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And now for something completely different…

…and something you’ll never see again.

Yeah. Me in a cheerleader outfit.

It’s true. My contribution to Sarah Gregory’s Cheerleader Spankings site is up. I am a most reluctant cheerleader (hence the video name Cheerless Cheerleader) grudgingly agreeing to indulge hubby John’s fantasy. He said he’d always wanted to “fuck a cheerleader,” and I told him to please, be my guest, find one and knock himself out! But noooo, it had to be me. (sigh) Anyway, you can read all about it on Chief John’s Spanking Blogg, here. Lots of pictures and a couple of GIFs too.

“Well? Are you happy now??” Sheesh. The things we have to do to please our mates.


And in other news: Pandora Blake is back!!!! She won her battle with ATVOD! Read all about it. Now that’s something to cheer about. Congratulations, Pandora, and here’s to lots more wonderful videos from you.

Back to work I go…

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18 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…

  1. Yes, Erica, Pandora Blake should certainly be congratulated, on a tremendous achievement when she won her case with ATWOD. She deserved pardon the expression ‘six of the best’ from all of us ‘Spanko’s. Please send her my regards, when you communicate with her next time. Thank you XXX Luv ya


  2. Erica, I am a Yankee, Knick, Rangers, or Red Bulls fan here in New York. But I’ll accept Astecs as you look delicious good in that outfit. Especially when that voluptuous bare bottom of yours is spanked rouge red. XXX Luv ya


  3. Anonymous on said:

    June marked an unusual month in blog activity. Many regulars stopped by to congratulate Pandora Blake for her ATVOD victory. But the posts seemed to bring out more than the usual share of spent condoms and some truly bizarre search requests.

    CHoS entries
    * “Two four six eight, don’t your pussy taste great?”
    * “Jesus died on the cross for our sin’s. Is it too much to ask for a ho cheerleader pyramid?”
    * “wow hun i would spank that bottom and then ravish your sassy pom poms”

    Search Terms
    * “Barnabas doesn’t honor safeword”
    * “sniff white Keds contrite cheerleader”
    * “Erica sore bottom splits?”
    * “the reluctant asstec”


    • Anonymous on said:

      Thanks, I was trying to get the right voice for a CHoS entry or wacked search and I think I got close enough that it made me feel…well, a little yucky 🙂


  4. Cute!


  5. Anonymous on said:

    I am guessing that everyone is loudly cheering for Pandora that she had the determination to challenge the authorities…and won. Her fight should be a lesson to us all.
    As for the outfit…the things we do for our muse. Yep, I agree, cute.
    Downunder Don


  6. Quai Franklin on said:

    I know you don’t want to hear this probably, but you make a very cute and sexy cheerleader. I’m totally digging the surly attitude as well. You’re inspiring many spanking thoughts here 🙂


  7. Anonymous on said:

    I can’t think of another woman of any age I’d rather see in that uniform. Well…except for my FWB but that’s a different story.

    Anon E. Mouse


  8. Anonymous — LOL! You win the “Most Creative Comment” award!

    MrJ — thanks! 🙂

    Don — I am SO happy for her!

    Quai — lol! I was specifically instructed to be extra sassy for this one.

    Mouse — gotta put the FWB first, of course! 😀


  9. You look great as a cheerleader, but where are your pom poms?



  10. Thank you Erica for being such a sport… I think you’d have gouged my eyes out if I gave you pom poms too, LOL! & you DO look hot in that outfit #TrouserArousal – and it’s great news for Pandora.


  11. John — hee hee! Yeah, I guess we should have had those too, huh?


  12. Yowza!!

    I humbly thank you.



  13. Dave — ha! Yeah. You’re welcome. 😉


  14. Jadelyn Mathias on said:

    Hi Erica ♡ You look so adorable 💖 dressed as a Cheerleader I Love it ♡ I am so happy for Pandora she deserved to win, Her videos are EXCELLENT ♡ I am so glad she is back I was upset when her website got taken down, I thought that was very unfair. YAY WAY TO GO PANDORA ♡ Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean ♡ xxxxxx


  15. Jade — Pandora does wonderful work and I too am so very happy she’s back!


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