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Spanking Galleries, I love you!

Once again, folks, the wonderful people who run the Spanking Galleries have done it again; they made me a star. Just click on the words in red (see how I did that? Thanks, Jesse, WP expert! If you want Jesse’s email, message me; he knows his stuff.) and you’ll see a lovely page they created for me, with links to my free content on Spanking Tube and my Spanking Library Clips.

You guys make me 🙂 and touch my ♥.  Thank you! You make me feel very special indeed.

Bit of strangeness, though — I had trouble opening the site when I was in Google Chrome. But then I tried IE and it opened just fine. More of Google’s sneaky tactics?? Whatever!

The news of Google/Blogger censorship is spreading like wildfire throughout the blogosphere. I’m glad I got this transfer done quickly. Now all I have to stress about is getting ready to leave tomorrow morning! Work, laundry, packing, picking up the rental, making sure I don’t forget anything, John and I always overpack, but then again, when you’re driving, you can do that.

So, so nervous and excited! Can’t wait to see everyone! John and I need this trip like crazy, what with both of us being sick for so long, all the crap his family is pulling (yes, they’re still at it, and it’s gotten especially bad now that it’s time to divvy up the estate money), and worrying about his upcoming surgery. And just 12 days before John’s surgery, Steve is having surgery as well, on his knee! AAAAGGGGHHHH! Fair warning, kids — I’m going to be one stressed-out pup in the month of March. But for now, it’s time to forget about that and go have some fun, relax, laugh, and play.

Don’t forget, y’all — please update your blog rolls with my new address! And happy Hump Day.

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16 thoughts on “Spanking Galleries, I love you!

  1. It’s because you’re so Boss, Lady.




  2. SG — you’re the best! 😀


  3. Wow. Great picture in that little box. I should come up with some notable words to mark this historic occasion but I’m experiencing ‘I-am-not-a-creative-writer’ writer’s block. So, borrowing from the Bard, keep on keeping on.
    With a warm hug, Jon


  4. I’ll double dip. I’d never been to SG before. Although you’ve posted videos and stills of you au natural many times, they is something different, a frisson. A hint of naughty, a bit of peeping between the fingers, but also a smile at your pose (the other meaning.) Something different about you sharing you on your own blog and to a wider public, sort of the way when one finds a wonderful new restaurant in an out of the way place one gets the jealous feeling wishing to keep the place to oneself – that it not get popular or “found.” ‘Course this isn’t it exactly, because were always a star; maybe what is different is that you are a bigger star in a bigger heavens, just as the western sky always looms larger than back here in the East.
    Now you really know why I’m not a writer.


  5. I have been using twitter to find your blog good that you found a way around unneed cencership


  6. RICHARD on said:

    MY Thanks to ronniesoul for spreading the word and bonnie too I no longer think i am weird or strange not the only one voice in the corner has been at home here for years i am sure it will work for you too


  7. Erica: Hermione’s latest post says Google has reversed itself. I’m worried, because there are so few comments here, that this may blog may no longer be your home – at least home for people like moi who don’t facebook, twitter, etc.



    • Jon — now that I’ve moved and gone through all this trouble, I’m staying here. I know about the reversal, but I still don’t trust Google. So this will have to become my home.


  8. Ctornabene on said:

    Congratulations on the move and on the SG presence. Enjoy your time away. I await the stories and pictures.

    Anon E. Mouse


  9. Hi Erica — I just read about you on Spanking Galleries, It was AWESOME 🙂 CONGRATS 🙂 You look so BEAUTIFUL in your pics, I have seen most of your videos and they are epic 🙂 If I am ever in a spanking video someday, I hope I am cool as you 🙂 You my friend are a true legend. Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade/ Emily Jean


  10. poppamark on said:

    I really enjoyed what they did on you in the Spanking Galleries. Web sites like that help promote models in such a positive way!
    Ms. Erica I have to say everything you went through with your surgery was definitely successful, you are cute and lovely as ever and I so enjoy your beautiful smile with out that hand in front of your neck.
    Lil’ Lady; you are a timeless lovely lass!


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