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Looks like LOL V was a success!

Looking through the spanko blogosphere, it looks like Bonnie’s Love Our Lurkers Day #5 did very well. Many participants and hundreds of comments; how cool is that! For everyone who stopped by here, thank you. I did get some new commenters, and that made me smile. Two people sent me comments via email — Carolyn and Rob, thank you as well.

After a day of so much positivity, I can’t bring myself to post a Correspondence Hall of Shame. It will keep.

Before I forget — everyone go wish Pixie a very happy birthday! 🙂

I confess, I am in a bit of subdued place today. Five weeks of worrying about J have taken a toll on me. So many caring friends have been writing and calling, expressing concern and making suggestions, all valid. However, ultimately, I’m not the one who makes any decisions about J — he is. And he insists up and down and sideways that for him, this is a normal duration of illness. I told him today that he needs to make a lifestyle change, even after he recovers from this thing. Get more sleep, not work so many hours. Running himself into the ground every day spends his reserves, and he has nothing shored up to fight off illness. He actually agreed with me… but whether or not he’ll do it remains to be seen. And frankly, I don’t know how much longer I can sit by and watch him killing himself.

The good news is, his appetite is returning. Sugar still makes him sick, but he’s eating more of other things. I will head to his place tomorrow morning and assess him this weekend. He promised me that he will go back to Kaiser yet again next week if he doesn’t continue to improve. I will hold him to that.

So, fun and light-heartedness have been a rare commodity lately, except for Mondays. I’d say New Guy has been a Godsend, but I don’t believe in those. So I’ll just say he’s been one helluva bright spot. 🙂  I still can’t believe he rose out of the slime pit that is See, what did I tell you guys about leaving my ad there, just for the hell of it — every few years, it pays off!

Seems he took exception to my public dissemination of his grammatical gaffe, and has sworn to LAY me across my bed and LAY into my butt. Uh oh. Ah well, it was worth it.

Onward, a day at a time. Have a good weekend, y’all.

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16 thoughts on “Looks like LOL V was a success!

  1. Hello my Erica i am so happy that LOL was a great success 🙂 you always have excellent idea's, i am glad that J got his appetite back hope he goes to the hospital so they can find out why he is so sick.looks like new guy has it in for your butt OUCH hehehe.your tough you always can handle a very hard spanking.i love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  2. Jade — thank you, honey, but LOL Day wasn't my idea, it was Bonnie's. 🙂 Yup, guess I'm in trouble, huh?


  3. Dang it to heck.. I missed that blog somehow! (spanks for me!).. And I'm gearing up this weekend with packing for Chicago. So my mind is not even in this hemisphere right now.Glad J appears to be mending and eating.. and has good intention of hitting up Kaiser Med. MEN ARE SO STUBBORN! They think they are invincible!I just started to hum a few bars of..♪ Lay me Erica down boy, Lay me Erica down…♪ ((ducks flying objects)


  4. Zelle — AAAACK! Are you going to start up with that damned song AGAIN??Hey, if I had a spanking party right up ahead, my mind would be elsewhere too. 🙂


  5. OOPS i am sorry Erica and Bonnie i guess i wasn't paying much attention you both have great idea's, my grandmother isn't feeling well and i am worried about her. PLEASE accept my apology,lol and hugs xoxo 😦


  6. Glad to hear John is doing better! Hope you have a decent weekend!C


  7. erica,have a great weekend. you may think i'm into quackery but….if you use that thing between your ears you'll realise that big medecine and pharmacy have been around less than 200 years. before that it was quackery that helped people.argghhh, i give up.much luv,ddon


  8. Jade — sweetie, it's fine. No big deal, no need to apologize.Craig — well, you know, if he starts to eat more, I will feel a whole lot better.ddon — enough. Please.


  9. Ahh Erica such a "shame" that your faithful blog posters are potential accomplices to your weekly bottom warming from "New Guy." SOME of us may feel really guilty. 🙂 Then again, I bet you wouldn't have it any other way.As for "J", hopefully he will lighten his workload. I take alot of heat from my pretentious family members on this opinion but I'm a believer that health and happiness are FAR more important than a prestigious career.


  10. Kelly — You're right, I wouldn't. All part of the fun! New Guy posted the photo of me sticking my tongue out on his FetLife profile, with the caption: "You see what I have to contend with?" My comment? "Cry me a river." 🙂


  11. Erica, I have learned the hard way that correcting other people's grammar is never a good idea. But I think NG is using it as an excuse to give your tushie some more attention.How about calling New Guy D2 (D too)?Just trying to be helpful.Hugs,Hermione


  12. But Hermioneeeeeeeeeeeee! Correcting is so much fun! :-)I dunno… D2 relegates him to a sort-of second place, I think. I'll figure it out.


  13. I wish to correct something I have been saying for years, which indeed proves that those who thought I don't know what I am talking about were correct all along. I have often stated it is how we get our endorphin high that determines a lot of what we do. Endorphins are released during sex, physical injury (including spanking, which is the least way to injury your body while getting chemical release), etc. Endorphins are a natural pain relief. Yet, I am told by author Judy Dutton that they high effect one feels from sex (after some after spanking) is actually due to oxytocin. So, happy spanking, and enjoy that oxytocin. (Frankly, regardless of what it is that is being enjoyed, just go ahead and enjoy it.)


  14. Paul — I would tend to believe it's both (oxytocin AND endorphins). But yeah, as long something is released, it doesn't matter what it is, I guess!


  15. Erica, I agree with you. You should write your own book (oh, wait, you already did.) Endorphins are supposedly more powerful than heroin (I wouldn't actually know this) and thus, knowing that heroin and cigarettes are among the most addictive things, our desire for endorphins are strong (not that it is a bad thing, either, as at least endorphins are natural and regulated by your own body). That afterglow we know, and you have mentioned feeling afterwards, is probably the oxytocin.Not that we needed to know this, but at least it explains it all. I think it is important to know this for this one important reason (as numerous people who read this site may attest): It is important that we realize that this is all natural. We are not "abnormal" for feeling this, or whatever phase many went through thinking they were "strange." Just enjoy.Now, where should I open my medical spanking facility?


  16. psssssssstt… loved this blog! Just forgot to post to it! (duh!)


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