on through the week. Had to cancel appointments and plans — all I could do was sleep and work. And keep myself hydrated. Yesterday, I added some solid food to my diet of Boost and apple juice. Managed to do laundry. Took a brief walk. Still no appetite whatsoever. I even tried to tempt myself with chocolate, but I managed four malt balls and said “Forget it.” I could keep things down; that wasn’t the problem. But every bite or sip I consumed sat in my gut like a lead ball.

This morning — ah, what is this? What could this foreign sensation in my stomach be? A strange gnawing feeling… Ah! I remember! It’s hunger. So far, the cereal I ate is sitting comfortably, no bloating, no pain, no feeling like I swallowed a cannonball. I am cautiously hoping I’m on the mend. Enough already.

John keeps teasing about “birthday month” (it’s coming up, the 22nd), but what with work and illness, I’ve barely given it a thought. My stepmom emailed me and asked if I’d like to go to lunch next week, but I had to put her off. I need to get a sense of control back over my schedule, my life. Dare I hope for a birthday spanking at some point?

BLECCCHHHH! I feel like Shadow Lane was ages ago already. I feel like I’ve earned some fun. For now, just need to take it easy, finish up work and head over to John’s for the weekend. It will be nice to get out of here for a bit. There will be next week for getting back to the gym, etc. I’m just glad I was able to get work done and bills paid. Oh, and I even remembered to send off my quarterly estimated taxes. Yay me. It’s the little things. When you feel like you’re half past dead, the slightest accomplishments are akin to milestones.

So I’ll end this amazingly dull entry with one of the search phrases I found for my blog.

all natural spanking

Okay… as opposed to what? Spanking with polyester? I suspect this person might have meant au naturel (as in naked), but you know, stupid. 😀

Have a great weekend, y’all. Stay well. And if you’re anywhere near Hurricane Florence, please stay safe.

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10 thoughts on “Reality, you continue to suck

  1. He makes it feel like a natural spanking.


  2. Erica, I hope next week is much better for you.

    MrJ, LOL – is that sung to the tune of (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman?


    • That is indeed what I thought of when I wrote that line, Lily. But I know Erica will be pretty reluctant, not because of the lyrics bu because of the very idea of singing. 😉


  3. Lily — I hope so too, thank you.

    MrJ — I don’t think Aretha would approve!


  4. Jade Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica❤ oh no you poor thing that sounds terrible what you went through 😢 I am happy that you are feeling much better than you did what a relief, you are AWESOME to still manage to get things done even though you felt like crap you are amazing 🙂☺ I hope next week is a much better week for you. Much Love and hugs from your friend Jade/ Emily Jean 💕


  5. So I idly click my Erica Link Button to find you’re back on your blog, which is fine news indeed, but read even more distressing details of that horrible viral attack than you’d hinted at on FarceBook!
    Good grief, girl.
    I’m glad you’re so much better!
    I’ll look forward to catching up here.
    And yes, you should have a hearty birthday spanking with no artificial ingredients nor genetically mutated orangutans.


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